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Browsers comparison

  1. 1. VS
  2. 2. Web browser or internet browser is..• ..a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resourses on the World Wide Web. (• the most important piece of software on your computer because every web page runs though it ( )
  3. 3. Windows InternetMozilla Firefox is a free Explorer (IE or MSIE) is aand open source web series of graphical webbrowser originated and browsers developed bymanaged by Mozilla Microsoft. It’s free and openCorporation. As of source browser whichFebruary 2011, Firefox is attained a peak of aboutthe second most widely 95% usage share duringused browser withapproximately 30% of 2002 and 2003 and now hasworldwide usage share dropped to 42%.of web browser.
  4. 4. Usage share of web browsers
  5. 5. The main features to determine which browser is the best: • Web standards support • The amount of functions available • Speed • Web browser protection
  6. 6. Web standards support Web standards is a general term for the formal standards and other technical specifications that define and describe aspects of the World Wide WebWeb Internet Mozilla Internet Internet Mozillastandard explorer Firerfox protocol explorer FirerfoxCSS2 Y Y Atom Y YFrames Y Y E-mail N PlaginJava Y Y FTP Y YJavaScript Y Y NNTP N PlaginXHTML N Y SSL Y YHTML5 Y Y IRC N PlaginRSS Y Y Gopher Y Partly
  7. 7. Acid TestTest which determine the web browser’scorrespondence with current web standards Browser Acid1 Acid2 Acid3 Internet Y Y 20/100 Explorer Mozila Y Y 94/100 Firefox
  8. 8. Browser speed comparison
  9. 9. Browser speed comparison continued continued
  10. 10. Browser speed comparison continued continued
  11. 11. Functionality - similarities• Both of these browsers include basic features such as: bookmark management, download management, password managing, spell checking, search engine toolbar, auto- updater.
  12. 12. Functionality - differences Internet Explorer is a Mozilla Firefox is a fullbrowser where all features package product and thereavailable are built-in. There are possibilities to add many are no extra plug-ins or plug-ins, themes and additional applications to supplements (apps) that you increase it’s functionality, may want to customize.except plug-in accelerator.
  13. 13. Some of Mozilla Firefox apps available• Adblock Plus 1.3.3. To stop annoying commercials and avoid banners.• iMacros for Firefox To remember all your passwords and form completed.• InvisibleHand 3.0.2. Automatically get the lowest price when you shop online or search for flights.• etc. :-)
  14. 14. Browser protection• These two browsers have almost identical vulnerability. Since they are the most popular between users they are also the most popular between hackers as well.
  15. 15. Browser protectionMost of our time on computers is spent using theinternet. Therefore the web browser is the first thing thathackers try to attack on computers. Protection of courseis dependant upon the web browser’s inventors, to reactquickly on every hacker attack and to fill the weak gaps,but in the same time protection is dependant upon you aswell. So, you should keep your eye on antivirus programupdates and try to avoid doubtfull web pages.
  16. 16. ConclusionWe have many choices which browser to use and allof them are slightly different (one might be a littlefaster while other has more nice and slick apps). Butmost of all the browser should be fast, functional andsave. You should chose one according to your needssince there is no clear answer which is the best.