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Synapticweb Webcamp 2k9

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Synapticweb Webcamp 2k9

  1. 1. http
  2. 2. attention economy
  3. 3. real-time web
  4. 4. synaptic web changing the internets since Nov 7th 2k9 imageless slide ‘cause google doesn’t find stock images for it yet :P
  5. 5. “the future is not about crowd sourcing but crowd filtering” ~ Dr. Kate Blackmon
  6. 6. vs. info silos info flow
  7. 7. vs. explic it voting implicit voting
  8. 8. vs. reinventing the wheel platfor ms!
  9. 9. data user
  10. 10. preona
  11. 11. slides+voice (this time) by yes that’s homework on the whiteboard BEARDVEMBER! @swizec <-- go there! all images blatantly pirated via google search