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  • The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz (word of mouth).
  • What is in guerrilla marketing from guerrilla warfare? Originally was first mentioned by J.C. Levinson as a solution for small businesses who has limited capital resources and need to be twice as smart as their multimillion-dollar competitors. The practice for guerrilla marketing was so effective an in the same time efficient, so it was quickly picked up and by big corporations as well. But it is not just what most of us used to think of guerrilla marketing as Flash mobs or creative promotions and packaging, those just a weapons of SMART guerrillas fighters on the market place War for the consumers’ mind.
  • Due to the technological progress that (the Age of Information) consumers became more informative about what they buy and as a result more difficult to manipulate. Ads need to be more smart and creative in order to capture their attention
  • Some time ago I realised (very simple conclusion) that we do not buy products but opportunities (or better to say possibility) what they (products) bring to us (opportunities to do something with that products). It is apply to every product. From food industry (we buy food to fill our hunger and have energy to live) to a beauty or hose miscellaneous. We do not buy just a product because it is a product but an opportunity to achieve our goals, that can benefited us some how, make us look, feel, do something better. I believe that this simple conclusion is a fundamental knowledge about marketing. Steve Jobs as a legendary visionary went further “Sell dreams - not product” - Steve Jobs.
  • What does it take to make consumers happier is the basic task of guerrilla entrepreneur is to find the answer to this question.
  • I believe that those two thought are an essence for the guerrilla entrepreneur. To find and use information and to have a strategy how to use it with a bit of creativity. Of cours eto earn profit as a result.
  • Meme - "an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture."
  • an example with furniture store. To big Sales banner and in between “Main entrance”. Asmall furniture store.. Over time he became surrounded by two larger furniture stores on each side of his store. and once he came to his store and saw the two big banners with ads “50% Sale” and from other “70% Sale”, and so what did the small furniture store do? He added a sign that simply said “Main Entrance”.
  • Now we tent to describe guerrilla marketing as a creative marketing that involves target audience in selling process. here is the origins. “ Buy me a drink” girls (early 80s) and “My, my, my, my Adidas”, 1986 the powerful campaign that involved popular Rap singer, that was a song (hit) about adidas sneakers
  • How to use creatively on the one of the cheapest media platform 1. Ad for the piano lessons 2. Hair salon for kids 3. “onion calendar” Ad for knives (to illustrate the great performance of knives) 4. Crest (tooth paste, how strong your teeth will be with Crest)
  • Great social campaign “Get closer”. To turn our attention to a handicapped people.
  • ..and one of my favourite, from British heart foundation. A creative viral video, a short movie that educates how to perform CPR
  • Even though the large corporation using a guerrilla marketing and one might say that is not a guerrilla any more, I still believe that not only the creative team of ad agency is going to win from such shift (since they have more freedom for their creativity) but and consumer as well.
  • Guerrilla Marketing presentation

    1. 1. Guerrilla Marketing Course Name: Media and Marketing Communications MLT 250 Course Instructor: Christopher M.G. Shallow Presented by: Svetlana PuchkovaAnglo American University Prague, 2012
    2. 2. Inspiration By the father of Guerrilla Marketing J.C. Levinson and Jeanie Levinson
    3. 3. Guerrilla warfare Limited resources Survival Well organised Do-or-die “Unconventional methods to pursuing conventional goal of victory” (Victory/Success) The “father” of Guerrilla Marketing J.C. Levinson
    4. 4. Initiation of Guerrilla marketingIneffective and costly inefficient marketingcampaignsProduct cluster, a lot of different ads thathad more educational rather thatinvolvement characterFalse marketingInformation Age
    5. 5. “Sell dreams - not product” Steve JobsMarketing is - the truth made fascinating (only the truth)Marketing is - a process not an eventMarketing is - an opportunity to educate prospects andcustomers on how to succeed at achieving their goal Source: J.C.Levinson “The best of Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing Remix”
    6. 6. Marketing is....the art of getting people to change their minds; it isthe way to persuade them to see it your way, to stop doingthings the way they’ve been doing them and begin doingthem your way because doing them your way will make theirlives easier, will help them achieve their goals, will helpthem be happier whatever that takes. Source: J.C.Levinson “The best of Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing Remix”
    7. 7. Vital views “Know where to find the information and how to use it. That is the secret of success” Albert Einstein “Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertising” Jef I. Richards
    8. 8. 12 Secrets of guerrilla marketing1. COMMITMENT: Believe in what you are doing with all your heart and passionand pursue it till the very end.2. INVESTMENT: Marketing is not an expense, but an investment -- the bestinvestment.3. CONSISTENT: Don’t make many changes to your marketing, it is confusing toconsumers.4. CONFIDENT: People prefer business confidence over quality, service, selectionand price.5. PATIENT: “Rome was not built in a day”6. ASSORTMENT: To use combination of marketing weapons. One is not goingto work.
    9. 9. 12 Secrets of guerrilla marketing7. CONVENIENT: Respect your consumers’s time.8. SUBSEQUENT: Focus on a long term relationship with a customer9. AMAZEMENT: Amaze you customer with something that you might take as agranted.10. MEASUREMENT: Always measure the results of your marketing.11. INVOLVEMENT: You prove your involvement by following up; they provetheirs by patronising and recommending you.12. DEPENDENT: The guerrillas job is not to compete but to cooperate withother businesses.
    10. 10. Traditional VS. Guerrilla Use of Capital Use of Imagination Big budgets Small budgets Logo Meme “We are cool!” “You will get..” “What will we get?” “What can we give” To sell is a target Target is to build long-term relationship Monolog Dialog Finishes after deal Starts after the deal Sales volume, clicks, responses Profit Reaches all Reach everyone
    11. 11. Guerrilla Marketing is....nothing more but smart marketing. It is.. “think different” marketing “observing” marketing “use your imagination” marketing “love your customers” marketing “Marketing that is not very expensive but extremely effective”
    12. 12. Origins of GM as we knowit today “Buy me a drink”girls in night clubs were convincing men to buy them a drink (particular brand). “My, my, my, my Adidas”, 1986
    13. 13. Creative review
    14. 14. Creative Review“There are better ways to make career” Flyers on the grills around the city, Grill restaurant “Weber”
    15. 15. GM and Social campaigns Smoking leads to blindness Help children who suffer from hunger CKMWGY
    16. 16. Today’s Guerillas.. - Chiclete Big Big - Coca-Cola “Happiness Machines for couples” - Step into National Geographic World - “Hands only” CPR
    17. 17. Conclusion Life will be more interesting and challenging.Great products = Great marketing strategies, promotions and funny ads.. Isn’t that what many of us are dreaming of?
    18. 18. Thank you!
    19. 19. Sources“The best of guerrilla marketing. Remix.” J.C.Levin Levinsonand Jeannie Levinson