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SIHM - Swiss Institute for Higher Management


Published on Swiss Institute for Higher Management (SIHM) offers a specific training programme on Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Creation to students from all over the world in the hospitality industry.

Published in: Education
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SIHM - Swiss Institute for Higher Management

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  2. 2. SIHM - SWISS INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER MANAGEMENT: Under the name, "Swiss Institute for Higher Management" (SIHM), was found- ed a Management Institute in 2008 with the main aim of providing training in Hotel, Your Gateway to Success Tourism and Finance to Students from all over the world. Additionally, SIHM pro- motes awareness programs about the business world that will allow Students to establish a business network in the hospi- tality, banking and financial industries. SIHM also provides students with infor- mation about entrepreneurship and enter- prise creation in these industries and encourages Students to become Owner- Managers as a career in the hospitality and banking industries. business enterprise in the hospitality relat- give them the knowledge and skills of ed industry. management, as well as to prepare them SIHM program is a five-year course. emotionally and mentally so that they can Each year is divided into two six-month Through the apprenticeship system, be able to face competition and other mar- semesters in the form of regular theoreti- which combines a solid academic back- ket forces. cal and practical courses in Hospitality, ground in management, law and market- SIHM offers a comprehensive Language Finance and Entrepreneurship. ing with practical know-how in the industry, Program to Young men and women who Students will be prepared for their real-life have completed High school, a career as leaders and professional man- Professional institute or College in another agers. It will also provide them with the language and wish to acquire more necessary information about the business English and French language skills. It is environment and the legal systems as well also designed for Managers who wish to as the challenges involved in establishing develop their language skills. and managing an enterprise. The aim is to The program package consists of one year Diploma in Food & Beverage Management; two years Higher Diploma in Hospitality Operations, three years B. Sc. Degree in Hospitality Management, and two years specialisation courses (Post Graduate - PG and MBA) in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Creation. Respectively, students can also undertake the same periods in Banking and Finance. Successful graduates from the Institute will be accorded a Swiss Diploma, Higher Diploma, B. Sc or MBA Degrees that will allow them to obtain Senior and Executive Management positions in hotels, banks and hospitality related businesses in their respective countries. Students will be required to take up at least one paid Internship in Switzerland, or abroad as a prerequisite for them to obtain their respective diplomas. This Internship should take not less than six months. Through the concept of learning by doing Students will qualify as true Entrepreneurs and qualified Managers. Academic courses are taught in an opera- tional establishment, where Students will meet with real guests. The ultimate goal is to equip Students with adequate knowl- edge, skills and values necessary to suc- cessfully initiate, launch and manage a
  3. 3. 1. HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT 2. BANKING & FINANCE 3. SPECIALISATION PROGRAM PROGRAM PROGRAM 1st Year: Diploma in Food & Beverage This Program develops the principles of Master of Business Administration Management banking transactions, mainly in the areas (MBA) in Entrepreneurship & This Program covers applied theoretical of financing, investment and payment Enterprise Creation knowledge relevant to the food and bev- operations, together with all accompany- This special program is designed for erage operations. It also examines in ing services, which a Director of a Bank Students who have graduated from detail all the functions of food and bever- must be familiar with. SHMI, University graduates, or experi- age service department. enced executives who wish to run their 1st Year: Diploma in International own businesses as well as those who 2nd Year: Higher Diploma in Corporate Finance are in a decision making function regard- Hospitality Management Operations This Program provides complete and ing new initiatives and investments in the This Program is designed to assist stu- current coverage of major areas in the hospitality related industry, banking and dents in the learning process related with financial management of multinational finance sectors of the economy. Front Office Procedures. Particular corporations. emphasis is placed on the application of techniques pertaining to night auditing, 2nd Year: Higher Diploma in Banking 4. SUMMER IN SWITZERLAND forecasting, yield management, budget- Operations & Procedures PROGRAM ing and the management of human In the 2nd Year Higher Diploma resources within the Hospitality Program, Students are exposed to the The SIHM Summer in Switzerland Business. principles of banking transactions, mainly Program is a short-term, intensive and in the areas of financing, investment and tailor-made programme that will allow 3rd Year: B. Sc. in International payment operations, together with all you to acquire an Academic Qualification Hospitality Management accompanying services, which a Director in areas such as Entrepreneurship, This Program is addressed to students of a Bank must be familiar with. Hospitality Management, Banking, and involved in international hospitality busi- Languages while spending your holiday ness. It introduces them to some poten- 3rd Year: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) in Switzerland and Europe. All the tial legal problems they may come Degree in Financial Management Programs are supplemented by across in their future positions as restau- This Degree Program concerns the study Excursions, Business seminars, rant or hotel operators. of the criteria involved in capital budget- Professional Visits and Out-door Sports. ing and profit planning carried out by a Dates: July and August 2009 4th Year: Post Graduate (PG) Degree bank or any financial institution with the Quorum: 12 Students in Hospitality Management aim of managing asset growth, net - Personality Development Diploma This Program emphasizes a systematic income, and expenses to meet specific - Accelerated Higher Diploma in Banking approach to front office procedures by objectives in future time periods. and Finance detailing the flow of business through a - Accelerated B. Sc. In Entrepreneurship hotel beginning with the reservation 4th Year: Post Graduate (PG) Degree and Enterprise Creation process and ending with the billing and in International Monetary and Banking collection procedure. Systems This PG Degree Program develops the principles of the international monetary system, which a Director of a Bank must be familiar with. It also involves the com- mercial functions of international banks such as the management of securities and asset management. 5. LANGUAGE PROGRAM The SIHM Language Program is designed for students who are required to develop grammatical skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. It aims to provide students with knowledge of English and French through lectures, role-playing and practical exercises. Participants - Students who need to improve their English and French in order to pursue the SIHM programs in Switzerland. - Managers who wish to develop their language skills. - Young men and women who have completed High school, a Professional institute or College in another language and wish to acquire more English and French language skills.
  4. 4. FEES AND OTHER EXPENSES Academic Programs CHFR Enrolment Fee (Non refundable) 150.- Tuition Fees per Semester 11'500.- Net Total Tuition Fees 11'650.- Language Program Enrolment Fee (Non refundable) 150.- GENERAL INFORMATION Tuition Fee (6 weeks) 2'250.- Swiss Federal Law requires Students in Switzerland to be insured against sickness Net Total Tuition Fees 2'400.- and accident for twelve months with a recognized Insurance Company. All SIHM Students are automatically insured through CSS Assurance. Summer in Switzerland Program Students who fall ill, have an accident, or are hospitalized MUST inform Enrolment Fee (Non refundable) 150.- the Administration immediately. The Institute's role is to help the Tuition Fees, Room, Excursions Students to manage their health care by making appointments with per Week minimum 2 weeks 750.- local medical and emergency services, providing them with proper Net Total Tuition Fees 900.- insurance including completing the necessary paperwork, and providing assistance in making referrals should this be desired. The Tuition Fees do not cover the following costs, To be awarded the SIHM Diplomas or Degrees, Students must which must be paid separately: succeed academically as well as complete a practical period of Professional Training in an approved establishment with Insurance per Year 1'150.- * respect to Swiss Law (Art. 39 OASA), which stipulates that Room (Six Months) 5'700.- the duration of training must not surpass half of the total Books & other items 850.- duration of the academic programe. The programs consist Uniform & other related items 500.- of 24 weeks on campus, plus an additional 6 months of paid Miscellaneous 500.- industry internship. This Law does not apply to Participants Net Total to be paid 8'700.- of the SIHM Summer in Switzerland Program. * Special rates are offered for the SIHM Summer in Switzerland Programe To ensure that students get the highest quality training and the most current information, SIHM programes are regularly up-dated and revised. The curriculum requirements and fees are also subject to change. Any changes will be notified at the earliest possible time.