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PUMPS, COMPRESSORS, & TURBINES; Selection, Operation and Maintenance

Company benefits:
- Consolidation of Capital Investment
- Maximise Plant Availability and Reliability
- Minimize Operating and Maintenance Costs
- Maintain Original Machinery Design Performance

Who should attend:
- Chemical Process Engineers
- Mechanical Engineers
- Production Engineers
- Planners
- Operation, Technical service and Maintenance professionals
- Asset Managers
- Rotating Equipment Engineers
- Consultants
- Sales & Service Professional

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PUMPS, COMPRESSORS, & TURBINES; Selection, Operation and Maintenance

  1. 1. Register NOW! Limited seats 20 pax / class Pumps, Compressor & Turbines: Selection, Operation & Maintenance  23rd – 27th March 2015  Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Facilitator: Mr. Bill Richardson Oil & Gas Masterclass For more info:
  2. 2. Since 2001, Bill has been a successful self-employed contractor in the energy industry specializing in preparing a range of training materials and delivering technical training courses and seminars, providing project management services for major plant rehabilitation and maintenance projects and advising on highly technical oil and gas related matters for a variety of major international clients. He has been a provider of training at GE’s Global Centre of Excellence in Florence, Italy for clients from Algeria, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Bill also delivers experienced advisory services specializing in the GE range of heavy duty gas turbines. He has extensive experience of authoring technical training manuals, briefing notes and delivering practical and theoretical lectures, courses and seminars. Testimonials “Best training course I have ever attended” Maintenance Manager Shell UK. “Highly recommended” Training Manager MJB Dubai “An honor to know and highly skilful” Lead Engineer Sarawak Energy “A wealth of knowledge” Operations Superintendent Sabic Chemicals Saudi Arabia “The most I have learned on any training course” Operations Manager Caltex Indonesia Facilitator: Mr. Bill Richardson Asia Clients Shell UK, Canadian National Resources, Wood Group, INEOS UK, AEG Kanis Germany, ELECTRABEL Holland, GDF France, Nuovo Pignone Italy, and BP UK. BHP Billiton Pakistan, GASCO Abu Dhabi, ADNOC Abu Dhabi, ADGAS Abu Dhabi, Sabic KSA, Farabi Petrochemicals KSA, Satorp KSA, Sonelgaz Algeria, BAPCO Bahrain, Dubai Electricity, ENI Gas Libya, NOC Libya, SCECO KSA, PDO Oman, Dubai Aluminium, Kuwait Oil Co, and MJB Dubai. MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Clients Caltex Indonesia, China Light and Power Hong Kong, Shell Philippines Exploration BV, Sabah Shell Petroleum, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Petrofac Malaysia, Petronas Chemicals Fertiliser Kedah Sdn. Bhd, Exxon Mobil Malaysia, Maersk Drilling Singapore, Murphy Sarawak Oil Co. Ltd, Mubadala Petroleum Thailand, Sarawak Energy, TNB Remaco, JX Nippon Oil & Gas, Ranhill Worley, Shell Eastern Petroleum, Shell Chemicals Singapore, TNB Research Sdn Bhd, Makhostia Utilities Sdn Bhd, and Bangkok Cogeneration Co. UK and Europe Clients Who Should Attend  Chemical Process Engineers  Mechanical Engineers  Production Engineers  Planners  Operations, Technical Service and Maintenance Professionals Asset Managers  Rotating Equipment Engineers  Consultants  Sales & Services Professionals
  3. 3. Workshop Overview Our workshops are more than just another training session. We offer an opportunity for the delegates to exchange information and interact in solving problems and troubleshooting. We welcome and encourage questions and discussion on the wide range of practical and theoretic topics that this training offers. - Consolidation of Capital Investment - Maximize Plant Availability and Reliability - Minimize Operating and Maintenance Costs - Maintain Original Machinery Design Performance Company Benefit Course Objectives & Take-Aways By the end of this program, participants will able to: o Select the appropriate equipment design and application of Pumps, Gas Turbines and Compressors o Apply Standards, Codes and Regulations o Describe the working principle of each type of Pump, Gas Turbine and Compressor. o Apply Installation, Operation & Maintenance practices o Explain the Operation and Maintenance problems for each type of equipment o Perform Troubleshooting activities and resolve Problems o Calculate Efficiency and Life Cycle Costs o Construct reliable Maintenance Strategies o Employ Failure Analysis Techniques o Oil and Gas - Off Shore and On Shore o Process and Refining o Power Generation o Mining Water Supply & Water Treatment Plants o Sewage Plant o Consultancies & Services Industries Should Attend
  4. 4. (WORKSHOP 1) Pumps - Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Day 1 & 2 (23rd – 24th March 2015) 8.30 am Registration 9.00 am Training Starts o The Concepts of Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting o Types and Classification of Pumps - When to use a Centrifugal or Positive Displacement Pump o Working Principles and Mechanisms o Terminology Definitions and Formulae - NPSH, BEP, Specific Speed (WORKSHOP 2) Gas Turbines – Heavy Duty and Aero DerivativeDay 3 (25th March 2015) 8.30 am Registration 9.00 am Training Starts o Types of Gas Turbine and Gas Turbine Applications - Onshore and Offshore o Major Components of a Gas Turbine - Rotor – Stator – Combustion System o Thermodynamic Principles of a Gas Turbine o Turbine performance o Fuels and Fuel Systems - Gas – Liquid – Dual Fuel o Understanding Performance and Pump Curves - Total Head v Flow Rate o Maintenance Check Lists and Reliability o Predictive and Preventive Maintenance o Troubleshooting Guides o Calculation of Life Cycle Costs - What is Life Cycle Cost and Life Cycle cost Analysis Case Studies 5.00pm Program ends o Support and Auxiliary Systems - Gearboxes – Inlet and Exhaust Systems o Turbine Control Systems o Maintenance - Planning – Scheduling – Practices o Troubleshooting Case Studies 5.00pm Program ends (WORKSHOP 3) Compressors – Dynamic and Positive Displacement Day 4 & 5 (26th – 27th March 2015) 8.30 am Registration 9.00 am Training Starts o Compressor Types and Applications - Centrifugal – Axial - Reciprocating o Compressor Operations and Performance o Compressor Systems - Lubrication and Seal Oil Systems o Control Systems o Seal Types and Applications - Static – Dry Gas o Bearing Types and Applications - Journal – Thrust – Rolling Element o Troubleshooting o Maintenance Checklists o Maintenance Strategies Case Studies 5.00pm Program ends
  5. 5. COURSE FEES INCLUDE Full documentation for the course, refreshments and lunch only, unless stated otherwise. METHOD OF PAYMENT Crossed cheque / TT (Telegraphic Transfer): CTBBMYKLXXX / Bank Draft in favor of: Account Name: QU Management Sdn Bhd Account Number: 8602000604 Bank: CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad Bandar Sunway Branch, 22, Jalan PJS 11/28A, Bandar Sunway 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. HRDF CLAIMS When applying for HRDF, please note that applications must be submitted using the name: QU Management Sdn Bhd (HRDF No.5597) REGISTRATION PAGEOil & Gas Masterclass DISCLAIMER QUANTUMAC MANAGEMENT reserves the right to change the content, the speaker, the time and/or time, or the venue of the program at its discretion. QUANTUMAC MANAGEMENT will not be held responsible should the program be delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellations MUST be submitted to QUANTUMAC MANAGEMENT in writing. Cancellations 14 days before to the program will be subjected to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations 14 days to the program is subject to full payment. ‘No shows’ during event days are NOT considered cancellations. In this instance, payment will not be returned, but the registered individual will be sent a copy of the program’s proceedings. Please note that substitutes are always welcome. DELEGATE(S) INFORMATION: 1) Name : Mr./Ms/En/Pn ______________________________________ Position : _________________________________________________ Email : _________________________________________________ 2) Name : Mr./Ms/En/Pn ______________________________________ Position : _________________________________________________ Email : _________________________________________________ 3) Name : Mr./Ms/En/Pn ______________________________________ Position : _________________________________________________ Email : _________________________________________________ COMPANY INFORMATION: Company Name : __________________________________________ Business Address : ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Business Phone : ___________________________________________ Business Fax : ___________________________________________ E-mail : ___________________________________________ Nature of Business : ___________________________________________ REGISTRATION Workshop 1 USD 2,999 x delegate(s) Workshop 2 USD 1,999 x delegate(s) Workshop 3 USD 2,999 x delegate(s) Workshop 1 + 2 + 3 USD 5,999 x delegate(s) AUTHORISATION Authorising Manager’s Name: Position: Department: Email: INVOICES AND RECEIPTS SHOULD BE SENT TO: Name: Position: Department: Email: Note: This registration is invalid without a company stamp or an authorizing signature *Registration ends on 6 th March 2015 Authorising Signature Delegates Information: Company Information: Registration Authorization Tel: +(603) 7865 4541 Fax: +(603) 7865 4542 Website: Date: 23 – 27 March 2015 Venue: Le Meridien Hotel KL, Malaysia Company Stamp T O R E G I S T E R , I M M E D I A T E L Y F A X B A C K T O + ( 6 0 3 ) 7 8 6 5 4 5 4 2 PIC Name: Syah