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  2. 2. Need To Know1. About Grand Waktu Company2. Main Markets in ASEAN Region3. Main Markets in South Asia4. Other Asian markets5. Grand Waktu Worldwide6. Our Clients7. Preferred Business Partners8. Self-selection of Customers
  3. 3. Our Services 9. Main Business Sectors 10. Main Services 11. Our Strengths 12. Grand Waktu Information 13. Important Sources 14. Contact Information
  4. 4. About Grand Waktu Company Grand Waktu ( “Great Time” from Indonesian and Malay languages ), is a company focusing on serving strictly selected clients on the markets of Asia, mainly ASEAN markets. Grand Waktu Specialists are the top of the consultants in various business sectors. Experienced. Professional. Motivated. We cover almost all Asian countries. More:
  5. 5. Grand Waktu in Asean Currently we serve following markets of ASEAN – Vietnam (Hanoi, HCM, Hai Phong, Da Nang), Myanmar(Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Daw, Bagan), Laos(Vietniane, Pakxe, Luang Prabang), Cambodia(Phnom Penh, Siam Reap), Indonesia(Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta), Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Selangor, Kota Kinabalu), The Philippines(Metro Manila, Cebu), Thailand (Bangkok) More:
  6. 6. Grand Waktu in ASEAN Vietnam: Myanmar: Laos: Cambodia: Indonesia: Thailand: The Philippines: Malaysia:
  7. 7. Grand Waktu in South Asia We develop projects on the following markets: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India Nepal: Sri Lanka: Bangladesh: India:
  8. 8. Asian Markets Other Markets served by us: China Japan South Korea Taiwan
  9. 9. Other markets Grand Waktu contacts and inside business relations allow us to support your company on European, African, Latin American and North American markets. We support in sourcing of many kinds of goods as well as advising for investors intending to enter developed and emerging markets with their investment plans. Learn more:
  10. 10. Our Clients - Multinational Corporations - Small Businesses - Stock Exchange Companies - Investment Funds - Real Estate Funds - Government Organisations
  11. 11. Our Clients – 2.Grand Waktu also develops small investments for:(MICRO SYSTEM) : - Startups - Micro Businesses - Individual Investors - New Technologies and Patent Rights
  12. 12. Preferred Clients Grand Waktu only focus on long-term projects and the expected period for long-term projects should be at least 5-7 years old. We reserve the rights to select the most interesting projects for us Our services are generally more expensive than services ordered in other companies, because we only focus on certain group of projects and investments.
  13. 13. Self-Selection Before contacting with us, please do your self-selection and ask yourself whether you really want to invest in “this’ country and in “this” project. If you know someone, who cooperate with us already, it is good if you will ask that person/corporation for a recommendation/introduction of your company to us – This will help by our further negotiations and project approvals. More:
  14. 14. Main Business Sectors – 1. - Banking Sector - Pharmaceutical Sector - Cosmetic Sector - Garment Sector - Development of New Technologies
  15. 15. Main Business Sectors – 2. - Commodities - Industrial Minerals - Oil & Gas - Farming, Aquaculture and Agriculture - Construction Sector
  16. 16. Main Business Sectors – 3. - Real Estate Sector - Tourism - IT Sector - FMCG - New Technologies
  17. 17. Main Business Sectors – 4. - Biotechnology - E-Commerce - Transport Sector - Food Production - Financial Services
  18. 18. Main Business Sectors – 5. - Metals - Beverages & Alcohol Drinks - Industrial Machinery - Household and Personal Products - Building Materials
  19. 19. Main Business Sectors - 6. - Computers, Office Equipment - Insurance, Health - Vehicles and Parts - HR Services - Software, Hardware
  20. 20. Main Services – 1. Company Formation Company Administration Accounting, Tax Declarations VAT Returns Legal Representative Nominee Shareholder Nominee Director
  21. 21. Main Services – 2. Company Formation Conditional Businesses Real Estate Market Pharmaceutical Industry Cosmetics Sector
  22. 22. Main Services – 3. Distribution Channels Construction Sector Company Administration Project Management Export to Asia
  23. 23. Main Services – 4. Hotel Investment Resort Investment Investment in Beach Properties Restaurant Investment Fast Food Investment Franchising and Promotion of Franchising Models
  24. 24. Main Services – 5. Representative Office Services Import from Asia Production & Outsourcing Setting Up Manufacturing Unit Marketing Coordination
  25. 25. Main Services – 6. Human Resources Selection of Business Location Selection and Monitoring of Direct Competitors Maintenance of Official Communication Know How Management
  26. 26. Main Services – 7. Marketing of Technologies Patent Management Retail Channels Management Tourism & Hotel Business Investment Funds
  27. 27. Main Services – 8. Joining Your Board of Directors Re-export and Repackaging Product Presentation Services Official Bids Market Entry
  28. 28. Main Services – 9. M & A Activities Branch Registration Office Space eCommerce Public Relations Market Research
  29. 29. Our Strengths – 1. Factory Setting Up in Myanmar Factory Setting Up in Vietnam Finding Land for Factory in Myanmar Mining Permit Vietnam Company Formation Laos
  30. 30. Our Strengths – 2. Company Formation Vietnam Representative Office Myanmar Special Economic Zones Investments Finding Local Offices Local HR Services
  31. 31. Our Strengths – 3. Pharmaceuticals Outsourcing in Vietnam Construction Permit Vietnam Construction Permit Myanmar Finding Properties For Sale in Myanmar Representative Office Services in Vietnam
  32. 32. Our Strengths – 4. Sourcing in Vietnam Finding Beach Land for Sale in Myanmar Finding Beach Land in Vietnam Hotel Business in Myanmar Agriculture Business in Vietnam
  33. 33. Our Strengths – 5. Farming in Myanmar Formation of Retail Channels in Vietnam Formation of Distribution Network in Myanmar Finding Properties in Debt in Vietnam Mining Permit in Myanmar Market Research Myanmar
  34. 34. Grand Waktu Information WORLD INVESTMENT NEWS Grand Waktu Case Studies Cooperation with us!
  35. 35. Representative Office Formation of Representative Offices, Finding Location for Your Business Place, Office Space and Virtual Office, HR Services – Recruiting Staff, Providing Legal, Accounting Services and Tax Declarations to Tax Authorities. Complete Services for Companies registering Representative Offices. (all countries) ( for Myanmar)
  36. 36. Company Formation Company Formation Services with all requirements: getting approvals and permits from government, we are experienced in conditional businesses (mining, telecommunication, real estate, re—export, production, pharmaceuticals and medicines) Company Registration, Legal Services, Accounting Services, HR, Office Space, Consulting, Joining your board of directors. (all countries)
  37. 37. Investment Opportunities We advice the best locations for investments worldwide and support you to start the investment )company registration, coordination and administration) and to manage the project successfully (participation in your Board of Directors, advising and controlling the development). More:
  38. 38. Other Interesting Sources Business in Sri Lanka: Business in Vietnam Business in Myanmar Export Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
  39. 39. Other Interesting Sources – 2. Business in Thailand Business in Bangladesh Business in Indonesia Myanmar Business
  40. 40. Other Interesting Sources – 3.
  41. 41. Export Import – Good Sources
  42. 42. Business Sectors – 1. Business Sectors: Healthcare - Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Equipment, Hospitals Tourism & Leisure - Hotels and Hostels, Lodging, Restaurants, Spa, Travel Agencies Materials - Chemicals, Construction Materials, Metals, Mining, Containers, Packaging, Paper & Forest Products, Business Services - Law, Accounting, Marketing, Advertisement, Translations, Support of Business Visits, Media, Entertainment Real Estate - Buying, Management and Development Retail - Apparel, Automotive Retailing, Computers, Electronics Retailing, Discoun & Department Store Retailing,
  43. 43. Business Sectors – 2. Food & Beverage Retailing, Home & Decor Consumer Staples - Agriculture, Livestock, Food, Beverage, Household & Personal Products, Textiles & Apparel Energy & Power - Alternative Energy Sources, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Waste Management Industrials - Automobiles, Components, Building, Construction, Engineering, Industrial Conglomerates, Machinery, Transportation, Infrastructure High Technology - Ecommerce, Computers, Hardware, Electronics, Internet Infrastructure, Internet Software, Internet Services, Software, Semiconductors, Formation of IT Centers
  44. 44. Grand Waktu Asia Grand Waktu Markets in Asia: Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia Contact us:
  45. 45. Contact us with all your questions! Our friendly support will assist you and also provide necessary details about your future business! We are here to help!
  46. 46. GRAND WAKTU