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Swilley news fall 2011

  1. 1. Swilley Library NewsWelcome to Swilley LibrarySigns of fall are in the air, which means schoolis back in session! Welcome to the new schoolyear and welcome to Swilley Library! We’veseen a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones.To our new friends (and familiar friends), theSwilley Library offers many great resources andservices to help make this year your best.We’ll share just a few here: Study rooms - Check out a study room and study with classmates or work on a group project. Coffee lounge - Relax in our coffee lounge Introducing LibGuides when you need a break. The Swilley LibGuides are collections of useful Subject librarians - Consult your subject resources created and maintained by librarians librarian for expert one-on-one reference at Swilley Library. They provide research assistance. sources, strategies, and support to the Mercer- Lockers – Store your personal belongings Atlanta community. in one of the lockers available for checkout. Take a listen as Swilley librarians talk about This way you don’t have to lug your things LibGuides in the most recent episode of Talking around when you want to grab a bite to eat. Points podcast: Welcome to LibGuides: Media & technology – Discover all the Research Made Easy! media and technology equipment available to help you produce the next great project! Take a look at a few posted on our Facebook page.If you have any questions or need anyassistance, the Swilley Library staff is ready tohelp. Enjoy the new school year! Swilley Library LEARNING HAPPENS HERE Fall 2011
  2. 2. Ken’s Book Reviews Science, Creation and the Bible Reconciling Rival Theories of Origins by Richard F. CarlsonRichard F. Carlson Science, Creation and the Bible introduces interpretative strategies for approaching the science and creation debate. It primarily addresses Christians who are feeling caught between the theories of evolutionary science and faithfulness to the meaningful authority of the Bible. Author Richard F. Carlson is a research professor of physics at the University of Redlands in California. Author Tremper Longman III is the Robert H. Grundy Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College (Santa Barbara, California). They stress that, in order to be meaningful, scientific and Biblical data must be presented and interpreted in the forms appropriate for each. They ask us to respect scientific and Biblical inquiry as honest searches for truth within their separate fields. Science demands that its data be collected according to specific standards and expressed in non-literary forms. However, the co-authors say, the theological truths of the Bible are most often presented in literary forms. The non-literary interpretations of scientific data are inappropriate for the Bible’s literary passages. “Careful biblical reading and interpretation of relevant passages … may the key factor for the Christian believer in resolving science- faith conflicts.” (p.46) Then they use Biblical “creation” references for an eye-opening introduction to the literary interpretation of Biblical genres, contexts, and audiences. These co-authors assess the positives and negatives of this literary approach to Biblical passages and conclude that the faithful believer’s gain is much greater than her loss. For anyone seeking a short introduction or quick refresher on these issues, Science, Creation and the Bible is an excellent place to begin. Ken Scott is a library assistant at the Swilley Library. He loves books. Swilley Library LEARNING HAPPENS HERE
  3. 3. Things to KnowDatabase SpotlightRefWorks helps you organize your references and format bibliographies… Import references automatically from article databases while you research. Format citations instantly in MLA, APA, AMA, Turabian styles Create and organize personal research folders. Access your information online from any computer, anywhere, any time. Share information with colleagues.Go to the Library’s website to log in and create your personal Refworks account orview the RefWorks online tutorial.Research ConsultationsIndividual research consultations are available, by appointment, for Mercer students,faculty and staff. Meet with your subject librarian to identify useful sources, learn tosearch databases effectively, or just get started in the library.Consultations can usually be scheduled within the week. If you have an urgentrequest, you can call, email, stop by or chat with the reference desk. Contact your subject librarian, to make an appointment. Desselles, Arlene Nursing 678-547-6283 Eccles, Kim Business 678-547-6271 Engsberg, Rebecca English Language Institute 678-547-6402Rogers, Hannah Pharmacy & Health Services 678-547-6272 Otto, Peter Education 678-547-6256 Perry, Beth Theology 678-547-6435 Tang, Florence Continuing & Professional Studies 678-547-6261 Swilley Library LEARNING HAPPENS HERE
  4. 4. Join #TeamSwilleyWhat is #TeamSwilley? It’s simple. It shows you are part of a team that supports Swilley Library andtake an active part in making the Library a better place. You are also the first to know about what’s goingon in the Library like contests, giveaways, events, new items and more.Let’s hear from you! Begin a conversation, share photos of you in the library, provide feedback, makerecommendations, or form a study group. You’ll find Swilley Library on these social networks: Follow @SwilleyLibrary on Twitter Like us on Facebook. Subscribe to the Swilley Library News Blog. Check in on Foursquare.You can also listen to our podcast, Talking Points, visit our YouTube channel, or find us on iTunes. Go #TeamSwilley! Best-sellers on e-readers The Library will soon introduce a pilot program to loan Nook and Kindle e-readers. These e-readers will contain best-sellers and other popular titles. Here’s the best part: You get to decide which titles we purchase! You may begin making recommendations now. Just send us what you would like to see on the Kindle or Nook. You may send requests directly to Louise Lowe or complete this form. Please indicate EREADER or simply paste the URL of the title in the space provided for additional comments. Barnes and Noble Amazon