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Fintech _map_startups_switzerland_januar_2016


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Cluster of all Fintech Startups in Switzerland in the following categories: Investing and asset management, crypto, comparison and consulting brokerage, payment, crowdfunding, pfm and ohters

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Fintech _map_startups_switzerland_januar_2016

  1. 1. Digital Banking Swiss Fintech Startup Map Swisscom Think Tank – e-foresight Falk Kohlmann Head of Banking Trends & Innovation September 2015
  2. 2. FinTech Map Switzerland: Januar 2016 Investing und Asset Management Vergleichs- und Infor- mationsportale, Beratung, Versicherung Payment Crowdfunding Crypto Daten Management PFM Andere #39 #27 #26#30 #18 #4 #14#12 #170
  3. 3. Contact Or follow on Falk Kohlmann Johannes Hoehener Head of Banking Trends & Innovation Head of Digital Banking Initiatives Falk.kohlmann@swisscom Johannes Hoehener @JohannesHoehene Further informations: Swisscom Enterprise Customers Solution Center Banking Pfingstweidstrasse 51 CH-8005 Zürich Switzerland Contact Details