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Anypoint Connectors


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Short Description on Anypoint Connectors

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Anypoint Connectors

  1. 1. Anypoint Connectors By – Swapnil Sahu
  2. 2. Why use Anypoint Connectors? Anypoint Connectors facilitate easy integration of your Mule applications with third- party APIs and standard integration protocols. Use connectors within your application’s flows to send and receive data using a protocol or specific API.
  3. 3. How to get Anypoint Connectors • Anypoint Connectors are automatically bundled with Anypoint Studio. • A large library of additional connectors available for download in Anypoint Exchange •You can also create a REST or SOAP API connector, or create your own connectors using Anypoint Connector DevKit.
  4. 4. Components in the Anypoint Platform
  5. 5. Installing Connectors Install connectors using Anypoint Exchange. For more information, check -/mule-fundamentals/v/3.6/anypoint-exchange
  6. 6. Thank You