Prepositions flashcards 5


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Prepositions flashcards 5

  1. 1. Prepositions Series 5 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 5 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 5 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 5 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 5 Prepositions Series 5
  2. 2. The midsummer festival Marilyn! Scandinavia It’s Suzanne the line is June. for you. The movie Jaws was I went home and cooked based a true story. some food the stove. There was no good I’m going to music the radio. Greece the summer. Summer begins He has been Europe June 1st and ends for five weeks. August 15th. I last visited We heard the terribleFrance the autumn news exactly noon. of 1999.
  3. 3. We arrived in I have not seen my Stuttgart October mother a long time. 20th, 2006. The snow usually We’ll leave for comes December. Stockholm one hour.The party is Saturday I went to play at 8 the evening. tennis the afternoon. There was computer We set up theequipment the box. computers the desks.It started to rain two The store had a lot of o’clock yesterday. food the shelf.
  4. 4. I expect you to report toGilbert relied Jack to me this matter as soon set the jogging pace. as possible. Are you any We got to New good skiing? York time for lunch. Let’s go out to lunch We arrived New a day when you’re notYork time for lunch. too busy.Are you listening me? Oslo is Norway. My car is parked Dinner is the table. the Boulevard.
  5. 5. She had a strange There was a picture of smile her face. the president the wall. There is a guest Would you let him ? the door. The couples in love The couples in love usually sit the back usually sit the back ofrow of the movie theatre. the movie theatre. There’s a strange man Cats do a lot of their hanging around the hunting night. street. I live the 8thThere was a “no smoking” floor 21 Baker sign the wall. Street London.
  6. 6. The police stopped When the bus came and had coffee and aeverybody got the bus. doughnut the store. We normally go I feel the most away Easter. happy the summer. Change trains Julie is waiting for Waterloo Station. you the bus stop.The shop you are looking I went to bed one for is the end of the o’clock. street. It rained last I turned the radio and night Helsinki. listened to my favourite station.