Introduction about SAP Netweaver Gateway 2.0


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Introduction about SAP Netweaver Gateway 2.0

  1. 1. Mobile Solutions with SAP NetWeaver GatewaySyambabu Allu, ConsultantSAP Mobility
  2. 2. Agenda What is SAP NetWeaver Gateway and oData Overview of SAP NetWeaver Gateway Architecture of SAP NetWeaver Gateway Solution Architecture for Online Mobile Apps Software Components for Gateway System Development Process Demo
  3. 3. SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  4. 4. What is SAP NetWeaver Gateway and what is it not?It is not…… the Gateway component of SAP NetWeaver Mobile.… the SAP Gateway that is part of the Web Application Server ABAP that enables RFC communication.… a mobile platform.… a replacement for SAP NetWeaver PI and eSOA Services.It is…… a NetWeaver Application Server ABAP add-on.… an essential part in making an online mobile application, providing access via SUP to SAP Business Suite using the OData protocol.*Remote Function Call **Process Integration
  5. 5. SAP NetWeaver Gateway provides the following functionality …Runtime environment for SAP solutions that integrates desktop programs with SAP systems. …Runtime features, including user interface, secure data access, database connectivity, and network communications for managing applications running on top of the framework. …Infrastructure and tools for developing applications to run on the framework or to enhance SAP solutions that integrate desktop programs with SAP systems. …Connection to multiple SAP systems regardless of their versions.
  6. 6. Open Data Protocol (OData)It is a non-proprietary license-free web protocol for querying and updating data.It offers database-like access to business data (“ODBC for the Web”).No prior knowledge of SAP required.Dynamic binding takes place at runtime.OData is based on HTTP(S) communication and the Atom Publishing Protocol(AtomPub).For more detailed information, please refer to
  7. 7. Open Data Protocol - “ODBC for the Web”OData can be used to access table like structures much the same way ODBCdoes.
  8. 8. Why REST? Consumer SDK Core Network Standards Metering Security REST SOAP SAP Data Protocol (Consultation) Monitoring ID Mgt. Backend Adaptation Gateway Core Tools Metering Security REST SOAP Designtime Monitoring ID Mgt. Backend Adaptation AdminREST-based architecture - hides SAP backendcomplexity Content ProvisioningHuman readable results ApplicationApps characteristics is statelessUses the standard GET, PUT, POST & DELETEE.g.: Twitter, Twilio,, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, Yahoo!,The Atom Publishing Protocol, CouchDB
  9. 9. Enterprise Computing for Business ConsumersKey Challenges and Desired Outcome Browser Based Mobile Devices Enterprise Cloud Consumer Applications Software Devices Point to Point Solutions Increase Costs & Complexity SAP Business Suite CRM SRM SCM PLM ERP
  10. 10. SAP NetWeaver GatewayOverview Web Mobile devices Enterprise Software Social Media Open Any device, any platform, any experience People Optimized for user-interaction scenarios SybaseUnwired Platform Timeless Non-disruptive, any SAP Business Suite version SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developers SAP Business Suite Simple APIs, no SAP knowledge required Standards CRM SRM SCM PLM ERP Based on REST and OData/ATOM
  11. 11. SAP NetWeaver GatewayArchitecture IDEs Network Consumer Consumer Consumer Standards Plug-ins Tools Gateway Core OData with SAP Annotations Technology Supportability Generators Metadata Repository Custom Dev Monitoring BOR/SCR/ OData RFC Channel API Service Events / Adaptation Workflow Security Data Source Data Conn. SAP NetWeaver Providers BAPI / RFC Dynpro Gateway SAP Business Suite [ERP,CRM,SRM…]
  12. 12. Sybase Unwired Platform: High-Level Architecture Apps (native and/or container) Reusable libraries Mobile device SDK OData MBO SDK OData MBO Content Sybase Unwired Platform DOE Content OData SAP Netweaver RFC; BAPI Gateway Adapter API Back-End Systems
  13. 13. Solution Architecture for Online Mobile Apps Mobile Device User Interface Native UI on mobile Native app/UI SAP SDK & libraries for OData for SAP products SAP libraries Programming against a consumption model R Relay Server (optional) R http / IMO / OData SUP 2.1 (Connectivity) Connectivity R http(s), OData Push Bridge between internet and company intranet SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 (ABAP, NW 7.02) Protocol Translation R RFC Gateway exposes OData Services Push SAP ERP 6.0/ Business Logic, Adaptation Suite 7.0 OData Adapter SAP ERP 6.0/ Suite 7 provides business logic (ABAP, NW 7.0) OData Adapter maps between business model and consumption model Business logic
  14. 14. Software Components for SAP Netweaver Gateway SAP Basis SAP Basis SAP Basis SAP Basis SAP Basis 7.00 (SP 18) 7.01 (SP 3) 7.02 (SP 7) 7.30 7.31 (SP 1)Gateway X XServerGateway BEP X X X XGateway SCS X X X XGateway Server:  GW_CORE 200  SAP IW CBS 200  SAP IW CNT 200  SAP IW FND 250  SAP WEB UIF 7.01 Gateway BEP  SAP IW BEP 200Gateway SCS • SAP IW SCS 200 1
  15. 15. Deployment OptionsDeployment options:Embedded deployment: The core software components for SAP NetWeaver GatewayAnd any optional backend components are deployed together in the SAP BusinessSuite backend System.Central hub deployment: The SAP NetWeaver Gateway core software componentscan be deployed in a standalone system, either behind or in front of the firewall.In addition, you can install the optional components for central hub deployment in yourstandalone system..
  16. 16. SAP NetWeaver Gateway Tools Benefits Capabilities  Does not require coding  Support multiple object aggregation Well-suited for tweakers and non-ABAP Support filter and adaption based on client developers Application requirements  Create new Gateway objects from existing  Generate structures Enables rapid prototyping  Support CRUD operations BAPI, RFC &ABAP Dynpro screens IDEs Network Tools Plug-ins Consumer Consumer Consumer Standards RFC BOR SCR Custom Tools Gateway Core OData with SAP Annotations Technology Generator Generator Generator Dev. Supportability Metadata Generators Custom REST Repository Monitoring BOR/SCR/ Dev. RFC Service Events Security Adaptation SAP Generate new Gateway Build custom NetWeaver Data Source Data Conn. objects from existing Gateway Providers BAPI RFC WS Gateway object BAPIs, RFCs or Dynpros SAP Business Suite [ERP,CRM,SRM…]
  17. 17. Development ProcessConsumer CreateApplication Create Proxy Consumer using Plug-insIDE ApplicationGateway Gateway Create Service SE80 Object DocumentSAP Create ModelBusiness RFC/ Dynpro & Data BAPI ScreenSuite Provider Step 1 (Gateway) Step 2 (Consumer IDE) • Pick a Dynpro, a BAPI or existing Gateway • Create Proxy Classes using Plug-ins Model • Create a consumer application • Create a Data Source Model through the Gateway Design Time • Create a simplified Model and generate the service document
  18. 18. SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder(SEGW)  Developer productivity (low TCD) for ABAP Developer The SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builde provides a tool to centrally display and create the definition of an OData Service. -Runtime artifacts (model provider class, - data - OData artifacts (entity set, entity type and properties) -provider class, model and service) - Used data sources and models  EDMX-Model import  DDIC Import
  19. 19. Multiple Origin Composition Access data from multiple backend Systems with one service call.  Add multiple aliases to the service in transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE.  Add “;mo” to the URL of the service. - Example: http://<host name>:<port>/sap/opu/ odata/iwfnd/RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT;mo  More information on the Help Portal.
  20. 20. DEMOBOR Generator
  21. 21. DEMOScreen Generator
  22. 22. SummaryDevelopers with/out SAP knowledge are able to create solutions for SAP SystemsSAP NetWeaver Gateway is required when developing mobile online applications,which enable the access to SAP Business Suite systems using OData ProtocolSAP NetWeaver Gateway is a NetWeaver Application Server ABAP add-on.SAP NetWeaver Gateway supports every device and platform.
  23. 23. And Much Much More…More features in SP4… $batch - allows you to pass in multiple operations in a single call - See $inlinecount - includes entity count returned with results of get_entity_set method.Integration with SAP HANA - make a connection to SAP HANA and expose HANA data as OData Service via Gateway - See More…See entire list .What’s To Come in SP5 Generator integration with the Gateway Service Builder (SEGW) And Much Much More…© 2012 SAP. 12
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