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Fest-UP Service Jam - Tools


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Fest-UP Service Jam - Tools

  1. 1. Organized  by:   Supported  by:   Fest-­‐UP  Service  Jam  BCN,   Tools   5-­‐7  March,  2014   IllustraAons  by:  EducaAon  Scotland  
  2. 2. Tools  -­‐  Day  1  
  3. 3. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Yesterday  you  idenAfied  your  problem  
  4. 4. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Personas  Canvas   FOOD   HOME   SOCIAL   WORK   ASPECTS  OF  LIFE  
  5. 5. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   1. Who is your service for? 2. What is the context you chose and what is the specific challenge you identified? 3. What is your value proposition? Deliverable  -­‐  Team:    
  6. 6. Tools  -­‐  Day  2  
  7. 7. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Let’s  start  solving  the  problem   User  
  8. 8. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   IdenAfy  key  moments  in  the  user  journey   USER  JOURNEY  –    defines  the  steps  that  the  customer   experiences  when  interacAng  with  a  service  or  product,  from   first  awareness  to  evangelizaAon.   needs   frustraAons   wishes   moAvaAons   USER   DISCOVER        TRY                    USE          EXTEND  
  9. 9. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Align  user  experience  with  business  processes     needs   frustraAons   wishes   moAvaAons   acAviAes   processes   protocols   channels   ORGANISATION   USER   DISCOVER        TRY                    USE          EXTEND   ORGANISATIONAL  PERSPECTIVE  –    determine  why  this  is  a   good  idea  for  your  experience;  how  is  value  created  and   measured,  and  can  you  actually  deliver  this?  
  10. 10. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Business  Model  Canvas  
  11. 11. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   The  Business  Model  9  Building  Blocks  
  12. 12. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Value  ProposiAon  Canvas  
  13. 13. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Costumer-­‐Driven  Business  Model  Canvas  
  14. 14. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   1  -­‐  GeneraAon   Napkin  prototyping  –  allow  space  for   uncertainty  and  don’t  get  acached  to   ideas.   Silent  brainstorming  (wricen)   Challenge  the  status  quo  –  MulAple  BM  in   and  across  industries   What  if..?  (Think  IKEA,  Amazon,  Airbnb…)  
  15. 15. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   2  -­‐  Synthesis   Listen  acAvely  to  your  team  members   Prototype  to  combine  or  discard  models   Visual  thinking  for  storytelling   Use  different  post-­‐its  colors  for  segments   SWOT  –  to  evaluate  BM  
  16. 16. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Business  Model  Canvas  
  17. 17. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Business  Model  Canvas  
  18. 18. #FESTUPSERVICEJAM   #SWAPSEEBCN   FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Don’t  forget  to…   Share  the  experience  with  the  rest  of  the  Fest-­‐UP  community  and  the  World   @festupbcn   @myswapsee   @claropartners   @EatWithEspana   @Le18_bcn  
  19. 19. Time  to  work…  let’s  have  fun!