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Gojek clone app

start your own On-Demand Multi-Service business successfully with gojek clone app. In this presentation presents unique features, benefits and more that selling point to make your app stand out in the crowd. for more info visit:

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Gojek clone app

  1. 1. Gojek Clone - Launch Your Own Gojek Clone Script In 5 Days
  2. 2. About Gojek Clone Multi-service App ➢ Gojek offers different multi services like bike rental, taxi booking, packing and moving, food delivery, home delivery of medicines, grocery delivery etc. ➢ create user-friendly Android and iOS apps for the customers, drivers, and service providers.
  3. 3. Advanced Features Of Gojek Clone App ➢ User Rating and Review ➢ In-Built Chat Feature ➢ GPS Tracker ➢ Schedule Booking ➢ Instant Login ➢ Schedule Bookings ➢ Order Confirmation ➢ Payment Gateway
  4. 4. On-Demand Services Included In Gojek Clone ➢ Gojek clone application is an app similar to Gojek app that provides numerous on-demand services through a single platform. ➢ Gojek clone app has made our life easy by offering us a whole host of services like a taxi ride, car rental to booking services of plumbers, lawyers, doctor’s appointments and on-demand tutors as per our convenience.
  5. 5. Benefits Of Owning Multi-services App Like Gojek offering more than 52+ services from a single app security and safety of the user with call masking feature Generate huge revenues and profits by earning commissions Managing and monitoring the services will be easy. Reduction in Maintenance
  6. 6. Gojek Clone Helps Increase Business Revenue on-demand service industry is becoming more popular, by using Gojek the revenue can even be expected to increase in the year. Developing the app instead launch your Gojek clone app and focus on marketing.
  7. 7. Thank You! +1 (858) 427-0668(World wide)