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Top Lead Generation IDEAS for a Struggling Business

Over the last few years marketing & sales experts had used proven strategic lead-generation plan to obtain customers for many SME & large enterprises. Here is a quick overview of some of the highly effective strategies you can use to generate many more qualified leads and clients for your business. They are all simple and cost effective to implement once you know it- you will definitely do it!
By bridging the knowledge gaps we can show you how to get the most out of any of these approaches, no matter how large or small your business is.
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Top Lead Generation IDEAS for a Struggling Business

  1. 1. Top LeadGenerationIdeas for a strugglingbusiness
  2. 2. Struggling for business?
  3. 3. Get a websiteto attractpeople who are interested in your service
  4. 4. Have a website but it does not generate sales? • How do I get more visitors to my website? • How do I convert visitors to leads? • How do I convert leads genuinely interested in getting my service(without being salesy)?Think & Think
  5. 5. • Create a great content that engage visitors & turning them to leads. • Nourish lead continuously to convert them & generate sales. Let’s discuss some ideas to covert a visitor to a customer TO
  6. 6. Top Lead Generation Ideas • Educate your audience • Host a Webinar • Interact in Real-Life Events • Create a list of useful tools • Write Consumer Case Studies • Develop Trust • Social hubs • Create a template to simplify an everyday process
  7. 7. Educate Your Audience • Write blogs on the latest trends and services. • Give your audience information they crave and need to help their own business. • Earn backlinks • Allow others to use your Blog articles as reference in their blogs. • Give credits • Mention others bloggers in your blogs and connect with them. • Promote your content • Share links of your blogs and articles on social media. • Timely Upload your content on social media.  Blog written on Swaamtech Website  Back linked to Apple website  Credit given  Promote buttons on FB & LinkedIn Alltheseeffortsopenthedoorsforaudiencetovisityour website.
  8. 8. Educate Your Audience • Apply appealing Call to action on your site. • Add Pop ups & form on your site ₋ Its helps to push audience towards providing their email address, to send useful information in future  Popup  CTA
  9. 9. Host a Webinar • Answer qualifying queries live. • Ask questions to measures • Audience interest in your products or services • Know your audience • Gain audience trust by sharing • Your experiences with clients • Your success stories • Your future goal • Ask them to connect with you Via • Social platform pages • Email ID • Website Mark Zuckerberg CEO, Facebook Interact with audience by getting live
  10. 10. Interact in Real-LifeEvents • Before: Talk to your event’s speakers and notable guests through chat/SMS or video, uploading this content on your website and social media pages to generate interest. • During: Live show your event on Facebook, upload event pictures on Instagram or tweet the event. • After: Upload photos and videos of the event on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or some other photo and video sharing site and write key points in hash tags. Neil Patel addressing an Event and interacting with the audience Before & after discussion on event
  11. 11. Createa list of useful tools • Talk about the tools your company use to provide services on the website. • Explore other helpful tools your audience could be using to proves that you prioritize their success over your self-promotion. • Display tools to attract the kind of audience that is looking for solutions like yours, which could drive leads. Tools made by Crew
  12. 12. WriteConsumerCase Studies • Case studies based on • A success story of a product or service. • A solution to a particular problem faced by your customer & steps to solve the issue. • Case study should be short & to the point so that visitor won’t lose interest Success stories of Twitter Success stories of Facebook
  13. 13. DevelopTrust • Fostering trust on your website is very important • Confirm you won’t share customer information. • Show Trusted Partner associated with company on your website. • Show your company’s certified resources skills on your web. Trusted partners associated with CREW.CO
  14. 14. SocialHubs • Post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ all the time. Life of those posts is just over three hours on average. • Extend the life of your posts by embedding social hub directly on your site. These hubs work by tiling your social posts into a grid. Uberflip, maker of lead-generating social hubs, put their money where their mouth is by converting their entire blog into a hub.
  15. 15. Createa templateto simplify an everyday process • There are certain templates you use everyday in business • content calendar • market research sheets etc. • Proposals • employee schedule Get the world best templates on ThemeForest
  16. 16. What to survive? Make the process better to build a 7 figure business • Always perform ABtestingon your website • Don’t ignore your leadgeneratingstrategy • Aware and adopt newleadgeneratingideas
  17. 17. Because Moral of the Story is : Asyousowsoshallyoureap
  18. 18. Learn. Implement. Grow Hi! I am your business problems solver. Let’s discuss. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? • Improve Your Current Site • Make Your Website Mobile • Application Marketing • Application Maintenance • Email ID: • Website: CONTACT INFORMATION Thank You !!!