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Bob assignment 2


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Bob assignment 2

  1. 1. SYMPTOMS• Bias is evident during the interview process. - Interview process takes only 5 minute - Interview question is not many - The choice of question is depend in who being interviews• High committee members are frequently late for meetings. - The same people always come late• There are factions within the organization. - Difference age• The choice of school is usually of the urban and smart school categories. -The event location is picked by the president• The club experiences high turnover. - Boring - Event held during holiday• The president only meet with exco members only• There is no regular meeting because meeting is only held when there is an event• Junior members didn’t know who is the president is.
  2. 2. CAUSES• Lack of commitment• Lack of communication• Lack of motivation
  3. 3. SOLUTION• Induction process• Add personal leadership camp. – select members based on personal leadership camp performance.• Rather the pick the members have them volunteer• Create teams with a mixture of new members and also the seniors.• Event should be held during weekend, so that every members can participate in that event because students want to go back to their hometown during semester break.• Alumni involvement.
  4. 4. Advantages• Camp : more discipline in terms of time management leadership programmed• Merit : Fair and punctual• Teams : No boundaries to all committee• Vote : equal satisfaction from majority voice• Event : easier to join, not intervene other’s schedules.• Alumni : company network and financial aid
  5. 5. Disadvantages• Camp : need more money to provide facilities to members• Merit : database not updated accurately and need more cost to apply for the technology• Team : need time to understand each other and blend with others• Vote :• Event : may intervene with family feast/ activities• Alumni : commitment