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Training Certificates


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Training Certificates

  1. 1. , Certificate UKAS PERSONNEL CERTIFICATION 025 of Proficiency as EN 970:1997 Non-destructive examination affusion welds CSWIP CERT NO 53287 This is to certify that: Swapan Kumar Gain Date of birth 25 August 1973 has demonstrated proficiency in fusion welding inspection as a Welding Inspector in accordance with CSWIP requirements published in Document CSWIP-WI-6-92, 10th Edition January 2011 and amendments in force on the examination date. Date of issue 3 March 2011 Date of expiry 5 February 2016 Si9ned ~;;r-> r-- -.-.. ~<::Lf (Fore WIP) SIGNATURE OF HOLDER ;,Dr,"," I (Person named above) ~----"- _ Date 1--,--_A--,-P_h-vL__'2_0_11 _ Photocopies are unauthorised by PLEASE READ THE NOTES OVERLEAF TWI Certification Ltd Issued by: TWI Certification Ltd, Granta Park Great Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AL, UK Th" lI~e of the UKAS Accreditation Mark indicates accreditation in respect of those activities covered by Accreditation Certificate No. 025
  2. 2. &II DNV BUSINESS ASSURANCE CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING This is to certi/)' that Mr. Swapan Kumar Gain OfMis SANTOS SANGU FIELD LTD.. Chittagong has attended the training course and has demonstrated his ahility in hoth written and practical examination in accordance with ASNT written practice document no. SNT ­TC - fA 2006 edition in the following discipline and level shown helow: Method Level Work Experience Training Hours Resu Its General Specific Practical Average Near Vision Color Vision Ultrasonic Testing Level- II 24 Months 40 Hours EXAMINATION RESULTS Pass 82% 83% 80% 82% VISUAL EXAMINATION OK OK This certificate is issued to enable the employer to cert(6' the individllal as per their Ivritten practicejl-amed to the requirements ofSNT - TC - 1A 2006 given on 28 August 2012 and valid up to 27 August 2015. Renewahle as per the requirements ofSNT - TC - fA 2006. Certificate No. DNV BUSINESS ASSURANCE (( DUBAI/27 AUGUST 20 12 lv_~~~~c Vijay Ninawe NDTTrailler ASNT L- III (P7/MTIUT /RT) Cerro No. R23(j9 I-NHH4JL-06 Siglled Oil vehalf o/DNV Busilless ASSUrCIllce: gan Sambasivam Operoiolls Mal/ager, Middle EaST "-------- HEAD OFFtCE. Dl:T NORSKE VERI rAS AS. Vl::.RIT ASV EIEN I. 1122 HOVIK NORWAY TEL. +~7 67 "7 99(X) FAX +~7 67';7 991 )
  3. 3. ~--~---~~-~----~--------~-~~~ Gettihcate of Cornpleti~ Thi$ is to certify that Swapan Kumar Gain has successfully completed.TapRoot 2-Day Training January 29th and 30th 2011 . . ~ Adeeb Quader, Instructor s