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Real-time marketing,

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Real time marketing

  2. 2. WHAT IS REAL-TIME MARKETING ? • Real-time marketing is defined as “on-the-fly” participation by brands in the events, topics, and ideas trending at that very moment among target audiences online. • The hallmarks of successful real-time marketing are: -Timely publication -High quality content (usually multimedia) -Enthusiastic response from a brand’s target audience
  3. 3. USER’S OF REAL-TIME MARKETING • Corporations • Small Business • Individuals -Artists -Musicians - Actor’s
  4. 4. REAL-TIME TECHNOLOGIES • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • LinkedIn • MySpace • Pinterest
  5. 5. HOW TO USE REAL-TIME MARKETING ? • Constantly Monitoring/observing • 24 X 7 Responses • Integrated into work of employees • Always looking for changes - Wanting to evolve products/services • Encourage customer participation
  6. 6. THE CURRENT STATE OF REAL-TIME MARKETING • We’ve covered how the metabolism of a typical marketing department is designed to digest four to eight substantial marketing initiatives per year. Is it any surprise that marketing departments choke when required to conceive, gain approval, execute, and measure an initiative in a matter of hour? • Nonetheless, marketers are trying hard to embrace real-time marketing in the context of their slow moving business process. • In order to achieve this, brands have embraced one of two models for their real-time marketing :- -The War Room - The Lone Contributor
  7. 7. • The Marketing Plan: - Entrust a multiThe Lone Contributor talented community manager with responsibility to find and join social trends that matter, create content that is appropriate, publish that content, and interact with ensuing commentary . • The Business Problem:- While this solution is fast, it doesn't have the controls most brands need and puts far too much pressure on a single individual: Cont.…..
  8. 8. CONT.… Community managers aren't stand up comedians Community managers aren't copywriters Community managers aren't creative directors Community managers aren't regulatory experts Community managers lack seniority (most are relatively junior marketers) • Community managers go to sleep sometimes • • • • • • Plus, even if your community manager is a funny copywriter with killer graphic design experience, 10 years seniority, and a Red Bull addiction – how will they know which trends are the right ones to participate in outside of obvious big-time events like the IPL( Indian Premier League) ?
  9. 9. The Real-Time Marketing War Room • The Marketing Plan:- Assemble a ATS team of internal brand leaders and external agency partners. Get them in a room for the upcoming IPL / Movie Awards. Equip them with lots of televisions, snacks, and smartphones. • The Business Problem :- War rooms are pretty clearly the big wheel bicycles of our era. Namely, they are a “just good enough” solution only useful for a specific moment in time. Cont.….
  10. 10. CONT.… • There are only a few truly significant events per year that fit 'big deal 'criteria, thus limiting real-time marketing opportunities. • It is extremely expensive and inconvenient to pull an entire team into a room to watch TV and write tweets together. • Every brand will be competing for the exact same share of voice during the exact same event - are you really the most clever? • Your specific audience may not even care about the event. • Neither of these models is even remotely sustainable or appropriate for such a critical marketing function. If brands are actually going to become real-time then there is only one part of the organization that can take the lead : social marketers.
  11. 11. SOCIAL MARKETERS MUST BECOME REAL-TIME EXPERTS • Social marketers have become the real-time shock troops of their organization. • They take the lead on social customer service and emerging reputation crises, and day-in and day-out they are managing lively communities that number from hundreds of thousands into the tens of millions. • Just as new content management and monitoring tools emerged to help social marketers handle social customer service and content publication, a new set of tools are required to be an effective real-time marketer. • Specifically, marketers that want to be real-time need ongoing Brandspecific trend identification, Virtual workflow, and Comprehensive Analytics.
  12. 12. BRAND TREND IDENTIFICATION • There are countless social trends every month in which a brand could participate. • Marketers need some way to know what trends matter to their audiences. • The trends that matter to Nike are different than the trends that matter to Audi. And brands that know which trends matter today to their audiences can enter into hyper-specific conversations where they know their target audiences will respond.
  13. 13. VIRTUAL MARKETING WORKFLOW • Once a trend is identified marketers need a better solution than to pull the team together in a conference room. • It doesn't make sense to have a copywriter, a graphic designer, and senior decision makers in a room so you can tweet quickly once or twice a year. • Radian6 Can be Used for the collaborative workflow as a Real-Time Platform. • Use it to easily highlight trends and then route them across your organization and agency for production, review, and approval.
  14. 14. COMPREHENSIVE SOCIAL ANALYTICS • Real-time marketing posts will always just be part of the responsibilities of social marketers. • They must also maintain their day-to-day responsibilities of community management, daily content production and campaign support. • Consequently, real-time marketing activities that occur in a vacuum are problematic - they break the measurement framework that a brand has put in place.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION • Real-time marketing is here to stay, but it's time that brands embrace this powerful trend correctly. • This is a massive shift in how marketing gets done for every brand marketer everywhere in the world. • Social marketers are uniquely positioned to take the lead. • They simply need the right tools and the will to take charge.