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Five minute eBook guide to e-Billing success from Swiss Post Solutions


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How E-Billing can deliver faster payments for your
business and a better experience for your customers.
eBook includes:
* Positive Effects of e-Billing
* e-Billing explained
* The four flavours of e-Bill
* What's in it for your customers

The eBook provides access to an online calculator to identify potential cost savings of migrating to e-Billing solution.

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Five minute eBook guide to e-Billing success from Swiss Post Solutions

  1. 1. The five minute guide to Client Billing Success How E-Billing can deliver faster payments for your business and a better experience for your customers
  2. 2.  10% reduction in DSO E-Billing Effects – Benefitting your Bottom Line Reduce Your Costs Replacing manual or paper-based billing processes with an electronic billing solution is a quick and easy win for your finance function, and there are very few barriers to change. • 80% of companies achieve RoI within six months of implementation • low level of training and time investment required • no need to change your current finance system • virtually no switching costs 100% less storage space  >80% lower cost per invoice See what switching to E-Billing could save your business
  3. 3.  100%drop in copy invoice requests   58% fewer process steps E-Billing Effects – Improving your Processes Empower Your Team With E-Billing, invoices and statements can be delivered instantly and customers have online, on-demand access. • fewer requests for copy invoices • proof of delivery and visibility over access • faster cash collection • more informed and efficient payment chasing and dispute handling • more secure and auditable process  70% reduction in manual disputes
  4. 4. Growing Green Globally, E-Billing adoption is increasing by over 20% each year. • more and more customers accept and expect E-Bills • E-Billing adopters are benefitting from more sustainable practices and stronger customer relationships  98% smaller carbon footprint Enhances corporate and social responsibility strategies See a client case study on the carbon case for E-Billing E-Billing Effects – Enhancing your Sustainability
  5. 5. What does an E-Billing provider do? Creating and supporting multiple invoice delivery channels to your customer Your Business Your Billing Data Your Customer Preferences E-Billing Provider All Delivery Channels Your Customer printpostfaxemailonline system to system mobile Take a closer look at our Solution Comparison Tool
  6. 6. E-Billing Explained – Print vs.‘E’ Raise, print and deliver bill 1-5 days 1-2 days Receipt confirmation Manual process - telephone call Instant visibility and automated prompts to open Query management Manual and controlled by customer Semi-automated and driven by you Payment reminders Manual process – telephone call Automated Raise, print and deliver overdue reminders 1-5 days Instant – automated Month end statement issue 1-5 days No longer required. Statements and payment status available ‘live’ Raise, print and deliver final overdue reminders 1-5 days Instant – automated Payment receipt and allocation 1-5 days 1-2 days Non-payment management / debt sale Manual process – may take months to gather data Electronic data export can reduce this from months to days Process Paper E-Bill ’ ( ) * + , - . /
  7. 7. The four flavours of E-Bill PDF System-to- System (EDI) Portal Secure eMail Speed of delivery ) ) ) ) Reliability of delivery ( ) ) ) Security rating of delivery channel ( ) ) ) Cost of delivery ) ’ ) ( Accountability of receipt ( ) ) ) Support for multiple formats ’ & ) ) Support for multiple recipients ( & ) ( Carbon footprint of delivery ) ) ) ) Legal admissibility ) ) ) ) Customer self-help functionality ’ & ) ( Value add potential ( & ) ( Capital investment costs for set-up ) & ’ ( Total Score 27 19 34 30 The Portal Widest set of functionality for you and your customers, with flexibility for added integration and functionality Secure eMail Simple to implement with accountable delivery for a secure alternative to the trusty pdf attachment PDF The simplest form of E-Bill- ing with the lowest barrier to entry, but also the lowest feature set System-to-System (EDI) An important channel for integrating your billing with large organisations with prescriptive, system-to-system billing requirements 34 30 27 19 How do they compare and what’s best for your business?
  8. 8. What’s in it for your customers? • Self-sufficiency You can present and combine orders, invoices, statements and delivery notes within a single environment helping your customers understand and approve their invoices with greater ease Space savings With no more paper in­voices to file, your customers gain back valuable office space Time and overhead savings No more opening envelopes, scanning invoices and filing paper copies Receiving invoices electronically saves your customers from manual re-keying and gives them error-free data Visibility over activity stops you chasing customers who don’t need to be chased • Greater automation and accuracy • Better quality of contact “One of our customers reported saving up to eight hours a week previously spent manually inputting data from invoices as they arrived in the post” – International travel & transport services company “Our customers love the fact that we save them valuable time and resource by providing their invoices in a format that can be printed, emailed between colleagues or uploaded into their accounting systems” – Passenger Transit Provider
  9. 9. A proven transition process including data cleansing, user testing and promotional campaigns Experience and expertise to support your customers in ‘migrating’ to E-Billing A compliant solution proven to adhere to domestic and international billing regulations Will it be easy to switch? The importance of a full service partner to help you transition Full customer support services for both your team and your customers Support for multiple channels to maintain flexibility and give your customers choice ROI ≤6 months for 80% of companies 4-12weeks typical im- plementation timeline= Get an idea of the steps in a typical implementation timeline
  10. 10. The Bigger Picture What E-Billing can do for Order-to-Cash Credit Assessment Order Processing Customer Service Billing • Online payment • Easier re-orders, up- and cross-selling opportunities • Fewer queries • Easier allocation • Full account history and overview of payment patterns make for better credit control and lower credit risk • Faster order processing results in faster delivery • Greater visibility • Easier matching / accurate statements • Early payment incentives scroll down • Faster payments • Reduced delivery costs • Improved cashflow • Multi-country tax and audit compliance Learn more about the ‘instant effects’ of E-Billing
  11. 11. Collections and Disputes Cash Allocation Query Resolution Credit Control • Allocation becomes more efficient and effective through automated reconciliation of bank payments against open sales ledger items • Accountable delivery and visibility of who is or isn’t opening bills • Benefit from automated and multi-channel (E-mail, SMS, Post) reminders chasing payment on outstanding invoices • An online billing platform offers interactive query functionality. This means queries can be resolved online swiftly and effectively at a fraction of the cost and effort that comes with call handling • Greater visibility of customer billing and payment patterns • Integrated reporting and risk analysis for better credit control • Simple workload prioritisation for collections teams based on invoice value or days overdue
  12. 12. • reduce your billing costs • improve your working capital • increase your brand equity • centralise your billing processes • receive payment faster • reduce cost of collection • reduce your carbon footprint • enhance your green credentials • win repeat business through an enhanced customer experience Why you should make the switch • save time and resources • scale your business without needing to take on new staff • strengthen audit and compliance processes “Hosted service delivery means we no longer have to worry about system upgrades, development and maintenance costs and our data security has been greatly enhanced” – Mail and Parcel Carrier “We have seen a dramatic drop in customer queries and copy invoice requests as a result of the self-help functionality of the online customer billing portal” – UK Energy Provider “We have seen an increased year- on-year saving in terms of the direct cost savings on printing, stationery, postage and labour in proportion with the level of customer uptake which is currently at 84%” – Global Logistics Provider
  13. 13. A little bit about us … Access our Client Billing Success Resource Centre SPS has been delivering electronic billing services to clients for over 20 years, enjoying long-standing and fruitful relationships with clients across a wide range of B2B and B2C industries. Our achievements are founded on our commitment to customer success, ensuring a seamless transition and flawlessly reliable service. Every year we deliver electronic invoices to the value of over £50 billion for our customers. Helping you make the move from print to digital Share this E-Book
  14. 14. To learn more about making the switch to E-Billing Contact us today: Swiss Post Solutions Ltd. 0845 301 3708