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Eterea - urban WiFi landscape


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Final presentation of Master thesis in Product Service System Design

Published in: Design

Eterea - urban WiFi landscape

  1. 1. ETEREAWelcome to urban Wi-Fi landscape
  2. 2. PSSD approach to reorganizing existing structures for users
  3. 3. 182 There is no doubts in fundamental role of infrastructure, but finally also service designers start ackowledging it #fjord #accenture #trends2014
  4. 4. Local community “Little boxes” Glocalization Person-to-person networks Just like in old times Homer likes to meet his friends at Moe’s while Marge is actively partici- pating in church community. However real contemporary family’s anchor is their living room connected to global world by TV-news and telephone. Unlike her parents Lisa finds like-minded friends in different places using the Internet. (She also likes playing poker there.) Despite his love to TV Homer tries all new de- vices and they’re changing his relations to oth- ers. (Though it’s still unclear whether some- thing will make him spend more time outdoors) 22 Internet becomes our main public “space” changing relations to communities and the way we connect in the city #networks #glocalization #publicrealm #shrinking
  5. 5. We demand more and more media and video content which overloads 3G networks. Wi-Fi is better: cheaper and faster #traffic #offload #telcos #partnership 3G Wi-Fi 36
  6. 6. Hertzian space Cyber space Tangible space Even when dealing with online world, user experience is always real and it should be continuous if well designed #affordance #hertzian #UX #seamless 56
  7. 7. Digital level of infrastructure provides unprecedented flexibility in its adjustment for users’ needs #tailored #customizable #unique #offer
  8. 8. “New wave” of city- wide Wi-FI projects is stimulated by smart cities hype and “connected lifestyles” dreams #city #value #goals #competition 64
  9. 9. NYC sees Wi-Fi as a part of Digital Leadership programme Estonia deployed it for independence from Soviet Russia Bryant Park wanted to attract more visitors #success #stories 72
  10. 10. • Infrastructure will define the growth • Internet changes social life and it could be nice to compensate it • We need wifi to offload 3g and keep being connected • Our world is a continuous realm of virtual and physical and all elements of it should work for better experience • New infrastructure is flexible and delivers additional values to people #success #stories #city #value #goals #competition #tailored #customizable #unique #offer #affordance #hertzian #UX #seamless #traffic #offload #telcos #partnership #networks #glocalization #publicrealm #shrinking #trends2014
  11. 11. 1 f Italy is behind other EU modtly in all digital consumption fields. But since 2013 it is at least legal to share Wi-Fi in public #italy #newage #agendadigitale #expo2015 Palo Alto Parma 78
  12. 12. Openwifi Milano Freeluna Openwifimilano is developed by Comune, 500 locations around the city promised Freeluna — “social” Wi-Fi in 85 news stands around the city #milan #hotspots #density #providers 86
  13. 13. offers city users !!! first-hand experience checking hypothesis insights from others Field research passed through the 3 steps to get full picture of existing situation #observations #network #scanning #interviews 94 shaping concept
  14. 14. Piazza Argentina – transitional square with Openwifi via Morgagni – more private space with Freeluna Upcycle as an indoor example to under- stand what people Network activity in different places doesn’t replicate the observed situation outdoors, but is close to it in overall patterns #places #patterns #changes #rythms 100
  15. 15. - Wi-Fi service is not well designed and is underused – even in the places with free connection, people go on using their paid 3G - Different places are good for different usages including online behaviour level – so people at piazza Argentina can mainly use social networks, while in via Morgagni they will stay longer to watch something and in Upcycle they would work. - Besides spatial there is temporal difference, and the same places change during the day and network use doesn’t completely replicate this patterns, but follow it in a way Observations proved hypothesis which were defined after the first experience of the existing offers: #underused #service #varying #spaces
  16. 16. 30yo, Egyptian, makes pizza. “What would I do in the park? Watch trees? My phone screen is what important to see for me!” 60yo “professor”, “I don’t have time to learn all these interfaces! I need to work to take care of my ill mother!” “Take care of your belong- ings, it’s not that safe around here” “homeless, unfor- tunate” from the other Italian cities - they heard that there’s Openwifi somewhere, but they cannot find it without internet - when there apperared Wi-Fi, electricity plugs were not working anymore - the bench is new, but looks used a lot already because it’s in the place used by homeless and “undesirables”, however it found it’s users Journalists - they want to work out because the weather was nice - using their own 3g modem - they tried to connect to Wi-Fi, but it didn’t work - while talking the african guy approached saying to leave them alone to work in peace being quiet agrresive even Despite existing problems there are plenty of people who spend hours outdoors with their devices #various #users #public #diversity 142
  17. 17. Depending on the reason why people came to one or another space their Internet use changes falling into few categories #user #clusters #needs #behaviour 150
  18. 18. Walker/ShopperSocializerHanger out between jobs, on days-off afternoon after school all day long skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic time time money .acc skills Internet Space Functional Emotional Enough traffic to use SN, check news and updates, get some content Comfortable to stay quite a long time, charge the phone, but can be quite crowded Wans to stay in touch with friends Get local friends, assimilate, entertainment, but cheap/free Watching videos/listening music, using SN Comfortable for big groups, allowing fluid gatherings Get info from friends and share content experience Be cool, be safe Info about the city, SN, easy sharing Interesting and pleasant to stay in and have rest Check updates, find routes, share experience Enjoy staying in the city without getting lost, frustrated and wasting time Not satisfied with exSomewhat satisfied with existing service NEEDS: W Traffic addictedWalker/ShopperSocializerHanger out Productivity seeker between jobs, on days-off afternoon after school all day long after classes/days off between meetings on workdays can’t afford home internet, neither 3G home internet, but when stay out exceeding 3G traffic possible internet in hotels, don’t buy 3G for short visits not enough home/school/3G internet home(&office) internet, not enough 3G out most disadvantaged most advantaged skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic skills time money nowledgesoc.access traffic time time money .acc skills skills money oc.access skills raffic Not satisfied with existing offer, but are the “truly Wi-Fi audience”Somewhat satisfied with existing service W Real disadvantaged users are not necessarily just economically unfortunate. Many cannot get enough Internet because of bad service design #disadvantaged #categories #archetypes #needs 152
  19. 19. Maybe it’s also in place? Didn’t know that there’s municipal Wi-Fi at all! But can it be reliable? I will just fast Why am I not recieving the messages? Comune ?! Register! Oh! Wi-Fi here! Why here?! Connection before registration stops people from receiving messages and notifications over their normal 3G Communication of overall thing Lots of people don’t even know that there is such an Openwifi. Because of communication and existing reputation of public services in Italy there are trust problems Current user journey is full of breakdown moments especially affecting those who don’t spend much time outdoors #journey #problems #UX #elements 170
  20. 20. 1. Meaningful locations (urban planning) 2. Supportive environment (product design) 3. Information about service (communication) 4. Usefulness of offer (service design) - wrong locations - wrong environment - difficult authorization - no communication - no trust - invisible hotspots - bad maps - offer demand - content - urgency of user’s need Usefulness Difficulty of access Disbalance in good Wi-Fi equation makes service undesired even though it is completely free for users #final #research #synthesis 176
  21. 21. bandwidth traffic Focusing on usefulness = offer: • bandwidth • traffic • access rules #technical #service #constraints
  22. 22. Youtube videos 10TV-episode 1 movie 1/4 design research (photos) 1hMilan Gmaps 5 mp3 songs 70 or or or 300Mb = + 1 hour at highest speed + REST of the day at 192kbps up to 2,4Gb/day! (or 72 Gb/month in 3G terms UNLIMITED compare TIM: 25 euro/20Gb) Current Openwifi traffic offer is relatively good for main use, but people don’t always understand that #openwifimilano #communication #problems 186
  23. 23. Underused facilities?Two existing ways of restricting bandwidth have problems either in technical sphere on the experience level #bandwidth #limits #rules 188
  24. 24. Fun Load InfoSocial Work Traffic addictedWalker/ShopperHanger out Socializer Productivity seeker mainneedextraneed bandwidth traffic Real users needs are very diverse and require completely different approach to them #what #do #people #want 190
  25. 25. Lunch Aperitivo Info Social Download Fun Work Serving different use categories can help to overcome both inconsistence of experience and problem of unused technical facilities #tailored #offer #users #need 192
  26. 26. Traffic addicted Walker/Shopper Socializer Hanger out Productivity seeker Skills Knowledge, fun Fun, communication Time M oney Cityenjoyment Productivity Money/skiils Fun,safety Time/skills ATM BikeMi News Portal City Museums Comune Libraries Service/ Platform Media Library Online Engaged users can be asked to share their exceeding resources which might be of interest of other urban services as well #urban #services #ecosystem #exchange 194
  27. 27. ETEREA ETEREA fits the city fits you. ETEREA — the best connection at the right time and right place. 1. For the user it is a way to get the best connection that adjusts to their real needs in public spaces. 2. For other services it’s a platform to promote their offers and improve them based on user response. 3. For the city it is a tool for better citizen engage- ment and understanding in planning. 196
  28. 28. Connect to work — manage traffic in a week with great speed for 3 credits basic connec- tion will serve most of your needs info — immedi- ate access to what you need turbo mode — superfast 1 hour for 4 credits have fun: watch a movie, listen to music for 2 credits enough for social networks and watching online videos 500Mb/day speed up to 3Mbps urgent connection when you just need to check that thing! no registration 100Mb/day limit good speed and traffic limit for streaming 2Gb/day speed up to 5Mbps the best option to download a lot or just enjoy speed 1 hour/day speed up to 10Mbps the whole week with no usual daily traffic limit 4Gb/week speed up to 7Mbps Then manage your 15Gb/month as you wish: Connect automatically Or register and login once: 202
  29. 29. basic connec- tion will serve most of your needs info — immediate access to what you need turbo mode — superfast 1 hour Connect to work — manage traffic in a week with great speed have fun: watch a movie, listen to music No credits needed 2 credits: 3 credits: 4 credits: Mondadori discounts for you Download new apps for free Download e-books Subscribe to Media Library Take a survey Add photo of Piazza Bring friends & work together Extend GDrive & work for free Edit Piazza Lima map Try cloud software Rent Amazon movie etc... etc... etc... Listen to the last albums on iTunes = = = 3 types of credits: - engage in activities within the platform - exchange data - participate in partners offers #credits #value
  30. 30. 1 basic connection “slot” connected basic user “occupies” 3Mbps bandwidth connected “work” user “occupies” almost 3 times more bandwidth: 7,5Mbps Piazza Argentina Grid of average connections/meter Graphical representation communicated the technical level idea to users. #options #rules 206
  31. 31. 10 am 2 pm 6 pm Resulting picture represents unique state of each specific space as well at its changes in time #spatial #temporal #variations 210
  32. 32. App/website 212
  33. 33. Meet another Cool Nerd and re ad his incredible st or y 4 credits inside! 2 credits! Offline touchpoints help those withut connection and spread the word about service in many channels #totem #website #partners #offers 226
  34. 34. 232
  35. 35. • increases efficiency of the service • provides the best options for users • seeks for the useful partnerships • stimulates new Internet behaviour • makes service more sustainable • bridges the gap between tech approach and user-centered design • changes the outdoor spaces through their use
  36. 36. ETEREA Openwifimilano ETEREA Google/Facebook/etc Wi-Fi ETEREA Openwifimilano Freeluna FON ETEREA Openwifi milano Freeluna FON ETEREA Openwifi milano Freeluna FON Eterea can be implemented on many levels becoming a part of existing systems or creating bigger new one #existing #situation #eterea #involvement 242
  37. 37. #projectEterea