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Knowledge Jigsaw Puzzle


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A poster prepared for the international Semantic Web Research Summer School (ISWS).
The big white rectangle in the middle was filled with physical puzzle pieces, see

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Knowledge Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. 1. Constraints, Reasoning and Vocabularies: A Knowledge Jigsaw Puzzle Derivation of shapes Secure Data Transfer Shape Data Transfer Shape HTTPS transaction shape =+ Problem: Several workflow-steps involving transactions and data to reach a goal: Select the optimal workflow-steps. Solution: Combine shapes describing the user, the context and other constraining elements, for optimal workflow description. Step 1 Step 2 Possible transaction Reasoning about shapes Generation of shapes Shape Sven Lieber,supervised byAnastasia Dimouand Ruben Verborgh RESEARCH QUESTION Do we formalize constraints In the ontology, In rules, or in shapes? A detailed constraint documentation, including who? and why? enables to make the decision HYPOTHESIS How to generate shapes from given regulations? RESEARCH QUESTION How to express provenance of optimal-steps selection? RESEARCH QUESTION