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Online quiz analysis: Patriot

  1. 1. AMERICANREVOLUTIONARY WAROnline quiz results – class: 2a (school year 2012/2013)The Patriot
  2. 2. What happened in Charlestown?The Americans and the Frenchbesieged the last Britishstronghold and Lord Cornwallishad not have another optionexcept surrender. It was bigsignificance to the end ofAmerican revolutionary war.they declared warstate and started torecruit soldiers for therevolutionThe British army has taken Charlestown.There was a major battle.There was a meeting ofrepresentatives of theAmerican colonies aboutbecoming independent.there was a conference with therepresentatives of eachAmerican state on whether theyshould or should not start a warwith the British oppressors.The British army took over Charlestown.It was one of major battles in the war.
  3. 3. Which famous battle of theRevolutionary war is mentioned at thebeginning of the movie?The Battle of Bunker HillThe Wilderness CampaignCORRECT!
  4. 4. Who were the Red Coats and the GreenDragoons?Red coats were British infantry andget their name from wearing reduniforms. Green Dragoons wereBritish cavalry and they werenamed "green" because they hadgreen parts of uniform todistinguish them from infantry.Red coats were Britishinfantry and GreenDragoons were cavalry.Red coat or Redcoat is a historical term used torefer to soldiers of the British Army. They wereinfantry troops. Red Dragoons were a cavalryregiment of the British Army whose battlehonours include Waterloo and The Charge of theLight Brigade.The Red coats are the term for the British army,the green dragoons were the cavalry of theBritish army. The Red coats got their namebecause they wore red coats, and greendragoons wore red and green coats.Red coats were the Britishinfantry while the greendragoons were British cavalry.They were named after thecolour of their uniformsThe Red Coats were British infantry. They werenamed this way because of their red coats. TheGreen Dragoons are usually the British royalcavalry. They were named this way due to theirgreen uniforms.
  5. 5. What was the name of the ruler ofEngland during the Revolutionary War?King George III
  6. 6. Explain the term militia.Militia is army orfighting force that iscomposed of amateurs.It is unofficial army.A military force that is raisedfrom civil population tosupplement a regular army in anemergency. They had they force made out of unprofessional soldiersIt refers to an army or otherfighting force that is composedof non-professional fighters.When the war began,the 13 colonies lacked aprofessional army ornavy. Each colonysponsored local militia.Militiamen were lightlyarmed, had littletraining, and usually didnot have uniforms.Men-at-arms, paramilitary organisationThey are a military unit composed of untrainedand unprofessional soldiers. They were mostlycommon men and werent very effective unitsbecause of their lack of discipline and warexperience.An army composed ofordinary citizens ratherthan professional soldiers.
  7. 7. Translate infantry and cavalry.infantry (eng.) = pješaštvo (hrv.)cavalry (eng.) = konjica (hrv.)
  8. 8. Translate into Croatian these armyranks: colonel and corporal.colonel (eng.) = pukovnik (hrv.)corporal (eng.) = desetnik (hrv.)
  9. 9. Who were the loyalists and who werethe patriots?The loyalists wereAmericans fighting withthe British, and thepatriots the ones fightingagainst the British.Loyalists were peopledevoted to the crown andthe king, and the patriotswere people devoted tothe state and the people.The loyalists werepeople who wanted thatBritain rules theAmerican colonies.The Patriots werepeople who wanted thecolonies to becomeindependent.Loyalists were those who were loyal to the British, whilepatriots were those who wanted an Americancountry, free from the British.The patriots are Americans who foughtagainst the British, while the loyalist wereloyal to the British crown.The patriots wereAmericans who wereagainst the Crown, whilethe Loyalists wereAmericans loyal to theCrown.
  10. 10. Who won the Revolutionary War?Americans – the patriots
  11. 11. What was the main theme of the movie?The main theme was the story of aman and his family and what theywent through during the Americanrevolution.The main theme would be BenjaminFranklins thirst for revenge againstthe British for killing his son whatwould eventually lead him toparticipate in the Revolutionary War.But the main theme would be theRevolutionary War itself.The movie was about the revolutionary war,and followed the life story of a war veteranand his part in the American revolution .
  12. 12. What was the role of African-Americansin the movie?They fought the war representing theirmasters. They were promised thatafter 12 months of service they will befree.The African-Americans fought onthe side of the Americans fortheir land freedom.They promised them they will bepaid and they will get freedom.They where slaves and they wontheir freedom after a year ofservice in the army.Most of them were slaves, but some ofthem were free men. The British andthe Americans used them in theirarmies. If they served in the army fortwelve months, theyd get theirfreedom.
  13. 13. When did the war begin and when andhow did it end?It begun in 1775 and ended in 1783with Peace of Paris. Patriots(Americans) with the help of theFrench won the war over Britain.The war began in 1775, andended in 1783. The colonieswon.The war began in 1775 and endedin 1783. The main result was anAmerican victory and Europeanrecognition of the independenceof the United States, with mixedresults for the other powers.The war began in 1775.The British army surrendered atYorktown.It began in April 18th, 1775 withthe Battles of Lexington andConcord. It ended with the Treatyof Paris September 3, 1783.