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Prepositions flashcards 2


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Prepositions flashcards 2

  1. 1. Prepositions Series 2 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 2 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 2 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 2 Prepositions Series Prepositions Series 2 Prepositions Series 2
  2. 2. There have been great improvements the Oscar is notFinnish public transport interested sports at all. the last few years. There were five It was cold and birds the window damp the morning. ledge when I looked out of the window. I hope she has a I will drop my friend safe ride theMarilyn off the airport. airplane her way to Paris. I am going to workI was the house when out the gym this the lights went out. afternoon. The Simpson family There was a lot of live Lapland. litter the street.
  3. 3. What’s at the movies I know that tonight? word English. It’s the tip of my I danced many tongue. midsummer parties my youth. I saw two birds The trees grow the flying the sky. forest. I went to get somethingThere is a lot of beautiful to eat the restaurant wildlife __ Sweden. down the road. I left my coffee I have to meet a percolator on homefriend seven o’clock. this morning.
  4. 4. The money was the Due to the cold, vault until the thieves here weren’t many robbed the bank. people the beach. I looked my wife as There were no she entered the room. drinks the table. I went I will buy a new home lunchtime to car the next year. have some soup. When the summer comes__ some dealerships they I will sunbathe the have great sales beach the the spring. Mediterranean.I’ll come back to see you I can’t wait to get the sometime later the road and drive to summer. Copenhagen.
  5. 5. There was a Vivienne gotsnowstorm Helsinki Suzanne’s car. in January. “Hang __! The keys are the We are our way. drawer. I sat on the bench the The sun came up at tram stop and waiting for 4 the morning. the tram. I forgot my There was a big handbag my line the store. boyfriend’s house. __ some point, we’ll have Andrea’s hospital to solve our personalhaving her appendix out. problems.
  6. 6. Why don’t we have a __ the end of the filmpicnic the beach this they get married. afternoon? Leanne is He was the hospital living Florida overnight. at the moment. They want to take She was born July 4th,vacations August when 1968. most Europeans do.Where the city is that My friends live 35 store? Forrest Road. The temperature drops She’s looking for an down to –20 C the apartment the winter. southern part of the city.