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Mis at pizza hut


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Pizza Hut Study MIS implemenation

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Mis at pizza hut

  1. 1. Poonam Choudhury (11EX-039) Priyanka Tyagi (11EX-041) Shweta Bhatt (11EX-049) Swarna Renu (11EX-051)
  2. 2. 1958 - 1st 1986 – Pizza Pizza Hut Hut celebrates restaurant 1972 – opening 1997 – Yum! opens in 1977 – Pizza Thousand 1973 - Pizza 5000th store in Food becomesKansas, starte Hut Inc, restaurants Hut goes Dallas, Texas an d by two merger with open across International. and Pizza Hut independent college aged Pepsi Co. Inc. USA. Delivery, a company.brothers Frank new concept and Dan starts. Carney.
  3. 3.  Pizza Hut, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, is the world’s largest pizza restaurant company and one of the major subsidiaries of Yum! Brands. Pizza Hut has completed 15 successful years of their journey in India. Pizza Hut made its foray into India with the opening of its first restaurant in Bangalore in 1996. Pizza Hut is the preferred affordable casual dining restaurant in India with a 27 per cent market share of the eating- out market and over 70,000 footfalls per day across the country, and has been rated as the most trusted and established brand. Pizza Hut has been voted “Most Trusted Food Service Brand in India” for sixth year and is the only restaurant company to be placed in Top 20 Service Brands list (The Economic Times’ annual survey).
  4. 4. C.H.A.M.P.S:  C : Cleanliness  H : Hospitality  A :Accuracy  M : Maintenance  P : Product Quality  S : Speed 3 F’s: Fun, Friendly and FamiliarMission Statement:“We take pride in making a perfect pizza and providingcourteous and helpful service on time, all the time.Every customer says, "Ill be back!" We are the employer ofchoice offering team members opportunities ForGrowth, Advancement, And Rewarding Careers in aFun, Safe Working Environment.”
  5. 5. Operational HeadRegional Store Area Manager Manager Coach Shift Asst S M Manager Team Team TeamMember Member Member
  6. 6. WeaknessStrength Queue During Peak HourQuality Food Lack of spaceBrand High Turn OverGood serviceOpportunities ThreatsTier 3 cities CompetitorsOffice Lunches PricingLow calorie menuOpen take away counters
  7. 7. Until 6 months back the system in use was POS Retail Software.The POS Retail software had the features to enter current data and helped in making calculations. It did not have a provision to forecast. The software was unable to store historical data for analysis. There was no way to create a database and link it to a GUI. The inventory and raw material was not well managed.
  8. 8. A regular day starts with the checking of mails and running Forecaster. They have 3 stations in the kitchen to cater to the different items like pasta, dough & bake The new Microsoft Navision system lets them analyze the historical data. This helps to forecast demand for the particular day. As per the forecasting, on a given day, the store manager feeds the number of pizza’s projected for the day. According to the projected number of pizza’s it computes the amount of dough, vegetables, meat, chicken, and other raw material that would be required. The existing inventory is checked for any deficit, and in the case the minimum level of rawmaterial is unavailable, an order is placed with the warehouse. For any interim requirement they fall back on the nearby Pizza Hut stores.The requisition to the warehouses is made basis the analysis from this tool and the delivery time is generally 3 days and the ordering happens on a week on week basis.
  9. 9.  VIP (Very Into Pizza) Club. Feedback management on Weekly basis. Quarterly Audit for Quality adherence by Yum! staff. Customer preference ,customer contacts and customer satisfaction is recorded and collated monthly.Knowledge Management:  People undergo trainings and are put through post training assessment online.  The tests generate online certificates.  The trainings for the store managers happens in a class room mode.
  10. 10.  There is a monthly P&L statement made by the store manager . The closing balance of inventory To compare inter outlet performance the following parameters are used: Team Member Turnover CMS Top Line MCP The report is generated on a monthly basis. The store manager runs a daily Forecaster to calculate the raw material consumption. End to end order management is done using Navision. Indenting against warehousing is done through the system.
  11. 11.  The ERP system allows prediction of sales and efficient delivery. The amount of waste has come down due to effective prediction and timely planning of inventory. Quick service time and table utilization is maximized. Daily Report & planning for the day is easier. Online training modules for employees Centralized calling system
  12. 12. Manual payroll system for employees below Storemanager levelManual attendance sheet sent at the end of the dayAbsence of intranet chat or any communicatingtool for employees across different stores.Area Coach manually compiles all reports andshares it with Regional MangerInventory indent once fed cannot berectified/inflexible system.The inventory position in the rest of the stores isnot available in the centralized database.The feedback recording system is manually fed tothe system.
  13. 13.  The feedback could be rolled out in emails to customers rather than manually filling it. They already have it incorporated in the website, in the following link: =1 The store manager is not making use of the features of Navision and he should be mentored with the ERP software and its features. Payroll & Attendance are not in the ERP. It should be automated and not manual. Build a more flexible system where corrections can be made.
  14. 14. Thankyou!