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University of Rochester-Bern


Published on In times of continuous change, managers need an integrated approach to thinking about management problems and a thorough understanding of the cross-functional nature of business decisions. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA provides the tools necessary to analyze, design, implement, and manage successful business strategies. It prepares you to meet the challenges posed by today's corporate world.

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University of Rochester-Bern

  1. 1. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Program We’ll change the way you think. Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Program Simon School University of Rochester IFM Universität Bern
  2. 2. «I have known the Simon School for 30 years now. The aspects of its educational programs that impress me most in their graduates are the ability to tell what is important from what is unimportant and the knack for solving problems and making good decisions.» Dr. Bruno Gehrig, Honorary Degree 2006, Chairman, Swiss Life Holding 2 – The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  3. 3. Mission statement In times of continuous change, managers need an integrated approach to thinking about management problems and a thorough understanding of the cross-functional nature of business decisions. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA provides the tools necessary to analyze, design, implement, and manage successful business strategies. It prepares you to meet the challenges posed by today’s corporate world. We’ll change the way you think. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 3
  4. 4. «The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program has complemented my engineering back- ground by significantly enhancing my skill set in finance, economics, and corporate strategy. This clearly puts me in a very solid position to excel in a results-oriented, engineering-driven organization whose people have a passion for progress.» Tom de Jonge, Class 2007/08, Sales Director, Emerson Process Management «The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA is an outstanding program, a rich contribution, a boost for the career of the participants. Being demanding and rigorous, it offers a wide range of courses to gain managerial breadth and depth. The courses are focused, fully aligned and well-synchronized like a Swiss watch. The opportunity to gain a generalist perspective by working with participants from a wide range of national and internati- onal backgrounds is a clear advantage of the whole program. It's the best program I've ever experienced. The studies pay off quickly: I was promoted in my company while I was still studying. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA extends the limits and enables you to achieve whatever you want to be responsible for.» Juerg Kufer, Class 2006/07, Head Domestic, Zurich Global Corporate Switzerland 4 – The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  5. 5. The main characteristics of the program The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program offers a first-class general management education with an international focus and systematic practical application. It allows participants to earn an MBA in Switzerland from an accredited, top-ranked U.S. business school without interrupting their careers. Quality Applicability The program is built on a cross-functional curriculum grounded in The program is designed for executives. Participants come from sound economic and financial principles. Courses are well integrated different industries and have several years of management experience. and follow a logical sequence proceeding from fundamental tools Class discussions and projects focus on real-world examples, with an to strategy considerations. All classes are taught by outstanding emphasis on immediate application in the workplace. Company-related professors from Europe and the United States. The program manage- assignments give students the chance to discuss their daily challenges ment provides first-class support to enable students to focus on their with professors and classmates. The concluding highlight of the program learning and networking activities. Graduates earn an international is a capstone project in which student teams prepare a business plan MBA degree (University of Rochester, NY, USA) as well as a national for an international company. EMBA degree (Universität Bern). Internationality The program is offered by the University of Rochester in cooperation with the Universität Bern. Students come from all over the world and study in Switzerland, the United States (6 weeks in Rochester), and China. During their studies, they have an opportunity to work with students of the parallel executive program in the United States as well as with managers of companies in China. The international MBA degree they earn is the same they would get if they studied full-time in the United States. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 5
  6. 6. «The one and a half years of the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program were the most challenging but also the most rewarding time of my life. The secret to success was to quickly find a good balance between work, study, and family. A valuable lesson I learned from the program is to set high expectations and to strive for high goals, because I found that you can achieve pretty much anything if you put enough effort into it. The program’s analytical and quantitative approach makes it the top MBA that it is. I strongly believe that we were given the skills needed to master the challenges of a successful and fulfilling business career.» Baerbel Wood, Class 2004/05, CFO, Optiswiss AG «Through its multinational experts and teaching locations in Switzerland, the United States and Asia, the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program constantly exposes students to the widest range of cultures and perspectives, contributing to a truly international manage- ment learning experience. I was inspired by the interaction with highly qualified faculty and fellow students which has yielded quick returns when I applied newly acquired insights immediately at work. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA has widened my mental frames of reference and systematically broadened my focus. In addition, colleagues and alumni allow building a worldwide network of contacts that will continue to be of benefit long after our studies.» Beatrice Rentke Puehringer, Class 2007/08, Head Business & Market Management, UBS AG 6 – The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  7. 7. The institutions behind the program The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA is offered by the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester in collaboration with the Institut für Finanzmanagement of the Universität Bern. Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester Institut für Finanzmanagement (IFM), Universität Bern The University of Rochester, an independent, privately endowed The Universität Bern was founded in 1834 and is one of ten and managed university founded in 1850, is among the universities in Switzerland. It consists of eight faculties. The Institut leading private institutions of higher learning in the United für Finanzmanagement (IFM) is part of the management faculty. States. Rochester faculty and alumni have included 8 Nobel The IFM focuses on teaching, research, and consulting in corporate Prize winners and 12 Pulitzer Prize winners. finance, corporate governance, risk management, performance measurement, and behavioral finance. The role of the IFM in the The Simon School is one of the seven schools that make up the program is to provide logistical support and backoffice services. University of Rochester. In 2009, Financial Times ranks it number 2 in the world for finance and number 5 for managerial economics. Foundation The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program, as part of the Simon The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program was started in 1995. School, carries with it the reputation of one of the world’s top It is run through a foundation and is financially self-supporting. 50 graduate business schools. It has been fully accredited by Foundation board members are business leaders or academics; they the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) do not have any financial stake in the program. The foundation’s International since 1966. activities are monitored by an advisory board of alumni that provides guidance and support. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 7
  8. 8. The people behind the program The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA is represented by Mark Zupan and Carin Conlon in Rochester as well as by Claudio Loderer and Petra Joerg in Bern. Mark Zupan, Dean Carin C. Conlon, Executive Director of Executive Programs Simon Graduate School of Business Simon Graduate School of Business Executives in today’s world of global business do not always know The globalization of business continues to accelerate the changes in advance how change will affect their organizations. The program occurring in our organizations. The program gives you the skills will help them better define the issues, develop more robust and knowledge to compete in this rapidly changing business strategies for dealing with them, and implement thoughtful and environment. Our world-class faculty applies modern business effective solutions. Through real-world applications and first-rate practices and theory to practical business problems. A heavy teaching, our faculty members bring the latest research and emphasis on student teams offers a diversity of perspectives that management insights to life in class. enriches your education. The Simon School is proud of its long-standing relationships with The global nature of the program gives students from anywhere its European partners, a true cornerstone of its commitment to in the world an opportunity to study and learn together and thus global management education. We look forward to welcoming broaden their horizons. The problems businesses will face in the students from anywhere in the world who appreciate the future may look quite different from those they are struggling with opportunity to advance their managerial expertise, add value today. The program will help you define and clarify problems in to their organizations, and enrich their professional lives. this changing environment. Our alumni stress that what they learned in this program has changed the way they look at the world. 8 | The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  9. 9. Claudio Loderer, Program Director Petra Joerg, Managing Director Institut für Finanzmanagement, Universität Bern Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program I am the link between the University of Rochester and the The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program is the right choice Universität Bern. As someone who holds a doctoral degree from for executives looking for an internationally recognized general- the University of Rochester, I am familiar with the quality of management education in Switzerland. Let me invite you to faculty and instruction provided by the Simon School. As a explore our program: attend our events, sit in on regular classes, professor teaching and consulting in Switzerland, I also know and talk with students, alumni and our program team. We will the needs of Swiss firms and their managers. I am careful to help you find the education that prepares you for your next see that the U.S. curriculum is calibrated to those needs. career steps. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program gives organizations in As a candidate for the program, you will need to go through two Europe seeking to maximize the potential of future corporate interviews. It is the goal of these interviews to find out whether leaders a vital advantage. It combines all the benefits of a leading you have the requirements to succeed in the program and to U.S. business school with the convenience of a Swiss location. actually enjoy it. Moreover, we want to assess how you fit in with To ensure that the program meets the quality standards of Swiss others in the class. The interviews are based on your CV and focus and international participants, we select professors and students heavily on your business experience. Let me encourage you to carefully and take care of all logistics. send us your application. We are looking forward to meeting you. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 9
  10. 10. «In Research & Development we frequently face the fact that scientists and business people speak different languages. We don’t always understand each other. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA helped me to cross the bridges by benefiting from the school’s expertise and teaching. The program adds value by complementing technical with business skills and leads to greater alignment and improved decision making in our daily work.» Stefan Bodenstab, Class 2001/02, Head of R&D Infant Formula and Infant Cereals, Nestlé Nutrition «The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA provides solid experience and know-how, giving a broad perspective on the processes, drivers, and risks of an enterprise as a whole. The program makes you focus more effectively on what is important, and gives you the tools to master your daily business decisions. Qualitative aspects of business, such as networking and the U.S. business perspective are also covered and further contribute to this extremely valuable and practical program.» René Rausenberger, Class 1996/97, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  11. 11. The program The Rochester-Bern approach to management education lets participants seek creative solutions to business problems while providing the necessary analytical foundation. Benefits Format Without having to interrupt their careers, students develop a solid The program begins in January and meets biweekly on Fridays and Saturdays foundation in core functional business disciplines, refine their until the end of May in Switzerland. Participants then spend an intensive summer analytical skills, acquire the strategic perspective that is required residency of six weeks at the University of Rochester. Thereafter, instruction for high-level management decision making, gain exposure to continues in Switzerland from mid-August until graduation in June of the following international management perspectives and practices, and become year. In April, an educational stay in Shanghai completes the educational expe- part of a large network of alumni worldwide. rience. The total duration of the program is 18 months. Program participants immediately apply in the workplace the The biweekly format of the Swiss part of the program is designed for executives who skills they acquire. They are motivated to seek out new do not want to interrupt a successful career and need a schedule which is compa- challenges, share their knowledge with coworkers, and bring tible with their business responsibilities. Moreover, the format enables program new, high-powered business tools to the workplace, instantly participants to critically review, assimilate, and apply what they have heard in class. increasing the value of the sponsoring organizations. The program Learning requires time and perspective, which is what the format is designed to prepares high-potential managers for leadership and is a provide. The retreat character of the location at the Lake of Thun supports this goal. valuable investment in human capital. The intensive summer session in Rochester allows participants to replace the rigors of daily managerial life with full-time study. It promotes an international experience by combining participants from the American and European programs for a period of intensive work. While staying in Rochester, the students devote their efforts to full-time study and self-improvement. Many participants find the time in Rochester the most valuable part of the program. An international trip to Shanghai completes the curriculum. This stay is intended to enhance students’ knowledge of Asian ways of doing business and to give them a better appreciation of cultural differences. Students discuss the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China, visit local companies, and listen to presen- tations by Chinese managers, academics, and expatriates. They might also chose to dedicate their capstone project to an international company operating in Asia. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 11
  12. 12. Capstone project Business plan for an international company Management in emerging markets Contents Strategic and cross-functional knowledge The general management program offers a sequence of 19 well- integrated credit courses (62 U.S. credit hours, equivalent to 90 Corporate strategy ECTS points) that follow a logical sequence proceeding from fun- Organization theory & control damental tools to strategy considerations. A set of getting-started Corporate financial policy sessions ensures that participants are ready for the beginning of International finance the actual program. All courses are taught in English. Marketing management Human resources management & leadership The table illustrates the logical sequence of the program. The cur- Economics of international business riculum starts with important analytical tools that lay the ground- work and is enhanced by the necessary functional knowledge. Functional knowledge The final part is then dedicated to strategic and cross-functional knowledge. The three parts come together in a capstone project Marketing analysis & decision making involving an international company. At the end of the program Operations management participants see the overall picture and manage accordingly. Capital budgeting Capital markets Details about the contents of the various courses can be found on Information systems for management our website Business plan workshop Analytical knowledge Finance and accounting Data analysis Managerial economics Managerial accounting Managerial decision Economic environment Financial accounting analysis & forecasting Managerial economics 12 | The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  13. 13. A typical weekend in Thun Friday 8.45 - 9.00 Coffee 9.00 - 10.30 Session I (for example marketing management) 10.30 - 10.45 Break 10.45 - 12.15 Session II (marketing management) 12.15 - 13.45 Lunch 13.45 - 15.15 Session III (for example corporate strategy) 15.15 - 15.30 Break 15.30 - 17.00 Session IV (corporate strategy) 17.00 - 19.00 Break or guest lecture 19.00 - 20.00 Dinner Professors Saturday The courses are taught by outstanding professors. In Europe, 7.00 - 8.00 Breakfast we can choose from the best on the continent and in the United 8.00 - 9.30 Session I (for example corporate strategy) States, we build on the renowned faculty of the University of 9.30 - 9.45 Break Rochester. Our professors have impressive track records in research. 9.45 - 11.15 Session II (corporate strategy) They are, however, also actively involved in consulting to the 11.15 - 12.15 Lunch business community as well as to government and regulatory 12.15 - 13.45 Session III (for example marketing management) agencies. 13.45 - 14.00 Break 14.00 - 15.30 Session IV (marketing management) The names of our professors and short CVs can be found on our website The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 13
  14. 14. Classes The program connects theory and practice. The lectures are Study teams are an integral part of the program. They give students interactive and offer opportunities for close interchange among an opportunity to work with participants from different industries, faculty and students from a variety of professional backgrounds. educational backgrounds and countries, to learn from each other, and Class discussions and project work focus on real-world examples, to develop leadership skills. Study teams meet regularly outside of class with an emphasis on immediate application to the workplace. to review lectures, prepare class assignments, and work on projects. The program develops students’ abilities to distinguish what This team experience is expanded during the Rochester summer, when is important from what is unimportant and to solve problems. European teams are paired with American teams for study. 14 | The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  15. 15. Dual degree Student progress is monitored closely through homework, case Men and women who complete the 18-month program successfully studies, exams, and team projects. All the assignments connect are awarded two degrees. First, they earn the degree of Master of the knowledge acquired in class to practical application. Students Business Administration from the University of Rochester. It is the are graded in each class according to the U.S. grading system. No same degree they would receive if they studied full-time in the United dissertation or thesis is required for the degree, but students must States. The degree has a high reputation in Switzerland as well as in complete the international capstone project successfully. the rest of the world. Second, they receive the Executive Master of Business Administration from the Universität Bern, a university with Outstanding support enables students to focus on their learning a long and distinguished reputation in economics. and networking activities. Program management is always available to discuss problems and offer help. The program team gives every kind of assistance needed on class days and takes care of all logistics such as ordering books, preparing folders, making hotel and restaurant reservations, and arranging flights. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 15
  16. 16. Facilities In Switzerland, classes are held at the Congress Hotel Seepark in Thun. This four-star hotel right next to the lake provides an ideal setting for intensive study and networking away from the hectic pace of day-to-day work. Located south of Bern, the Seepark is easily accessible by car or train. The hotel offers all the usual amenities, as well as meals and accommodation on class days and recreational facilities. In Rochester, classes are taught at the Simon School in its executive program facilities. Accommodation is arranged close to the campus. There as well as at school, students find the necessary infrastructure for their studies. The university is also well equipped for a variety of individual and group sports. Breakfast and lunch are provided for students on all class days. In China, classes are organized with a local partner and in various production sites and service centers around the city. Accommodation is arranged close to the center of Shanghai. Students will be given the necessary infrastructure for their studies as well as facilities for sports and recreation. Transportation to the various sites is provided. 16 | The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  17. 17. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 17
  18. 18. The capstone project The concluding highlight of the program is a capstone project in an international environment. It asks students to apply all that they have learned in a live business-plan project. 18 | The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  19. 19. Project The capstone project gives students an opportunity to write a business plan for a company operating in an international envi- ronment. In this project, they use all the knowledge they have acquired in the program as well as techniques gained from a business-plan workshop. Students are given adequate time to get to know the company, talk with managers, and prepare the business plan. Benefits Throughout the project, students work intensively with their study team and the managers of the company they write the business plan for. They improve their international network, explore the cross-functional applications of the various classes they have taken, and expand their problem-solving abilities. After having completed the business plan, they present their solution to faculty, classmates, and relevant company representa- tives. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 19
  20. 20. «Working in a fast transforming business environment, I still benefit regularly from the analytical skills and conceptual frameworks offered by the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA. I experienced the program as a motivating and intellectually stimulating opportunity to improve my managerial effectiveness while benefiting from the expertise and experience of an excellent academic faculty and the teamwork with my peers.» Dr. Daniel Hofer, Class 1997/98, Director, Neue Zürcher Zeitung «The complexity of today’s health care is demanding more and more economic skills from doctors. I acquired these skills in the challenging and demanding Rochester- Bern Executive MBA. Offered in an executive format, this top MBA program can be attended by clinical doctors while working. This education now supports my daily administrative decision making to the best advantage for my patients and the team in a world of increasing constraints.» Dr. Conrad Mueller, Class 1998/99, CEO, Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel
  21. 21. The admission Applicants may apply directly to the program or be nominated by their current employer. Selection is based on business experience, academic achievement, potential for professional growth, and the motivation and drive to succeed in a rigorous executive MBA program. Candidate requirements Selection process Candidates for the program are middle- or senior-level managers Complete applications can be submitted until October 31. Early with the potential for taking on increased responsibilities within applications by May 31 are encouraged and benefit from a discount their organizations. They have an academic or equivalent educa- of CHF 2,000. After all the required materials are received, applicants tional background and several years of management experience. will be invited for two personal interviews. The interviews take about They hold positions of high responsibility, have demonstrated 1.5 hours each, are based on the CV, and focus heavily on business potential for advancement, and are fluent in English. Moreover, experience. Admission decisions are made within one week after the they are able to set priorities and balance family, job, and studies. second interview. Application packet Information process The applicant should submit the complete application form, To find out whether the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA fits your needs, a CV, an essay describing the motivation for pursuing an MBA, we recommend that you take the following steps: an organization chart showing the applicant’s position in his or her organization, two letters of recommendation, the letter of check our website; sponsorship, transcripts of academic records from all under- contact us if you have any questions; graduate, graduate and professional schools, and two passport visit one of the guest lectures or information sessions photographs. All necessary forms are provided on our website we offer regularly in the major cities of Switzerland; talk with someone who has been through the program; attend classes in Thun. We will be happy to support you in organizing these steps. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 21
  22. 22. «Simonites – The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association keeps your MBA feeling alive after the program. Within our organization, you have the opportunity to enlarge your network, discuss your ideas, generate business opportunities, or socialize just for fun. We support the networking activities of our members by offering many interesting events throughout the year. The Simonites invest in lifelong learning and support the program as well as the University of Rochester.» Heinz Braegger, Class 2005/06, Partner, Oprandi & Partners, President of the Alumni Association 22 | The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
  23. 23. The alumni association Graduates of the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA can become members of the Swiss and American alumni associations. These associations offer a valuable network of business people who share the same educational background. Simonites - The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association The Swiss alumni association consists of about 500 members who have graduated from the program and live in Switzerland and abroad. Several Simonites support the program actively and sit on the alumni advisory board. The association organizes various activities, among them an annual joint event with Harvard, INSEAD, and IMD, and is an attractive source of information for its mem- bers, interested guests, and recruiters worldwide. Simon School Alumni Association The American alumni association brings together more than 10,000 Simon School graduates from around the world. It is supported by the Office of Alumni Relations and Development at the University of Rochester, which ensures that alumni enjoy a lifelong relationship with other graduates. The school organizes events and seminars for its alumni. They are also part of an executive advisory committee influencing the school’s future. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA | 23
  24. 24. The companies sending students CWS International Danzas Deleproject Delphi Automotive Systems Over the last 14 years, the companies listed below have sent members Der Bund Detroit Diesel Corporation of their organizations to the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program. DG Bank Die Mobiliar If you would like to speak with someone in your company who has Die Post DMS Dr. Max Schnopp & Partner completed the program, please contact us. Dokman Dow Europe Dr. Bommeli Dresdner Bank Schweiz DSM Food Specialties Aargauisches Elektrizitätswerk BOHAG Eastman Kodak ABB Brandenberger + Ruosch Eidgenössisches Departement für auswärtige Actelion Briggs & Stratton Angelegenheiten Activest Bucher Group Eidgenössisches Institut für Geistiges Eigentum Adveq Management Bundesamt für Gesundheit Electrowatt Infra Advision Kreativagentur Bundesamt für Informatik und Emerson Process Management Aerni-Leuch Telekommunikation Emhart Glass Akadia Bundesamt für Kommunikation Ensytec Alcan Allega Bundesamt für Landestopografie EpiSpeed Alcatel Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft EQ Group AlpTransit Gotthard Bystronic Ericsson Alstom Cambridge Technology Partners Ernst & Young Amman Cantrade Private Bank ESSEX Chemie AO International Carbogen FCE Bank Ascom Centerpulse Feintool International Atel CGS Management Ferrier Lullin & Cie at rete Châtel Medical Devices FF Group Audatex Clariden Leu Finanzdepartement Basel-Stadt Axpo Comit Finanzkontrolle des Kanton Bern Bank für Handel und Effekten Comlab FineSolutions Bank Sarasin COS Consulting & Software Firth Basler & Hofmann Ingenieure & Partner Credit Suisse Frimago Basler Versicherungen CSC Switzerland Galenica Group Berna Biotech CSEM – Centre Suisse d’Electronique Geistlich Pharma Binkert Pharma et de Microtechnique Geneva Centre for Security Policy Biobank Suisse CSS Versicherung Georg Fischer BKW FMB Energie Cutting Edge Givaudan
  25. 25. Glaussen & Partner Versicherungen Maerki Baumann & Co. Privatklinik Obach Tecnomatix Unicam Global One Man Investments Provet Tegum Göhner Merkur Totalunternehmung Management Service K5 publisuisse Telekurs Services Grüninger Hunziker Roth Rechtsanwälte Marc Rich Finance Rahn The Internet Company GSG Projekt Partner Marconi Communications Realis Thommen Medical GT Lane Financial Group Maxon Motor Rebag Treuhand Thomson Corporation Hamo MBT Holding Remaco Merger tm concept Hayek Engineering McKinsey & Company Ringier Print Trust Mile Hempel Special Metals METRO Group Information Technology Roche Tuchschmid Hero Group Mettler-Toledo RTC Real-Time Center UBS Hewlett-Packard Microsoft RUAG UPS SCS International Hilti Corporation Migros Sala International Unaxis Hoffmann Neopac Milchverband Winterthur Sarnafil Unisource Holcim Mövenpick SBB Unisys Hospal Medizintechnik MSG Systems Schindler USM Haller Hügli Nährmittel Mühlemann Beratung & Treuhand Scholl Switzerland Valiant IBM Mummert Consulting Schweizerische Landesbibliothek Valora IG Dinkel Nestlé Schweizerische Nationalbank VBS Generalstab IHA-GfK Netcetera Sega Inter Settle Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa IIC-Intersport NetModule Selecta Visana Impact Management Consulting Neue Aargauer Bank sia microtec Visplay Inexsys New Reinsurance Company Siemens Volkswirtschaftsdirektion des Kantons Bern Inselspital Bern Nobel & Hug Silent Gliss Von Roll Holding Intercai Novartis Solvisco Insurance Consulting Vontobel Holding Iveco Motorenforschung Nycomed Pharma SRG Generaldirektion W. Schneeberger Johnson & Johnson (Cilag) Oerlikon-Contraves Stanford Group Wallstreet Institute Julius Bär Omya Group Steuerverwaltung des Kantons Bern Walt & Galmarini Jungfraubahnen Opel Styner & Bienz FormTech Wander Kantonsspital Bruderholz Optiswiss Sulzer Wegelin & Co Keramik Holding Oracle Swiss Federal Office of Communications Wella Kessler & Co Orell Füssli Swissfirst Wernli Kiener + Wittlin Origin Swiss Life Wifag Kieser Training P. Robert & Partners Swiss Re Winterthur Versicherungen Kirsch Consulting Patton-Inalp Swisscom Wood Group KPMG Pavag Folien Swissmetal Ygnis Kraus Partner Investment Solutions Pfizer Swisstopo Zaugg Bau Kuoni Pharmatic Syngenta Züblin Holding Landwirtschaftliches Bildungs- und Physikalisches Institut, Universität Bern Synthes Zürcher Kantonalbank Beratungszentrum PICS Telecom International Ltd. Systor Zurich Financial Services Lever Fabergé Pictet & Cie TBS International Developments Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte LogicaCMG PostFinance TDC Switzerland Wissenschaften Lombard, Odier, Darier, Hentsch & Cie PricewaterhouseCoopers Tecan Schweiz
  26. 26. «Lifelong learning is an essential component of success in today’s business. Therefore, I decided to join the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program even though I was fully engaged in my management functions as a CEO. The program has a well-balanced and structured class schedule, enriched with outstanding international experiences in Rochester and Shanghai. The MBA topics broadened my managerial abilities and made me more effective in my day-to-day responsibilities. From the very first day I could apply what I have learned in my business environment. This made the program extremely valuable to me and my company. I enjoyed studying together with my classmates, working on various team assignments, and experiencing highly skilled professors in action. No doubt I would enroll again if I could.» Philipp Pfister, Class 2006/07, CEO, FF Group «We’ll change the way you think. – It’s not a slogan, it’s reality. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA with its global approach teaches you how to think out of the box. As life is nice but sometimes short, the different aspects of opportunity costs are very helpful to reach effective and efficient decisions; NPV calculations including the real option approach are of tremendous importance. The studies are not about mathematics, but about the fundamentals, the relevance and the impact of decisions that must be taken every day. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA is clearly an investment with a positive NPV.» Andreas Jurt, Class 2006/07, Head Region Neuchâtel-Jura, Credit Suisse
  27. 27. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA – 27
  28. 28. The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Program We’ll change the way you think. Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Program Simon School University of Rochester IFM Universität Bern Engehaldenstrasse 4 CH-3012 Bern phone +41 31 631 3477 fax +41 31 631 8421