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Support of Company IT infrastructure


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Published in: Technology
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Support of Company IT infrastructure

  1. 1. Complex maintenance and support of your company IT +38 (044) 220-26-60
  2. 2. About company +38 (044) 220-26-60SYNCHRON Company is IT outsourcing company. We provide full maintenance of customer ITinfrastructure, as follows:  Conduct an audit (during this process we define the current state of information technologies in the company)  Design of client IT system according to his needs  Serve the network  Monitor and support customer IT infrastructure 24*7*365The main aim of our company - customer comfort due to continuity of all technical processes withinhis company, as well as significantly reducing IT costs.
  3. 3. Our services +38 (044) 220-26-60SYNCHRON Company provides next services:  IT consulting  Design of corporate network  Building of data channel  Building of Structure Cabling System  Active Directory support  Data security  Servers and PC maintenance  Design, implementation and support of 1C  Mail server support, spam-filter, anti-spam  Network equipment set-up and maintenance (HP, Cisco, D-Link, Juniper, Linksys)  Firewall configuration  Technical support of customer IT infrastructure 24*7*365
  4. 4. IT audit +38 (044) 220-26-60Before collaboration Synchron technical specialists conduct IT audit for the customer company.Areas that are surveyed:  Status of documentation  Services, used by the company: - Data Transmission Network - Services that are used in the local area data network and out of it - Distribution of company services for hardware complexes and their location - An inventory of server hardware systems software - The structure of the printing and scanning - Telephony - Banking services  Company IT security  Procedure of IT infrastructure support  Backup procedures  Customers PCs  The status of licensing in the company
  5. 5. IT outsourcing +38 (044) 220-26-60Synchron resolves all issues related to development, implementation and maintenance ofinformation system as a whole at the level of company infrastructure, and the volume of workassociated with the development and / or support the functioning of individual parts of thesystem. Infrastructure:  Software:  Telephony  General software  Networks  Server applications  Servers  Special business software  Peripheral equipment  ERP systems  Working stations  System software Users maintenance:  Software implementation  Development of offers for system improvement  Solving of current incidents  Development of requirements for software creation and modernization
  6. 6. Server maintenance +38 (044) 220-26-60One of the main our business direction is installation and configuration of servers based onLinux/Unix и Windows. Each solution is customized for individual customer requirements, andintegrates with the existing information environment.We perform: design, implementation and maintenance of server solutions configure and administration of Windows / Linux servers complex delivery of hardware and softwareAdvantages: install and configuration of servers according to individual customer tasks support of servers by certified specialists 24*7*365 performance optimization software upgrade audit and monitoring information security technical consultations remote maintenance of servers
  7. 7. Microsoft Solutions +38 (044) 220-26-60Due to fruitful cooperation and certified partnership with Microsoft, Synchron Company successfullyimplements projects based on the Microsoft solutions:  Microsoft Exchange 2010  Microsoft Office  Windows Server 2012  Share Point  SQL Server  Microsoft LyncAlso our company is engaged in the selection, installation, configuration and support of licensedsoftware Microsoft. You can buy the licensed software or take it for rent (with a terminal server).Developers of Synchron Company are programming and customized solutions for clients that help toautomate customers business processes and optimize them.
  8. 8. Connection to Internet +38 (044) 220-26-60Synchron Company is a provider of Internet services. We offer Internet-products according to clientsrequirements of speed, traffic and the optimal price-quality correlation.We provide uninterruptible Internet work for the customer due to working with such well-knownnetwork operators such as: Ukrtelecom, Citynet, Topnet, Cosmonova, O3, Datagroup, ITS, Freshtel, Alternet.
  9. 9. Advantages of work with SYNCHRON Company +38 (044) 220-26-60Our advantages:  Solving of any tasks in IT area  Support of customers IT infrastructure 24x7x365  Certified IT team  Guaranteed security and protection of customer data  Using innovative developments in IT sphere  Transparent policy of our company
  10. 10. Our partners+38 (044) 220-26-60
  11. 11. Some of our customers+38 (044) 220-26-60
  12. 12. 03039, Ukraine, Kiev, 14, Chervonoarmiyskiy lane phone: +38 (044) 220-26-60 www.synchron.uaIT infrastructure of our customers works How does your IT system as well coordinated mechanism. work?