How to tell a better story with your month


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Use the tips and techniques in this doc to help you tell a better story with your month-end social media reports. Consultants and brand managers alike.

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How to tell a better story with your month

  1. 1. This is especially true for clients who are busy HOW TO TELL A and need to quickly get through the report so BETTER STORY WITH they can start improving their own business. Khoo says, “Numbers are very important, but YOUR MONTH-END they only tell half the story...After all, while the numbers will register in people’s minds, REPORTS it’s the story behind the numbers that will reach their emotions.” Using Storytelling to Increase Comprehension In other words, any story should include more than just numbers, percentages and charts that can be confusing to the readers, “If you get it right, your stories can and social media analytics reports should be convert customers, inspire your no different. team and nurture a legion of “Stories let us convey wisdom, raving fans.” and/or explain information in an -Valerie Khoo, founder of Sydney Writers entertaining way.” Centre and co-founder of -Chris Brogan, CEO and President of HumanAccording to Khoo in her article, “Harness Business Worksthe power of storytelling in business,”storytelling isnt just for writers, and stories Brogan supports Khoo when he says that,dont only exist in books and movies. Business “Stories are how we learn best. We absorbmen and women can have a positive effect on numbers and fact and details, but we keeppeople in many different areas and them all glued into our heads with stories.”professions. When people hear or see a long list ofCustomers and fellow businesspeople, among numbers, statistics and data, they mayothers, can be inspired by a good story and memorize and understand it, but they maymay continue to look for more work from not truly take it all in; however, when thatthe storyteller. information is paired up with some sort of story, it makes it easier to read, easier toStorytelling also applies when it comes to understand and easier to remember.month end social media analytics reports. These are the kinds of things that can put oneMost people like stories because they social media analytics report over another inlike things to flow in a way that makes the eyes of business owners who have to readsense and doesnt require too much and interpret the reports.thought to understand whats going on. Social media is on the rise, with no clear sign of slowing down. Business owners will benefit Click to Share!
  2. 2.  How to Tell A Better Story with Your Month-End Reportsmore from a social media analytics report if it Some clients may want to know the ROI,can be read like a story, rather than a list of while some may want to about sales, and stillnumbers. others may want to know about engagement.To create a memorable, more helpful report, Some may want all of that information, plustell a story that will both inform and other metrics like where the traffic is comingentertain. from, or the numbers of new fans and followers.Stories should increase retention andcomprehension, and month end reportsshould tell the story about your clientaccomplished that month.Your reports should not simply spewdata points and numbers without addedcontext.Follow these steps to help you deliver yourbest story…STEP 1: START WITH WHAT THE There are a few things to consider whenCLIENT WANTS TO KNOW asking customers which metrics to include onWhat information is the client looking for? their social media analytics reports.Its crucial to understand the point of the What are the most important metrics toreport before you actually start to create it. measure for their business?Otherwise, you might be wasting precious Which metrics will benefit the customer thetime. most, and which metrics will help them toWhen time is money, theres no room or move forward and succeed?reason to make mistakes that can easily be Find out which social media channels youravoided, like measuring unnecessary metrics. clients are interested in observing. PerhapsSo, whats the best way to prevent critical, they want to include Facebook or Twitter,time-wasting mistakes? but have no interest in Instagram. This can often depend on the type of business theDifferent businesses may have different goals, customer is in or what your social mediaand need to measure different metrics in strategy has defined for them.order to fulfill those goals. Understanding what your clients need orAsk your clients exactly what they want to be want to know is the first step in creating aincluded in their report. story out of a social media analytics report.
  3. 3.  How to Tell A Better Story with Your Month-End Reports – From SwitchReports.comThis will allow for better communication with Who contributed online? Rather thanclients, and will establish a better relationship saying, “Increased User Generated Content,”that can lead to further business and stronger tell who posted to the Facebook page, ortrust. who mentioned the business on Twitter. Tell your clients if the most common authorsSTEP 2: HIGHLIGHT KEY were their customers, experts on the topic, competitors or just interested passersby.ACTIVITIES IN SUBSEQUENTSECTIONS THAT SUPPORTED THIS What type of contribution was the most common and most effective?MONTHS RESULTS Include the types of user contribution andOnce you establish which metrics the social mentions that seemed to be the mostmedia analytics report should include, and popular. Its important to let the customeronce those metrics have been measured, its know whether their comments weretime to create the actual report. complaints, compliments and recommendations, or overall reviews andRather than just telling the client what blog posts. This lets your clients know wherehappened, include a little detail about how the need to improve, according to theirand why it happened. customers feedback.Write a story about whats going on with Note analytics trends like recurringtheir social media analytics. contributors, or popular times of day thatFor example, instead of just saying, “Increased people are posting mentions or comments.Engagement,” you should add a few short Highlighting factors like these makes it easierdetails and explanations like, “Facebook for your customers to see who their biggestContests,” “Opinion Polls,” and “User fans are and when and where the mostGenerated Content,” with a little explanation contributions are occurring.after each one. Highlighting key information tells a betterInclude observations like how many users story in social media analytics reportsparticipated in Facebook contests and because key points help customers toopinion polls, and how many people added understand where they have been morecomments or replied to a post. successful and why they have been soThese details will tell your client exactly successful in these areas.where they’ve improved, and where they still It also tells them where and how to improvemay need to improve. in other areas by outlining exactly what isHere are some other ideas activities to working and what isnt.highlight in a social media analytics report.
  4. 4.  How to Tell A Better Story with Your Month-End ReportsSTEP 3: USE THE DATA TO TELL SECTIONS TOGETHER ANDTHE STORY BY PUTTING IT IN CREATE A FLOWCONTEXTIts easy to tell a client how many likes,comments or mentions their pages got overthe past month, but it doesnt make a verygood story.You can increase reader retention andcomprehension by putting the data intowords rather than listing numbers andstatistics. Part of completing a good story is creatingCreate a story with the data that will interest visual attractiveness that pulls everythingthe client and make the information more together.memorable and interesting. This doesnt always mean adding tons ofFor example: unnecessary images or photographs to the story. Rather than listing the data in your report as, “Comments: 105,” put the Instead, you can use one theme that makes data into context to tell a better the whole package look neat and well put story. together. Instead, it can say, “We increased The same goes for social media analytics comments by 20% this month by reports. By using a consistent color scheme including more calls to action and by or word format, you can create an attractive posting more targeted content.” report that is also eye-catching and attention- holding.If the content reads like a story rather than along list of numbers, it will be easier to The document doesnt have to be repetitive,understand and follow. or just include long paragraphs.The reader has a chance to read about what You can break up sections and create a flowworked, what didnt work, and why in your report by using a cohesive design oreverything happened the way it did on theme that integrates into every part of thedifferent social media channels. report and brings it all together. Different sections should be clearly marked,STEP 4: USE A COHESIVE THEME but should still flow so that everything looksOR DESIGN TO TIE YOUR REPORT like it belongs in the same document.
  5. 5.  How to Tell A Better Story with Your Month-End Reports – From SwitchReports.comSTEP 5: BALANCE IMAGES AND This doesnt mean filling the pages completely with pictures, because that would take up tooTEXT SO THAT ONE DOESNT much space and would make it difficult toOVERSHADOW THE OTHER determine whats important and what isnt. Balance the images and text in the report in a way that makes more sense to your customers and is easy for people to understand without having to search the pages for the next section. Create a format for your report that will achieve the balance of images and text, and stick with that format so that each report after that is consistent and presentable. Creating a social media analytics report that tells a story is essential because it helps theYou can build better story for your report by reader better understand the actions you’veincluding images that make sense throughout taken to help them find success.the report. LET SWITCH REPORTS HELP YOU TELL YOUR STORY