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  1. 1. The Issues and Challenges In Integrating ICT in Teaching & Learning Process in Our Malaysian School ( Content Analysis PBL) By : Nadzirah Mohd Jauah Nor Syuhada Saiful Anuar Syahella Saruddin
  2. 2. PBL QUESTIONICT application have become an important part of teachingand learning. The Ministry of Education have invested ahuge effort in terms of finding and training to equipteachers and students with ICT skills. In your opinion, whatare the issues and challenges in integrating ICT in teachingand learning in our Malaysian Schools.Give your ideas to this issues in not more than 500 words.
  3. 3. ICT is referring to Had been used Information and widely in theCommunication and aspect of economy, Technologies social, education What is and others. ICT? Covers all forms of computer and communications equipment and software used to create, design, store, transmit, interpret and manipulate information in its various formats.
  4. 4. So, in order to integrate ICTin the teaching and learningprocess, there are manyissues and challenges thatwe have to face..
  5. 5. FILA CHART FACT IDEA LEARNING ACTION IDEA1) ICT have become 1) Teachers do not 1) How to polish the 1) Find book an important part of have enough skills teacher’s skill on and jurnal teaching and to handle the ICT the ICT? related to ICT learning. equipment. 2) Does the school in teaching2) Ministry of 2) School spend lots have enough learning. Education have of money on this budget to support 2) Find invested a huge facility. the cost for ICT information in effort to equip 3) ICT enhanced the equipment? the internet to teachers and quality of teaching 3) Does ICT gain extra students with ICT and learning enhanced information skills. process effectively. teaching and learning process
  6. 6. ISSUE 1 : Teachers Do Not Have Enough Skills To Handle The ICT’s EquipmentChallenges :• For the former teacher who was born in year 1970’s, they might not haveenough skill to handle the ICT’s equipment and this is differ to those whowere born in the era of 1990. They have skill and enough knowledge aboutthe usage of ICT and thus they can handle the ICT’s equipment better.Solution :• The teachers should be send to participate in the ‘training in service’ inorder to improve their skills in handling the ICT’s equipments.
  7. 7. ISSUE 2: School spends a lots of money on this facilitiesChallenges :• These tools are really high in cost and really sensitive to handle.• School administration will spend a large amount of money not only when they buy the ICT’s equipments but also when they want to send these equipments to get the service.Solution :• The government need to offer some help to the school in the form of finance.• Place a professional teacher or technicians who is expert about the ICT’s tools in every school.
  8. 8. ISSUE 3: ICT enhance the quality of teaching and learning process effectively.Challenges :• Most students use the computers for the something that are not related with their lesson at web pages.• In writing report, most students will copy and paste the information from the web page without showing any demonstrating any understanding of the content of the subject.Solution :• School administration needs to block the website which is not related so that they can give full attention in their learning process.
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONAs a teacher we need to be fully prepared ourselves by mentally and physically in order to face all the challenges in education world especially in integrating ICT in teaching and learning process.