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Creating the right space to foster a spirit of innovation

Dr. Thomas J Allen, Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow, Howard W. Johnson Professor of Management, Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management, talks about his seminal research documenting the value of companies and people working in close proximity to nurture innovation. Tom Allen's work formulated the idea of the Allen Curve - a simple understanding that the closer people and companies are located the more cross fertilization of ideas, network building, talent exchange, and enterprise results. This research supports the large success in regional technology business building at the Youngstown Business Incubator, Youngstown, Ohio and the Charleston Digital Corridor, Charleston, South Carolina - locations driven by investment in Quality, Connected Places and resulting in cool surroundings where people and companies want to be!

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Note: Dr Allen contributed this interview to the Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) in 2009 to further education of new practices and tools to build enterprise in Open Source Economic Development. Copyright 2010 Betsey Merkel and I-Open. Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works. Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) 4415 Euclid Ave 3rd Fl Cleveland, Ohio 44103 USA Learn more about I-Open at

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