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The magic of e twinning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The magic of e twinning

  1. 1. The Magic of eTwinning eTwinning -the modern form of cooperation between teachers and students from Europe
  2. 2. Svetlana VarbanovaTeodora ValovaеТwinning-ambassadors, Bulgaria
  3. 3. Some examples of working at the National level based on Herzbergs Motivation Theory
  4. 4. The Herzbergs Theory Some opportunities for combinationsbetween motivation factors and ‘hygiene’ factors Cases: 1. High motivation, high care / it is a perfect case /. 2. High care, low motivation / it occurs in mercenaries / 3. High motivation, poor hygiene. 4. Low motivation, poor hygiene. This 3rd combination could also be observed in Bulgaria.
  5. 5. The eTwinning programme Provides opportunities for cooperation between teachers and students from various European countries and the implementation of partnership projects in global network Combines 147,000 teachers from Europe in 3453 active projects Implemented in the platform in 24 languages
  6. 6. The school of my Mom and Dad
  7. 7. The mothern school
  8. 8. The eTwinning programme It exists since 2005 It is a sub-program of the "Comenius“ It was created to meet the educational challenge of the 21st century It consistent with the European Reference Framework (KEY COMPETENCES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING) It is with a focus on the Digital Competence
  9. 9. eTwinning is a preferred modern form of school partnership It means:  Easy and quick alternative  Working without any bureaucracy  Freedom to choice methods  Attractiveness to students and teachers  Its instruments are the "new" media  Form of eLearning, one of the names for ICT in education
  10. 10. eTwinning is a form of modern communicaton It is a platform that "speaks" the language of young people from the beginning of the 21st century It responds to the perceptions of adolescents about modern communication, as an encouraging work in the global network It is a social network Young permanent are moving in the social networking / Facebook, Twitter, Netlog /
  11. 11. The benefits for studentsEducational: Different and unconventional ways to absorb information Mastering ICT - Tools and programs Encourage the learning of English as a modern language for communication + other languages ​/ special awards / Enriching and extending the active vocabulary Independence of the student
  12. 12.  Students communicate in authentic situations despite insufficient language skills Young people get quick feedback from their partners It increases self-esteem and confidence in own abilities
  13. 13. Communicative skills: Ability for teamwork Developing a variety of ways to communicate and tolerance towards people who speak different languages ​and have different culture Work and cooperation in a protected private space
  14. 14.  Students grow up to be "Citizens of the world" – globalists Equal partnership - students aligned with those of advanced countries in the European Union
  15. 15. The benefits for teachers Self-education and self-learning - Autonomy Offers much opportunity for training and career development Diversity in the classrooms and teaching Opportunities for intercultural communication Collaboration with colleagues from European educational institutions Create your own "drawer" with didactic materials Practical opportunity to work with ICT - Tools and programs Wear self-esteem - / awards /
  16. 16. eTwinning Quality Labels
  17. 17. Mobility Professional Development Workshops – European Workshops Annual conferences Camps - international youth camps Virtual partnerships grew in real
  18. 18. Annual conferences
  19. 19. Awards for students – Camps International youth camps
  20. 20. 5 reasons to be in eTwinning Offers many innovative ways of working, the teacher "speaks" the language of young Increases the activity of students and motivate them Guarantee the authenticity of materials and autonomy of learners - a new path towards knowledge Allows teachers to participate in professional development workshops and annual conferences Satisfaction and confidence that you are "modern" man, not a BBC )))
  21. 21. Through eTwinning platform: Improve your language and digital skills and those of your students! Range your lessons, work and units! Use the possibilities of online training programme in Bulgaria and abroad!
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention!