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Swedbank CMD Thomas Eriksson


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Increased customer value, Thomas Eriksson, Head of Asset Management

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Swedbank CMD Thomas Eriksson

  1. 1. Increased customer valueThomas Eriksson, Head of Asset Management
  2. 2. Asset ManagementPotential in new way of working y g Today Tomorrow AuM: SEK 735bn SEK 925bn # funds: 150 ~100 Product categories: Asset classes Client needs: Predictable / Accessable / Good risk-adjusted return Investment process: Asset class / regions Alpha & Beta Client promise: Accessibility Good risk-adjusted return Distribution: Captive Multiple distribution channels (3rd party – Bank – Institutional) 2
  3. 3. Asset ManagementFour strategic building blocks g g Channel Operational Product People Management Excellence Management Management Create a flexible The right Profitable Increased operational competencies in organic growth customer value platform the right place 3
  4. 4. Asset Management Increase Value for customers Clarify Product offering Go Proactive 4
  5. 5. Asset ManagementGood risk-adjusted return j Predictability Accessibility Risk-adjusted return 100 % β 100 % α Hedge Index funds funds Asset allocation A t ll ti 5
  6. 6. Asset ManagementBeing strategic adds value g gTime Investment horison Investment horison Investment horison 1 Year 5 Years 30 Years Tactical Strategic Static 6
  7. 7. Asset ManagementActive asset allocation Peak Inflationary pressure goes up Inflationary pressure goes down Trough 7
  8. 8. Asset ManagementNew way of working increases customer return y g Performance* Absolute, % Relative, % Contura 7.26 3.34 Kommunikationsfonden 10.32 3.79 BRICT 6.38 3.02 Globalfonden 8.55 1.46 Absolutavkastning Ränta g 0.34 0.12* Performance are calculated for H2 2010 when return targets were increased 8