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Software bugs


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Published in: Technology

Software bugs

  1. 1. Software bugs Svetlana Dubyk 01-09-2012
  2. 2. Agenda Mistake metamorphism First software bug Bug fixing cost Reasons why bugs get into software Software bug classification Types of software bugs Software bug impact Worst software bugs
  3. 3. Mistake metamorphism ▪ Mistake ▪ Anomaly ▪ Fault ▪ Failure ▪ Error ▪ Exception ▪ Crash ▪ Bug ▪ Defect ▪ Incident ▪ Side effect
  4. 4. First software bug
  5. 5. Bug fixing cost
  6. 6. Reasons why bugs get into software Last minute changes Developed by humans Communication failure Poor developing techniques Lack of trained testing staff Buggy third-party instruments Misapplication of technology Unrealistic development timeframe
  7. 7. Software bug classification Priority/ Urgency Severity/ Impact Related module/ component Probability/ Visibility Related dimension of quality Phase detected Phase injected
  8. 8. Types of software bugs
  9. 9. Consequences of bugs in software
  10. 10. Mariner I space probe "The most expensive hyphen in history" Dates: 1962 Cause: error in formula Consequences: rocket diverted from its intended path on launch -> was destroyed Over 18.2 million dollars were lost.
  11. 11. Soviet gas pipeline Dates: 1982 Cause: "race condition" Consequences: at least 5 patients died, many more were injured "The largest non-nuclear explosion in the planet's history"
  12. 12. Therac-25 medical accelerator Dates: 1985-1987 Cause: "race condition" Consequences: at least 5 patients died, others were seriously injured
  13. 13. Useful links
  14. 14. Contact information svetlana_dubyk 2012
  15. 15. Thank you!