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The Language Menu flyer Educa 2014


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The flyer was handed out and the webportal was presented at the EDUCA 2014 exhibition - January 2014

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The Language Menu flyer Educa 2014

  1. 1. TLM the ultimate web portal for teachers who wish to create fully personalized material for their classes! The Language Menu is a multilingual web portal for language teachers where you can create your custom made material and tests with 24 different tools for printing PDFs, download thousands of pages of ready material from the material bank and over 4000 free illustrations, graphics and photographs. Vocabulary in over 30 languages is available on the site and you can also create bilingual exercises. The website features a teacher's lounge and 6 tools for online quiz creation allowing you to quickly create and publish online quizzes and tests for your students. You can even copy an existing test and edit it to your liking or translate it to your own language and send it to your students - in just a couple of minutes you have a new custom made exercise ready. You will also be able to moderate your student's progress. In our links section you will find hundreds of links to resources for teachers, on-line exercises and other ideas you can use in class. Make learning fun! FOLLOW TLM ON FACEBOOK: CREATE YOUR OWN WORKSHEETS Bingo Board game Boggle Categories vocabulary Crossword Cryptograms Dice Domino Flashcards Framework Gap Fill Instant Grammar Exercise Label the picture Lines Matching Exercise Money count Multiple choice Riddle Scrambled words/ sentences Split words Term cloud True or False Word-search Word-spiral