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Presentation for Thinking Design

Published in: Business, Career
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  1. 1. Ideation
  2. 2. “The Problem” A young, resourceful and new college grad needs a way to feel confident and encouraged because this talented person needs to find a better and suitable opportunity to be a successful professional.
  3. 3. Suggestions raining … 1. Get resume checked by professional agencies (if you have budget). 2. Talk to recruiters about your resume to get their initial feedback on resume. 3. Try sending existing resume to the job postings and wait for their feedback. 4. Ask for a friend a copy of his/her resume who already got a job.
  4. 4. Suggestions raining … 5. Google for sample resumes. 6. Use word template for resume and fill appropriate sections as per your work. 7. Request for assistance from the placement department of your school. 8. Request parents for their opinion and guidance. 9. Stay clam and confident while talking to recruiters.
  5. 5. Suggestions raining … 10. If you are anxious, let the call go to answering machine and then respond back immediately if it works for you. 11. Usually initial conversation is general, so take that time to focus and settle down before actual questions start coming in. 12. Do mock phone interviews with friends. 13. Google for interview questions for the company you are going to have one.
  6. 6. Suggestions raining … 14. Use linked in to find someone in your network who works for the same company and ask about company. 15. Keep in mind that you are making transition to professional world, so it is going to be different than school. 16. Read about mannerisms in professional world.
  7. 7. Suggestions raining … 17. Ask interviewer about company culture in general to get an idea. 18. Stand in front of a mirror and practice about your initial speech. 19. If possible, record what you say and listen to it carefully to find faults if any. Repeat many times till you feel good about yourself.
  8. 8. Suggestions raining … 20. Keep reading job descriptions as many as possible to get an idea about job market and requirements. It will give you an idea about your coursework if it is good enough. 21. Stay in touch with friends and family to pass on resume to the companies. Networking helps and in some companies it is preferred !!!
  9. 9. Suggestions raining … 22. Read about company policy on dress code. If it’s not clear, try calling HR of the company. 23.Observe professionals around you to notice how they dress when they go to office. 24. Talk to friends who already got a job about what they wear when in office. 25. If you have budget, seek help from professional stylist (why not if your parents are willing to spend!!!)
  10. 10. Suggestions raining … 26. Search on web about professional dressing. 27.Dress code might be different for different job positions so talk to relevant people. 28. Above all, use your common sense to decide what you would you wear to get a job. 29. Competition is harder, so be prepared to work hard. 30. Focus on work and ask a lot of related questions to understand the job.
  11. 11. Suggestions raining … 31. show a lot of enthusiasm and interest in your job. 32. Be a team player and make yourself approachable and likable. No one likes a person with bad attitude. 33.Don’t worry about a job satisfaction at this moment. Your aim is to find a job. Unless you get into it you won’t know what it is like.
  12. 12. Suggestions raining … 34. You can always make a career shift at later point if you don’t like your job or company or field. 35. Search on career websites about a salary range for the job position you’re applying @ location. 36. It’s always a good idea to make salary towards higher end. But, if you’re offered a lower salary to begin with, don’t worry. You can always change jobs once you have enough experience and demand more.
  13. 13. Suggestions raining … 37. Consider a whole package as opposed to base salary. 38. There is always politics involved in corporate world. You should be least bothered about it when you’re starting your career. 39. You should take advantage of buddy program in company to find out more about culture and speed up the getting used to process.
  14. 14. Suggestions raining … 40. If you’re focused on your daily tasks and follow the instructions, it will build your confidence. 41. Remember you’re at a workplace to make your life, absorb how much you can to make yourself a better employee. 42. Be open and communicative. 43. Observe your seniors in office to understand how they handle situations.
  15. 15. Suggestions raining … 44. Admit your mistakes and learn from it. 45. Find a mentor from whom you can learn a lot about business. 46. Try to understand your limitations early on and start working on it to survive the cut throat competition. 47. Show respect towards senior team members. It’ll go a long way.
  16. 16. Suggestions raining … 48. Maintaining relationships with your colleagues depends a lot on you. Take initiative. 49. Be respectful and do not hesitate to talk to them if something isn’t working. 50. If you think someone is bossing you around, you can always have a chat with your HR partner.
  17. 17. Suggestions raining … 51. Always be confident that you’re going to do your best and be positive that everyone is going to like you. 52. Present a cute face, so that your team members will adore you. 53. Find a person in your team with whom you can be friendly and he/she can help you when you need.
  18. 18. Selected Ideas (easy to implement) • Stand in front of a mirror and practice about your initial speech. The self introduction is very important. It is like the first impression about you specially phone interviews. One may not get it right in first attempt. The tone of your voice can exuberate the confidence and positive attitude in you. Practice makes one perfect! More practice you make, more accurate you get at it.
  19. 19. Selected Ideas (would make difference) 44.Find a mentor from whom you can learn a lot about business. Finding a right mentor is a bit tricky if one is starting his career. A mentor can explain you a thing or two in your interested area. It is often looked as a career boost and usually helps to climb career ladder. A mentor can train you by sharing his failures and difficulties and how they overcame those.
  20. 20. Selected Ideas (My Favorite) 44.Maintaining relationships with your colleagues depends a lot on you. Take initiative. It makes a huge difference if you are on good terms with peers. You can discuss your issues in office with them and they can offer you advise. You can learn a lot from them in your professional as well as personal life. Most importantly, it’s hard to build a better world all by yourself. If you could share your passion and vision with your team and get them help you, there is possibility to get closer to the perfect world that all of us are looking for.