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Swapsee, the community marketplace for talent, and Claro Partners, business innovation and service design firm, in collaboration with EatWith and LE18 hosted a unique Service Jam focused on the issue of food waste at Fest-UP. Currently, over 262,000 tons of food is being wasted every year in Catalonia. This is a huge problem but an opportunity Also with great potential.

During three consecutive evenings (May 5-7), three groups of six people with a background in entrepreneurship, business, technology, engineering, marketing and design were invited to flex muscles their mind and come up with a solution to this problem rooted in the Internet and / or mobile technology. Facilitators from Swapsee and Claro Partners guided the participants and helped them structure their Ideas and develop a product concept and business plan around it.

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Fest-UP Service Jam BCN, by Swapsee

  1. 1. Organized  by:   Supported  by:   Welcome  to   Fest-­‐UP  Service  Jam  BCN!   5-­‐7  March,  2014   IllustraKons  by:  EducaKon  Scotland  
  2. 2. This  is  a  Fest-­‐UP  event!   With  45  events  in  20  venues  across  the   city,  Fest-­‐UP  is  making  history  as   Barcelona’s  first  crowdsourced  startup   fes?val!     It  is  a  plaOorm  for  the  change-­‐makers   of  the  Barcelona  Startup  Ecosystem  to   think  outside  the  box,  showcase  their   projects  and  share  their  knowledge.     Thanks  for  being  part  of  it!  
  3. 3. Fest-­‐UP  Service  Jam  BCN     is  an  ini?a?ve  of…     the  local  talent  marketplace  and    skill-­‐sharing  plaOorm  
  4. 4. Why?   Our  mission  is  to  bring  together  talented   people    living  in  the  same  community  to   work  together,  collaborate,  and  even   exchange  skills!   Fest-­‐UP  Service  Jam  BCN  is  an  iniKaKve  of  Swapsee!   Swapsee  at  its  core  is  supported  by  offline  acKviKes,     hence  the  Fest-­‐UP  Serivce  Jam  BCN!  
  5. 5. Are  you  a  member  yet?  Join  now  using  this  invitaKon  link:   hYp://swapsee.com/join/invitaKon  
  6. 6. Naviga)ng  disrup)ve  change   Claro  helps  corporaKons   and  startups  to  navigate   disrup?ve  shiJs  in  society   and  business   Fest-­‐UP  Service  Jam  BCN  co-­‐organizer:  
  7. 7. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Social  science,  anthropology,  and  design  research   Service,  interacKon,  and  product  design   Business  strategy  and  markeKng   Aldo   Netherlands   Rich   USA   Megan   UK   Elisabeth   Netherlands   Jiri   Belgium   Mandy   Lebanon   Gunes   Turkey   Abby   USA   We  are  an  internaKonal,  inter-­‐disciplinary  team  
  8. 8. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Service  design:  An  interdisciplinary  approach   Service   design   product   design   Industrial   design   interacKon   design   social   design   strategic     management   operaKons   management   Ethnographic    design  
  9. 9. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   The  five  principles  of  service  design   BE  USER-­‐CENTRED     it’s  all  about  people   CO-­‐CREATE     design  with,  not  just  for   ESTABLISH  A  SEQUENCE   a  service  is  a  flow  of  correlated  ac)ons   DEFINE  CONCRETE  TOUCHPOINTS   services  are  experienced  through  physical  contact  points   THINK  HOLISTICALLY   improve  people’s  day-­‐to-­‐day  lives   2.     1.   3.   4.   5.  
  10. 10. Supporters  of  Fest-­‐UP  Service  Jam  BCN:  
  11. 11. Why  are  we  here?  
  12. 12. Why?   FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BARCELONA   This  Jam  is  all  about  finding  an  Internet/Mobile  Technology     soluKon  to  Food  Waste   Every  year  262.000  tons  of  food  is   wasted  in  Catalunya  a  year.  We  want   YOU  and  your  fellow  team  members   to  come  up  with  a  soluKon  to  this   dreadful  problem.  It  could  be  an  App,   an  online  community,  a  IoT  soluKon   or  anything  else  you  may  think  of   rooted  in  the  Internet  and/or  mobile   technology.   STOP FOOD WASTE!
  13. 13. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   What  is  a  Service  Jam?    A  Service  Jam  is  an  event  where  teams  of  bright  and   creaKve  people  come  together  to  solve  a  problem.  In   summary,  it's  like  invenKng  a  new  product  or  a  startup  in  as   liYle  Kme  as  possible  and  compeKng  against  other  teams  to   see  who  has  the  best  idea.  
  14. 14. Mentors   FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Gunes  Kocabag   Mercè  Rua   Nishant  Bhaskar   Joshua  Dresner     Sam  Morris   Marta  Mariné  
  15. 15. ParKcipants  FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Aina  Pascual,  Food   Waste  Sp.,  Researcher   Food  Waste   Ayse  Naz  Pelen,   UX/UI  Designer   Ilia  Zelenkin,   Business  Analyst   Josep  Romero,   MarkeKng  &  Code  Dev.   Julie  Frene,  Comms     &  Graphic  Design   Mariana  Socorro,     MarkeKng   Marilyn  Markman,     Business   Mayya  Husseini,     Food  Waste  Specialist   Nuria  Valero,  Engineer-­‐ Climate  Change     Paco  Muñoz-­‐GuKérrez,   Food  Waste  Specialist   Rebeca  Marln,   CommunicaKons   Roberto  Renteria,   Product  Design   Sergio  Correa,     Comms  &  Design   Simon  Green,     Graphic  Designer   Branislav  Erdelyi,   Business   Benedicte  Bodard,     Product  Design   Enio  Sarrias,     InteracKve  Design   Nicole  Harper,     Comms  &  Resercher  
  16. 16. Judges   FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Franck  Poirier,     Co-­‐founder  Le18   Àlex  Rodríguez,  Director  at   Startup  Grind  BCN   Aldo  de  Jong,     Co-­‐founder  Claro  Partners  and   Startupbootcamp  Data  &  IoT   Rosa  Monge,  CEO  Imagine   CreaKvity  Center   Victor  Fortunado,     CEO  of  Cookbooth   Abdi  Shayesteh,     Ousul  Ventures  &  Duty  Gral   Counsel  Mitsubishi  UFJ   Financial  Group  
  17. 17. What  will  we   be  doing  these   three  nights?   Know  the  user   Value  Proposi?on  The  Idea   Presen?ons   B.  canvas  
  18. 18. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Tonight’s  AcKviKes   •  Before  dinner   –  Warm  up   –  Desk  research   –  IdenKfy  your  problem     •  10:00-­‐10:30  pm:  Relax!  (dinner)   •  AJer  dinner   –  Persona  collage   –  Value  proposiKon   DAY  1:   •   IdenKfy  your   problem   •   Know  your  user   •   Define  your  value   preposiKon  
  19. 19. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Tomorrow’s  AcKviKes   •  Before  dinner   –  Warm  up   –  IniKal  soluKon  finding   –  Service  journey  canvas   •  Customer  journey  canvas   •  OrganizaKon  journey  canvas   •  9:30-­‐10:00  pm:  Relax!  (dinner)   •  AJer  dinner   –  Business  model  canvas   DAY  2:   •   SoluKon  finding   •   Understand  your   service  journey   •   Define  your   business  model  
  20. 20. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Wednesday’s  AcKviKes   •  Before  dinner   –  Warm  up   –  Work  on  presentaKons   •  9:30-­‐10:00  pm:  Relax!  (dinner)   •  AJer  dinner   –  PresentaKons  before  the  jury   DAY  3:   •   Present  your  work!  
  21. 21. Winning  team  will  be  announced   at  the  FEST-­‐UP  AWARDS!     FRIDAY,  May  9,  at  10pm     @Bling  Bling   Have  you  registered  yet?   hYps://www.eventbrite.com/e/ the-­‐fest-­‐up-­‐awards-­‐party-­‐ Kckets-­‐11450832749   FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Friday…  FEST-­‐UP  AWARDS!   Prize:   Further  mentoring  by   Claro  Partners  
  22. 22. WIFI   Username:  Le18_BCN   Password:  tasteandpost  
  23. 23. #FESTUPSERVICEJAM   #SWAPSEEBCN   FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Don’t  forget  to…   Share  the  experience  with  the  rest  of  the  Fest-­‐UP  community  and  the  World   @festupbcn   @myswapsee   @claropartners   @EatWithEspana   @Le18_bcn  
  24. 24. The  state  of  food  waste  -­‐    SituaKon  Analysis   by  PAA,    
  25. 25. Dilefa  Parente  +  Gaby  Susanna   Plataforma  Aprofitem  els  Aliments   hfp://aprovechemoslosalimentos.wordpress.com   hfp://aprofitemelsaliments.wordpress.com   Contact   paaliments@gmail.com   dilefaparente@hotmail.com  
  26. 26. What  it  is  Food  Waste  ?   •  Food  loss  is  a  decrease  in  mass  or  nutriKonal  value  of  food  that  was  originally   intended  for  human  consumpKon.  This  loss  are  mainly  caused  by  inefficiencies  of  the  food   supply  chain,  such  as  poor  infrastructure  and  logisKc,  lack  of  technology,  insufficient  skills,   knowledge  and  management  capacity  of  supply  chain  actors,  lack  of  access  to  markets  or   natural  disasters.   •  Food  Waste  refers  to  food  appropriate    for  human  consumpKon  being  discarded   most  ozen  because  of  the  behavior  of  the  retailers,  the  food  service  sector  or  consumers   shopping  eaKng  habits.   •  Food  Wastage  any  food  that  go  unused  by  deterioraKon  or  discard  encopasses  both  food     loss  and  food  waste   •  FAO,  2011  Global  Food  Losses  and  Waste.  Extent,  Causes  and  prevenKon.  
  27. 27. Why  is  it  a  problem?   •  Economic   •  Ecologic   •  Ethic/Social  
  28. 28. Chart Title I pay for somenthing I trash No return for an economic value Land occupation Water use Energy use Labour Waste all the resourses for production packaging, distribution and marketing ? Why food waste directly contribute to world hunger Effects of Food waste on the economy
  29. 29. •  Whether  rich  or  poor,  all  countries  buy  food  from  the  same  global  market  of   internaKonally  traded  commodiKes.  If  rich  countries  buy  hundreds  of  millions   of  tonnes  of  food  they  end  -­‐up  wasKng,  they  are  removing  food  from  the   market  which  could  have  remained  there  for  other  country  to  buy.  By  raising   demand  for  there  commodiKes,  rich  countries  also  contribute  to  price  raise,   which  makes  them  less  affordable  for  poorer  naKons.   That’s  why  
  30. 30. Ecological  problem   •  Land   •  Water   •  Biodiversity   •  GHG  emissions  for  producKon  and    food   waste  disposal   If  the  food  which  produced  annually,  but  not  eaten,  were  a  country,  it   would  rank  number  3  in  the  world  for  greenhouse  gas  emission,  behind   US  and  China.    
  31. 31. Ethical/Social   •  Ethical  Is  evident  that  while  so  much  food  is  wasted  a  large  number   of  individuals  are  suffering  from  hunger,  malnutriKon  or  food  poverty   all  over  the  world.   •  Social  United  NaKon  projecKon  of  grow  suggest    that  by  2075  word   populaKon  should  reach  9.5  billion.  1)This  means  that  could  be  an  extra   3  billion  people  to  feed  by  the  end  of  the  century.   •  United  NaKons,  World  populaKon  to  2300  (United  NaKon  NY,  2004)  
  32. 32. How  and  where  Food  Wastage   occurs?   Food  Supply  Chain   Producers   Distributors   Retailers   Consumers   Food  loss  low-­‐income  countries   Food  waste  high-­‐income   countries  
  33. 33. FAO,  2011  Global  Food  losses  and  Food  Waste.   Extent,  causes  and  prevenKon.  
  34. 34. Monrovia,  Liberia   South  west  Asia   FOOD  LOSS  
  35. 35. FOOD  WASTE  
  36. 36. Food  loss  and  waste  per  capita  in  the   world   •  Food  loss  in  Europe  and  north  America  is  280-­‐300kg/year.  In  Sub  Saharan  Africa  and  south   Asia  120-­‐170  Kg/year   •  Food  waste  by  consumers  in  Europe  and  North  America  is  95-­‐115/year  while  this  figure  for   Sub  Saharan  Africa  and  Asia  is  6-­‐11  Kg.   •  Food  losses  in  industrialized  countries  is  are  as  high  as  in  developing  countries  but  while  in   developing  countries  more  then  40%  is    lost  at  post  harvest  and  processing  levels,  in   industrialized  countries  more  then  40%  is  wasted  at  retail  and  consumers  level.  
  37. 37. FOOD  WASTAGE  diagnosis  in  Catalonia   In  Catalonia,  3.74  million  tones  of  solid  food  are  consumed  (499  kg/person/ year),  of  which  2.56  million  are  eaten  and  1.18  are  discarded     in  the  form  of  FOOD  WASTE.   Of  the  total  solid  food  products  acquired  by  homes,  restaurants  and   shops  in  Catalonia,  7%  (34.9  kg/person  per  year)  goes  to  waste,  the     equivalent  to  discarding  food  consumed  over  25.5  days,  or  feeding   over  500,000  people  for  one  year!!!!!!!!  
  38. 38. Food  consumpKon  in  Catalonia,  by  sector  2010  
  39. 39. MERCATS 1% SUPERMERCATS 16% COMERCIAL   ALIMENTARI  ALTRES   9% RESTAURACIÓ 12% INSTITUCIONS 4% LLARS 58% Total Food Wastage (t) MARKETS 3.671 SUPERMARKETS 42.987 OTHER FOOD SHOPS 23.391 RESTAURANTS/ CATERING SECTOR 30.976 INSTITUTIONS 9.574 HOUSEHOLDS 151.872 TOTAL 262.471 FOOD  WASTAGE  IN  NUMBERS   This  food  wastage  is  the  one  found  in   municipal  waste  collecKon  (waste  from  whole-­‐ sale  distribuKon,  the  agrifood  industry  or  the   primary  sector  is  not  considered  here)   !!!!!!!  
  40. 40. What  is  the  impact  of  FOOD  WASTAGE  IN  CATALONIA?   Producing,  distribuKng  and  consuming  FOOD  leads  to  a  no  of   Environmental,  social  &economic  repercussions.   So,  nowadays  (with  the  crisis),  where  nearly  1bil.  people  suffer   from  hunger,  food  wastage  has  a  massive  social  and  ethical   impact.  Given  that  annual  expenditure  on  solid  food  products  in   CATALONIA  is  esKmated  1,599€/p/y  and  that  7%  is  wasted:     So,  these  figures  represent  841mil  €/yr,  equivalent  to  1/10th  of  the  Government   of  Catalonia  HEALTH  ministry’s  spending  in  2012!!   From  the  environmental  perspecKve,  applying  the  concept  of  ecological   footprint,  the  impact  of  FOOD  WASTAGE  is  0.89  ha  /tn  of  waste  which  means  that   the  260,000  t  of  food  wastage  are  thus  equivalent  to  the  use  of  234,000  ha  or   20%  of  the  total  agricultural  land  in  catalonia   With  respect  to  greenhouse  gas  emissions  from  different  phases  in  the  life   cycle  of  wasted  food  product,  from  producKon  to  managing  the  food  as   waste,  emissions  exceeded  the  520,700t  of  CO2  eq  in  2010  
  41. 41. Conclusions      FOOD  WASTAGE  IN  CATALONIA  is  a  big  fracion  from  the  total  (6,19  %)  and  thus,  it  has  to  be  taken   as  a  central  mafer  in  the  food  and  waste  poli?cs.     So,  we  have    more  than  260.000  t  of  FOOD  being  wasted   35kg/person/year  goes  to  waste   we  could  be  feeding  more  than  500,000  people  for  one  year   European  Parliament  calls  for  urgent  measures  to  halve  food   wastage  in  the  EU.  Plenary  Session  Agriculture  −  19-­‐01-­‐2012     Members  of  the  European  Parliament  proposed  2014  as  the  european   year  against  FOOD  WASTAGE  and  although  that  was  not  assumed,  it  was   indeed  the  leit  mo)f  of  the  PAA,  PLATAFORMA  APROFITEM  ELS  ALIMENTS  
  42. 42. 1.  Raise  social  awareness  about  food  wastage  while  promoKng  educaKon  on  proper  food  manipulaKon  in  all   the  steps  of  the  food  chain  and  households.   2.  Support  research  and  innovaKon  oriented  to  develop  skills  for  the  full  use  of  food.   3.  PromoKng  beYer  informaKon  transparency  on  food  usage  and  food  waste.     4.  PromoKng  legislaKve  and  regulatory  changes  necessary  to  encourage  full  use  of  food  while  ensuring  food   safety  and  liability  protecKon.   5.  PromoKng  economic  and  fiscal  measures  aimed  at  prevenKng  food  losses  and  responsibly  managing  food   waste  according  to  the  “Waste  Hierarchy”.     6.  FacilitaKng  donaKons  of  food  and  direct  gleaning  acKviKes  as  a  community  safety  net  for  social  NGOs  and   disadvantaged  groups.     7.  Collaborate  in  halving  of  food  wastage  by  2025  as  recommends  the  European  Parliament  resoluKon  of   January  19th  o  of  2012.   OUR  GOALS   WHY  THE  PLEDGE  STOP  WASTING  FOOD?   ⇒         FOOD  WASTAGE  is  a  mundial  scandal   ⇒         Because  of  its  high  environmental,  social  and  economical  COST   Our  AiM  is  to  impulse  and  colaborate  with  all  implicated  agents  to  DETECT  where  food   waste  takes  place  and  ALL  TOGETHER  LOOK  FOR  the  best  tools  to  avoid  it  and  create  a   movement  that  promotes  wise  FOOD  USE  and  CONSUMPTION  
  43. 43. Last  February  the  20th  (2014)  we  presented  ourselves  in  society  by  making  public  the   pledge:     STOP  WASTING  FOOD  
  44. 44. MAIN  ACTION  PLAN  2014     • Make  the  manifesto/pledge  known  +  GET  MORE  SIGNATURES  at     • aprofitemelsaliments.wordpress.com/ aprovechemoslosalimentos.wordpress.com   • BE  PRESENT  in  as  many  acts  related  with  FOOD  AND  WASTE  as  possible   • NETWORKING  +  ALLIANCES  with  similar  projects/movements  in  &  out   Catalonia   • Organise  a  BIG  FREE  PUBLIC  MEAL  as  a  social  awareness  campaign  in  Barcelona   • Promote  a  Parlamentary  ACTION  to  favor  wise  FOOD  USAGE  &  CONSUMPTION  
  46. 46. 25  oct.  2014  Barcelona   TRADE  SHOW  on  FOOD  WASTE  PREVENTION  experiences     &  GLEANING  FEAST/BANQUET   A  delicious  free  meal  will  be  given  made  only  with  ingredients  that  would  otherwise   have  been  wasted   Gleaning+  cooking  +  serving  the  meal  +  many  other  acKviKes  and  workshops  taking   place  the  whole  day  by  people  involved  in  the  fight  against  FOOD  WASTAGE  
  47. 47. The  big  picture  recommendaKons     • REDUCE  our  consumpKon  and  make  more  responsible  and  sustainable   • RESTORE  the  value  of  food  not  only    from  the  economic  point  of  view   • BUILD  ALLIANCES  among  the  actors  of  the  food  supply  chain  
  48. 48. Dilefa  Parente  +  Gaby  Susanna   Plataforma  Aprofitem  els  Aliments   Thank  you  very  much  for  your  afen?on   hfp://aprovechemoslosalimentos.wordpress.com   hfp://aprofitemelsaliments.wordpress.com   Contact   paaliments@gmail.com   dilefaparente@hotmail.com  
  49. 49. Program  for  the  day  
  50. 50. FEST-­‐UP  SERVICE  JAM  BCN   Tonight’s  AcKviKes   •  Before  dinner   –  Warm  up   –  Desk  research   –  IdenKfy  your  problem     •  10:00-­‐10:30  pm:  Relax!  (dinner)   •  AJer  dinner   –  Persona  collage   –  Value  proposiKon   DAY  1:   •   IdenKfy  your   problem   •   Know  your  user   •   Define  your  value   preposiKon  
  51. 51. Time  to  work…  let’s  have  fun!