Ciboodle One- the intelligent desktop


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The Ciboodle One Unified intelligent desktop drives first contact resolution, allowing contact centre agents to interact with customers and giving back office experts a window into the customer.

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Ciboodle One- the intelligent desktop

  1. 1. a.k.a. Intelligent Desktop, 360° Customer View, Unified Agent Desktop Unify. Interact. Understand. Ciboodle One Track Record Are your clever agents burdened by a not-so-clever workspace? Maybe they’re using multiple systems, Alt+Tabbing their way through every customer interaction? • Reduced call centre service costs by 60% Being bogged down with lengthy, time consuming workarounds, dead-end processes and outdated operations not only negatively impact your staff, but also • Increased first contact your customers and the relationships you hold with them. To enable your agents resolution from 30% to 90% to make a difference, you must give them software that makes a difference – the right tools they need to not only meet your customer’s needs and expectations, • Achieved a 75% reduction in but exceed them. follow up interactions Ciboodle One, our intelligent desktop, is the right tool - bringing calm to chaos, • Reduced user training time by intelligence to interactions, and contentment to customers. The multi-channel an average of 50% unified agent desktop empowers both customers and agents, providing the right information, at the right time, in the right place for every interaction. • Integrated 18 applications into a unified desktop that supports Across all channels, Ciboodle One captures a detailed history from a customer’s 6000 staff first contact to the point of resolution. By collecting and leveraging this key customer data, we can perceptively present new products or additional services • Increased call profitability by that could benefit your customer, and in turn, their relationship with you. average 7 cents per call Propensity driven cross-sell and up-sell opportunities ensure that agents know • Reduced average handling in real-time what your customers want and like; this turns your customers into time by 75% advocates and your contact centre into a profit centre. • Saved $1.2m in increased Ciboodle One delivers a flexible agent desktop, displayed to suit visual or customer inquiry resolution analytical perspectives, aligning with your agent’s learning and training styles which allow for more intuitive use. Ciboodle One’s desktop user interface can easily be configured to match brand or organisational guidelines and can also be connected to user or skill-based entitlement profiles. With essential customer information and contextual knowledge, agents can rapidly respond to customer queries, sales requests or complaints, making communications much simpler and For more information please contact: more rewarding. t: +44 (0)141 533 4000 Using Ciboodle One, agents are empowered to focus on the customer and given e: the power to please. Ciboodle One’s complete view of your customer interactions speeds access to key data, improves first contact resolution, streamlines training and ultimately results in a superior customer experience. “Ciboodle One has made us more efficient, consistent and customer focused in providing top quality service by integrating our systems, making it easier for our associates to navigate and provide accurate information to our customers.” Sandra Ramos, Team Manager, Sales and Service, Teleservice Outbound, Sears
  2. 2. The most flexible user interface on the planet Ciboodle One Features • Agent collaboration pushes work to users with role-based • Customer profile shows a unified view of the customer routing, assignment, escalation, and prioritisation with alerts and flags highlighting key attributes • Agent-to-agent text chat increases first contact resolution • Homepage provides an intuitive and collaborative web-based work environment to display all customer • Dashboards visualise performance against KPIs interactions, work items, and processes • Enterprise telephony adaptors integrate with all industry- • Agent knowledge and FAQs provide relevant, timely, and leading providers context-driven information for agents during interactions • Contact history integrates and automates, with an • Skill and role entitlement enables real-time access to immediate view of all interactions across all channels predefine or change who has access to what and when • Wrap up calls comprehensively in one screen capturing • Dynamic scripting guide staff through the right steps in line-item detail, freeform comments, and customer mood the right order, resolving requests at first point of contact “All applications within a single screen improves our customer service, letting us take care of our customers in a rapid manner and provide the solution right then and there. Ciboodle is a great investment for this company! I’m excited!!” North American Customer Service Agent using Ciboodle One