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Why your appealing website need an Inbound Marketing?


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Swaam Tech has helped businesses grow by applying effective business marketing strategies to eliminate the need of fight for potential customer’s attention. We recommend the client with different way to improve the inbound marketing approaches and update according to latest trends.
A visual guide of inbound marketing with tips on how to grow your business, make your website more informational for user to stay and get their money when they are ready are.
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Why your appealing website need an Inbound Marketing?

  1. 1. Why your appealing website need an inbound marketing to generate sales?
  2. 2. You have a cool website with tons of visitors coming but they are not converting to your customer
  3. 3. You need Inbound marketing. But WHY????
  4. 4. Because you don’t just want to send any form of traffic to your website.
  5. 5. What Is Inbound Marketing? Marketing tactics that pull people into your site rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention.
  6. 6. Primary Principles of Inbound Marketing Attract Convert Close Delight Strangers Visitors Leads Customers Promoters • Turn strangers into visitors • Turn visitors into leads • Turn leads into paying customers • Turn customers into promoters
  7. 7. You need highly targeted traffic because the purpose is to convert lead into purchasing customers.
  8. 8. Some of the most vital tools to attract the right traffic may involve: 1. Content Marketing ₋ Blogs ₋ Newspaper ₋ Case studies ₋ Research ₋ Surveys 2. Media Marketing ₋ Social Media ₋ Webinars ₋ Email Newsletters ₋ Videos 3. Search Engine Optimization ₋ Keywords ₋ Optimized Landing Pages ₋ Responsive and Mobile-Friendly.
  9. 9. Now let suppose you are attracting the right traffic (potential audience) to your site. What’s the next step?
  10. 10. • Calls-to-action ₋ calls-to-action on each and every one of your landing pages to ensure conversion rates are maximized. • Landing Pages ₋ Landing page where the sales team can communicate with the visitor and converts him to customer. • Forms ₋ Forms should be easy to fill out to simplify the conversion process. Convert the traffic into leads by gathering contact information of the visitor via:
  11. 11. • Lead Scoring ₋ Represent the sales readiness of a lead numerically to determine which customers are most likely to make a purchase • Email - SEND latest updates and offers through manually. • Email Marketing Automation ₋ Automate your same content emails. • Easy of communication through live chat or any other medium ₋ Provide help when visitor approach you via any online medium To seal the deal. Use the following closing techniques:
  12. 12. • Provide existing customers with remarkable content that can help them know of a new product/service or feature via following aspects ₋ Smart Calls-to-Action ₋ Social Media In Inbound approach you have to continuously engage your customer by: Delight your users even after customers have made their initial purchases.
  13. 13. Appealing website need a good User Experience for Inbound Marketing to hit the Right Audience
  14. 14. Beauty always sells easily But.. • Beauty needs to be through in every inch of a cell to keep being paid for it. Showing a beauty is cool but keep that in your words, phrases, messages, icons, images whatever the heck you are going to use. Each element needs to compliment each other. • An art is sold on its beauty or an abstract message or a vision or the viewer's eye. Everything is a variable factor but the connection has to be made from end to end that's how you win a person's heart and he willing to pay you in a glimpse. Swaam Tech follow this reputed strategy of inbound marketing to attract the right Audience
  15. 15. Get your inbound marketing strategy started today
  16. 16. Learn. Implement. Grow Hi! I am your business marketing problems solver. Let’s discuss. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? • Improve Your Current Site • Make Your Website Mobile • Application Marketing • Application Maintenance • Email ID: • Website: CONTACT INFORMATION Thank You !!!