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  1. 1. RUN BETTER.RUNlike never beforeReal-Time Data Platform
  2. 2. Innovation Without Disruption32“SAP’s vision is focusedon enabling a paradigmshift in data management:transforming enterpriseIT departments fromcomplex and slowlandscapes to a simplifiedarchitecture that enablesnew classes of ‘BigData’, cloud, and mobileapplications…”Dr Vishal Sikka,Chief Technology Officer,SAP AGA real-time data platform:delivering the flexibility andchoice you need to transform thebusiness and run likenever before.Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  3. 3. Delivering a clear roadmap for tomorrowFor businesses that may be considering SAP for thefirst time, our real-time data platform provides a clearroadmap for the next 10 years. As the foundation fornext-generation SAP applications, it offers a proven,reliable, and low-risk option and offers a range of entrypoints to our enterprise applications and databasesolutions – all with minimal disruption.Redefining the database market todaySAP is redefining the database market with itsnext-generation real-time data platform, which offers:• A single software-based architecture for datamanagement and enterprise applications• IT landscape consolidation and simplification• A flexible, scalable, and extensible platform forevolution at your own pace• Market-leading total cost of ownership (TCO) for“Big Data” and traditional transaction processing• Enhanced support for cloud and mobile applications• Hardware reduction, independence, and choiceRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›54LEARN MOREDelivering On Database InnovationLearn from Steve Lucas, EVP Database Technology, about how SAP isdelivering on its innovation roadmap tohelp transform the database market.Watch the video
  4. 4. Meeting Today’s DataManagement ChallengesHow can IT organization leveragethe key technology trends andinnovations to boost businessperformance in today’s fast-changing competitive environment– while reducing TCO?Data volumes are exploding and the cost of computingmemory is plummeting. In this world of Big Data andreal-time business, how do you accelerate the innovationrequired to deliver the trusted data and deeper insightsthat your business users need, while reducingthe complexity and cost of your IT landscape?A flexible technology platform is key, and our real-timedata platform delivers an adaptable, extensible, and openenterprise platform and infrastructure that enables youto innovate at your own pace.6LEARN MOREA fast, smart, andsimple approachUnderstand howSAP’s database andtechnology strategycan help you run likenever before in thisshort overview.Watch the 3-minutevideo ›Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›Cost per TerabyteDiskMemory1990$9,000,0002012$601990$106,000,0002012$4,900Source: copyright 2001, 2012, John C. McCallum7
  5. 5. 98Our Real-Time Data PlatformSAP’s vision is to provide a single,logical, real-time data platform thatprovides the framework for businesstransformation at a pace thatsuits you – and delivers innovationwithout disruption.We recognize that every IT landscape is different, andevery company will be at a different stage in its evolutionwith a different entry point to technology innovation.Our real-time data platform is an open and pragmaticapproach designed to provide you with theflexibility, scalability, and extensibility you need totransform your business.Combining the game-changing SAP HANA® database,market-leading data management products, and SAP®solutions for enterprise information management,it provides unprecedented functionality to transact,move, store, process, and analyze data in real time whilereducing costs with common design and landscapemanagement.Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›“…a clear conclusion fromthis research is that Sybase issignificantly superior to Oraclewith respect to total cost ofownership.”Philip Howard,Bloor Research White Paper: SybaseASE Total Cost of Ownership:A Comparison to Oracle9
  6. 6. Next generation Real-time Data Platform10 11Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›3rd PartyBI ClientSAP BusinessSuiteSAP BusinessWarehouseSAP Big DataApplicationsSAP AnalyticsSAPMobileCustomAppsSAP NetWeaver Technology Platform (On Premise/Cloud)Real-time Data PlatformCommonModelingSybasePowerDesignerCommonLandscapeManagementOpen Developer APIs and ProtocolsMPPScale-OutHADOOP3rdPartyDBSmart Data Services Platform Offered by SAPSAP HANAPlatformSAP Sybase SQLAnywhereSAP Sybase AdaptiveServer EnterpriseSAP Sybase IQSAP Sybase EventStream ProcessorSAP SybaseReplication ServerSAP Data ServicesSoftwareSAP Master DataGovernance/MasterData ManagementSAP innovation without customer disruptionLEARN MORE10InnovationsChief Technology OfficerDr Vishal Sikka lists 10recent SAP innovations indatabase andtechnology.Download PDF ›
  7. 7. 10 13Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›A Flexible Platform for All YourData NeedsA real-time data platform providesa flexible framework for theinnovation that drives businesstransformation – whatever yourdata requirements today and inthe future.1312Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  8. 8. In-Memory DatabaseAnalyze all of your data in real time with the ability toprocess both operational and analytical data in a single,next-generation in-memory database.• Gain real-time business insights with near-zero latency• Quickly identify risks and opportunities with built-inpredictive analytics• Supercharge your core business processes andcustom applicationsLEARN MORESAP HANA Database for Next-Generation Business Applicationsand Real-Time AnalyticsExplore and analyze vast quantitiesof data from virtually any source atthe speed of thought.Read the solution brief ›“…our internal technicalcomparison demonstratedthat SAP HANA outperformstraditional disk-based systemby a factor of 408,000 whenperforming data analysis.”Yukihisa Kato,Director Executive Officer,CTO, RD Center, Mitsui KnowledgeIndustry Co., LtdRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›1514
  9. 9. 1716LEARN MORESAP Sybase® Adaptive Server® EnterpriseSupport extreme transactionprocessing reliably and affordably.Read the solution brief ›National Center for Genome Resources(NCGR)Read how SAP Sybase ASE is playinga key role in improving human health andnutrition by helping the National Centerfor Genome Resources managea total data store of around 14 terabytes.View the eBook ›Improve the availability of applications requiring extremeonline transaction processing and scalability – with thishigh-performance database platform.• Achieve millions of transactions per minute withterabyte-sized databases while supporting rapidgrowth rates in data and transaction volume• Reduce operational risks by providing for data securityand availability• Lower IT costs through efficient use of storage,processor, and staff resources“SAP Sybase ASE is really the cornerstoneof our research. It performs remarkably well,given the exceptional amount of data we arethrowing at it right now.”Kathy Myers, Senior Database Administrator,National Center for Genome ResourcesExtreme TransactionProcessingRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  10. 10. 18Big Data Management Analytics EngineLEARN MORESAP Sybase IQ ServerSee how SAP Sybase IQserver can power Big Dataanalytics in your organization.Watch the 6-minute video ›Read more about the SAP Real-Time Data Platform Accelerate analytics and Big Dataprocessing with native MapReduce, Hadoopintegration, predictive analytics and built-intext analytics – with this highly optimizedanalytics relational database managementsystem (RDBMS).• Run ad hoc queries on large datasets up to100x faster with true columnar databasetechnology• Efficiently analyze both structured andunstructured data in the same platform• Maximize return on assets with highcompression and commodity hardwareRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›19
  11. 11. LEARN MORESAP Sybase SQLAnywhere® SolutionsRapidly design and power embeddeddatabase applications for mobile andremote environments.Watch the 9-minute video ›Design and deploy custom database-poweredapplications that automatically synchronize businessdata to thousands of mobile computing devices andremote offices.• Harmonize your data securely, reliably, and with zeroadministration• Empower users with access to vital data – anytime,anywhere, on any device• Streamline rollouts with automated deploymentand rapid application development• Benefit from support for all leading computingplatformsMobile Data ManagementRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›20 21
  12. 12. Data ReplicationReplicate and synchronize Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft,and IBM database transactions – for secure, high-performance data delivery across the enterprise.• Support data movement, distribution, synchronization,and migration• Rely on high availability and distributed disasterrecovery solutions• Drive real-time reporting with zero impact to theproduction system• Leverage an uninterrupted data migration path• Support bi-directional synchronization acrossheterogeneous databasesLEARN MORESAP SybaseReplication Server®Make sure your data is alwayswhere you need it to be withreal-time data replication.Watch the 6-minute video ›Cutting Costs at CargillLearn how SAP Sybasetechnology has helped USfood giant Cargill, Inc. reduceits annual IT operating costsfrom $42 million to $13million.View the eBook ›“As we explored our options, we concludedthat SAP Sybase replication technology wasclearly superior to other available products.”Don Nielsen, Manager of Database AdministratorGroup, Grain Division, Cargill Inc.Read more about the SAP Real-Time Data Platform 2322Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  13. 13. 2524LEARN MORESAP Sybase PowerDesigner SoftwareImprove collaboration and communicationacross the enterprise with model-drivenarchitectures.Watch the 8-minute video ›SAP Sybase Event Stream ProcessorReact quickly to critical events – with realtime, event-driven analytics.Watch the 6-minute video ›Leverage industry-leading modeling, impact analysis,design-time change management, and metadatamanagement techniques throughout your organization.• Align business and IT to increase overall productivity• Leverage open support for heterogeneous environments• Customize and connect semantic, logical, andphysical models to help enforce standards and ensurecompliance• Facilitate complex enterprise architectureimplementations• Increase agility with Link Sync for true impact analysisEnterprise ModelingRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  14. 14. 2726Unlock the Power of Big DataStructured or unstructured,SAP or non-SAP, massive orminute volumes – help deliverrapid and valuable insights fromvirtually any type of data withSAP Data Services software.The amount of data essential to running atypical business is estimated to be doublingevery 18 months. And it’s often scattered acrossWebsites, tucked away in e-mail messagesor spreadsheets, and stored in a variety ofdata marts, data warehouses, databases, andenterprise applications.SAP Data Services software delivers a singlesolution to unlock, move, govern, and improve allyour data – enabling business users to unearththe valuable nuggets of insight they need quicklyand easily.“SAP HANA helpscustomers access anddeliver information atunprecedented speedsup to 100,000 timesfaster than beforeand enables them toenvision fundamentallynew ways of runningtheir businesses.”Dr Hasso Plattner,Chairman, SAPSupervisory Board, SAP AGLEARN MOREDeliver Trusted Dataand Deeper InsightsRead how SAP DataServices softwarehelps you integrate,transform, and improveyour data at theenterprise level.Read the solution brief ›Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  15. 15. Get in TouchTo learn more about our real-timedata platform or find out how wecan help, contact us today.2928Visit our website ›“…a clear conclusion from this research is thatSybase is significantly superior to Oracle withrespect to total cost of ownership.”Philip Howard, Bloor Research White Paper: Sybase ASETotal Cost of Ownership: A Comparison to OracleRead more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  16. 16. About SAPFor 40 years, SAP has helped businesses run betterthrough world-class software solutions that help invent,commercialize, and mainstream the products andservices of the global economy. From modest beginnings,we have grown into the world’s largest provider ofbusiness software. Ours is a story of customer-inspiredinnovation, resulting in a portfolio of solutions that arecurrently used by more than 180,000 of the world’sbest-run businesses, run more than 63% of the world’sfinancial transactions, and positively impact morethan 500 million people. Our solutions help customersoptimize the use of resources, innovate for growth, andinspire people to be their best.But as proud as we are of the past, we are very muchfocused on the future. For SAP and its customers,that future is one of continual reinvention, relentlessinnovation – and unlimited opportunity.For more information, visit 31Read more about our Real-Time Data Platform ›
  17. 17. ©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP, R/3, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, PartnerEdge, ByDesign, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, StreamWork, and otherSAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of SAP AG in Germany and other countries.Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions, WebIntelligence, Xcelsius, and other Business Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as theirrespective logos are trademarks or registered trade­marks of Business Objects Software Ltd. Business Objectsis an SAP company.Sybase and Adaptive Server, iAnywhere, Sybase 365, SQLAnywhere, and other Sybase products and servicesmentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sybase, Inc.Sybase is an SAP company.All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Datacontained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary.These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliatedcompanies (“SAP Group”) for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, andSAP Group shall not be liable forerrors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAPGroup products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanyingsuch products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional