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  1. 1. 20122013
  2. 2. Summer or winter?NameAge Breakfast or dinner? Hooooo I Am
  3. 3. This year I’d like to…5th Grade Dreams
  4. 4. My least favoriteMy favorite subjects are… subjects are… Super Subjects
  5. 5. My house is . It has doors. It has windows. There are There are bathrooms. There are doorknobs. bedrooms.I usually clean . I live here with . My favorite part of the house is . My {Home} School
  6. 6. Totally Awesome Summer
  7. 7. Favorite color Favorite outfit Favorite toy Favorite TV show Favorite game Favorite fruit Favorite food Favorite snack Favorite animal Favorite song Favorite bookFavorite dinner Favorite cereal Favorite thing to do outsideFavorite lunch Favorite drink Favorite breakfast best friend Favorite place to visitFavorite career 20 Answers