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Swift trucking school


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Trucking companies vary and they offer different trucking employment opportunities. Being a truck driver, you have several different options when choosing the cargo that you haul. Check this link right here for more information on Trucking Companies. There are many trucking companies that offer similar cargo hauling options.

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Swift trucking school

  1. 1. Swift Trucking School Swift Transportation first opened its doors as Common Market in 1966, carrying imported steel from the Los Angeles harbor to Arizona and bringing cotton back from Arizona for export. Having the instincts to find this sort of synergy has benefited founder Jerry Moyes from day one, and this creativity and proactivity have been a part of the company’s philosophy ever since. With his brother, father and another partner, Jerry grew the operation to $25 million in revenue in 1984 and to $125 million in 1990, with a fleet of 800 trucks.
  2. 2. OTR Drivers Internal expansion with existing clients and new acquisitions have grown the company to its current state: in 2012, the company brought in more than $3.4 billion, operating more than 16,000 trucks. The network serves more than 40 facilities in the continental U.S. and Mexico, and the company also keeps a presence in every Canadian province. Swift has become the world’s largest motor carrier for truck loads. The Path To A Rewarding Career Awaits You With Swift Trans
  3. 3. If you are interested in joining a top-notch transportation company, Swift has openings for you. In an organization as large and varied as Swift, there are many different types of responsibilities. Heavy haul, reefers and dry van are three of the most common options. However, you also have a choice about how you drive — solo or on a team. Right now, Swift has more than 750 teams driving out on the road. Some of the best performing teams are made of a husband and wife who enjoy being together on the road — and who enjoy fabulous financial compensation. Swift Trucking School
  4. 4. This permits you to carry loads for one client. Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot are just three of our major clients that use dedicated drivers. You’ll have routes that are predictable and consistent, and your time at home will also be more predictable. These positions go to the very best drivers within our fleet.
  5. 5. SwiftTruckingSchool For inquiries please visit :