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PDF slides from a presentation at Moorpark College in Moorpark California as a part of their "Year of the Volunteer" speaker series, Dec. 4, 2009.

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  • Over one million laptops have been deployed worldwide. This slide and the next one show some of the deployments.
  • Continuation of examples of deployments worldwide.
  • UCSB and Kellogg School in Goleta are doing a Contributors Program project that is pairing their school with a school in Kenya. Students will correspond and share cultural experiences via email. In addition, UCSB is developing more Sugar software Activities for the students with a special focus on science.
  • One small deployment is a Contributors Program project with 10 XOs at Audubon Middle School in Los Angeles. The machines are part of their FAMLI afterschool program. Students are learning to use the computers and will eventually have them circulate as a lending library for their group, managed by the students.
  • Now, let’s turn on the XOs. CUELA was fortunate to receive 12 XOs from Aldo Willis, vice president of MW Services Inc. These machines have been updated and are ready for members of CUELA to check out. If you are interested in checking one out, you will need to complete a check-out form today and agree to return the XO to Warren Dale here at Mulholland Middle School by February 12, 2010 so they will be ready to use at the SCaLE and CUE conferences in February and March. You are encouraged to let other educators try the machines as long as you assume the responsibility for returning the machine.
  • Let me point out some of the features of the XO keyboard. Along the top row you will find the Escape key, the ___ key, the Neighborhood, Friends, and Home view keys, a bar of keys that haven’t been programmed yet, the brightness adjustment keys, and the sound level keys. Then there is the ______ key and the frame key that toggles the frame on and off. The rest of the keyboard is a standard QWERTY keyboard. You can stop an Activity with Control-Q. You can save something with Control-S. The Journal will also automatically save your work.
  • This is the home view. It shows all of the favorite Activities arranged around the XO-man. If you would rather see these as a list, you can toggle to the list view using the icons at the top of the page. This may reveal other Activities that are installed but not favorites.
  • Now let’s look at the Neighborhood view. Here you will see all the other XOs that are within range of your machine, three phantom icons representing school servers, and any wifi signals in the area. If there is wifi, your XO will try to connect and you may see a little form to put a password in. If you do, just click “Cancel” and it will go away.
  • Now we will look at the Friends View. This will show the other XOs that have accepted your invitation to be your “friend”.
  • If you hover your cursor over one of the XOs, it will show who it is and give you a chance to invite them to join you in an Activity you are running.
  • The browse Activity icon looks like a globe.
  • The Browse Activity is a customized version of Firefox. When connected to the web, it can be used like any other browser. Without the connection it still has a lot of built in resources and can store ebooks for the XO.
  • The help Activity is the XO manual.
  • The manual can also be accessed with other computers on the web.
  • The Record Activity icon looks like an eye.
  • The Record Activity allows you to take photos, videos, and make sound recordings. Some of these can be used with some of the other Activities. If you are collaborating through the mesh, you will see the photos of others in your group along with yours at the bottom of the page.
  • The icon for the Write Activity looks like a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • The Write Activity is a word processing program. It allows you to paste other things such as photos taken with Record onto the page to illustrate your story. This can be saved to a usb stick and transfered to another computer with a printer for printing, or can be pasted into an email and sent in an email with the Browse Activity.
  • The Memorize Activity looks like a 3X3 grid.
  • Kids love the Memorize. It is a lot like a card game where they have to find the matching items. For learning, it is like a set of flash cards.
  • Teachers (and students) can create customized Memorize games. You can type in the items or import them from other Activities such as Record and Paint. This example shows some Chinese characters drawn in Paint paired with their
  • Get Involved!

    1. 1. O L P C and <ul><li>Presented by Caryl Bigenho </li></ul><ul><li>OLPC Support Volunteer and Sugarlabs Facilitator </li></ul><ul><li>For Moorpark College </li></ul><ul><li>Year of Service Speaker Series </li></ul><ul><li>December 4, 2009 </li></ul>Get Involved!
    2. 2. Over One Million XOs Deployed Worldwide Ghana Ethiopia Nepal Uruguay
    3. 3. Haiti Mongolia Florida Nicaragua Peru Pakistan
    4. 4.
    5. 5. How To Contribute
    6. 6. Start A University Chapter Chapters Do Projects & Meet Regularly With XOs and Sugar Olin College Harvard University
    7. 7. UCSB Contributors Project Pairs Kellogg School in Goleta With John Osogo School in Kenya John Osogo School in Kenya John Osogo School in Kenya
    8. 8. FAMLI After School Program Contributors Project At Audubon MS
    9. 9. Start An XO Library CUELA XO Lending Library a gift from MW Services Inc.
    10. 10. Start A Repair Center
    11. 11. Collaborate to Write Books Join The “Support- Gang” Do Community Outreach
    12. 12. Help People Learn to Use the XO & Sugar Software Test New Activities and Sugar On A Stick
    13. 13. OLPCorps MIT & Wellesley in Uganda 2009 U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Sao Tome e Principe Watch for announcements of summer programs and internships for 2010 coming soon at these links: / aptop/index.shtml http://www.sugarlabs. org/
    14. 14. Photo Credits Mike Lee - ( Community Book Sprint, Exhibits, XO Lending Library, Repairs, DC XO Club Meetings, Ed Bigenho - Audubon Middle School, CUELA Tech Fair UCSB XO Club - Kellogg School in Goleta CA and Osogo School in Kenya Olin College- Olin College University Chapter photo Harvard University- Harvard University Chapter photos OLPCorps Flickr Photostream ( )Univer sity of Illinois Urbana-Champai gn: Sao Tome e Principe , MIT & Wellesley: Uganda One Laptop per Child's photostream- ( ) Most other international photos. Sugar Labs- ( http://www.sugarlabs .org/ ) Sugar On A Stick (SoaS) Photos
    15. 15. Here’s Your “Take- Away”
    16. 16. Now, Let’s Play With The X O ’s !
    17. 17. XO English Keyboard
    18. 18. Home Screen
    19. 19. XO English Keyboard
    20. 20. Neighborhood View
    21. 21. XO English Keyboard
    22. 22. Friends View
    23. 23. Browse Activity
    24. 24. Browse Activity
    25. 25. Help Activity
    26. 26. Help Activity
    27. 27. Record Activity
    28. 28. Record Activity
    29. 29. Write Activity
    30. 30. Write Activity
    31. 31. Memorize Activity
    32. 32. Memorize Activity
    33. 33. Create Your Own Memorize Game Memorize Game
    34. 34. Paint Activity
    35. 35. Paint Activity
    36. 36. TamTam Mini
    37. 37. TamTam Mini
    38. 38. Keyboard Layout For TamTam
    39. 39. Measure Activity
    40. 40. Measure Activity
    41. 41. Chat Activity
    42. 42. Chat Activity
    43. 43. Speak Activity
    44. 44. Speak Activity
    45. 45. Programming for Kids <ul><li>EToys </li></ul><ul><li>Scratch </li></ul><ul><li>Turtle Art </li></ul><ul><li>Pippy </li></ul><ul><li>Terminal </li></ul>
    46. 46. Useful Links am http: // http:/ / _lists / htt p:// http://wiki http://www.sugarlabs .org/