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Lync skype in education


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Education outcomes are increasingly connected to societal goals
Economic realities: The changing world economy is forcing K-12 and higher education institutions to do more with less.
Shifting workforce: The demand for skilled workers (e.g., STEM graduates, etc.) is increasing.
Interconnected outcomes: As the world becomes more connected, so do staff, faculty and students.

Advances in technology
Creating opportunity for immersive experiences for all learners
The evolution of UI: Technology is moving toward more physical interactions and contextual recognition.
The role of the device: The device is becoming less important compared to identity and access.
Move toward to the cloud: Devices and software are becoming more accessible as the cloud infrastructure grows.
Universal access to broadband: Government and private-public partnerships are offering deeply discounted or free broadband access to all.

21st century learning
Working toward holistic transformation
Blending formal and informal: Brick-and-mortar schools are being replaced by online institutions, enabling just-in-time learning.
Digital content revolution: Paper-based resources (e.g., textbooks, etc.) are going digital.
Employability and readiness: Technology is challenging traditional forms of education, requiring new ways to prepare students for the workforce.
Personalized learning: The increase in available information is enabling personalized learning for every student.

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Lync skype in education

  1. 1. Trends and challenges
  2. 2. Trends in education Changing the way we learn, work and live
  3. 3. Challenges in education Educational institutions want to harness advances in technology to improve the student experience
  4. 4. Vision
  5. 5. Vision for education Anytime, anywhere learning for all
  6. 6. Enabling anytime, anywhere learning for all FACULTY deliver first-class education from anywhere on any device.  Deliver personalized education to prepare students for the new workforce  Connect with students from anywhere on any device  Collaborate with colleagues to share best practices and improve the student experience Faculty
  7. 7. Enabling anytime, anywhere learning for all STUDENTS access education and faculty regardless of location.  Connect with faculty for personalized learning from anywhere on any device  Collaborate with fellow students to enhance experience  Harness always-on access for anytime learning Faculty Students
  8. 8. Enabling anytime, anywhere learning for all STAFF empower educators and students to achieve their goals.  Enable faculty to deliver personalized education  Provide always-on access to faculty and students  Hire best-in-class educators  Leverage technology to achieve more with less Faculty Students Staff
  9. 9. Scenarios
  10. 10. Visionary scenarios for education
  11. 11. Engage students, empower educators
  12. 12. Benefits STUDENTS  Access educators from anywhere on any device  Connect with fellow students in rich collaboration environment FACULTY  Deliver first-class education with anytime learning for all students, regardless of location Virtual classroom Students on LyncStudents on Lync Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Yutong is an Australian high school student. His family visits South Korea every year for two weeks during the school year. While in South Korea, Yutong presents a book report via web conference using Lync to his literature class. He uses a whiteboard to present his analysis of the book’s plot to the teacher. For math, Yutong works on a student group project by connecting via Lync. Faculty on Lync
  13. 13. Benefits FACULTY  Deliver personalized after-school education  Reduce travel time without sacrificing one-on-one interactions STUDENTS  Receive needs-based help from best- in-class educators  Connect with any educator, regardless of location Diane is an accredited trigonometry tutor from Wichita, KS. Students on Lync/Skype External Faculty on Skype Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Tabitha attends a small high school in rural Kansas. She meets with Diane every Monday evening via Skype to complete homework and prepare for upcoming tests. Virtual after- school help
  14. 14. Benefits STUDENTS  Access to anytime learning in collaborative environment  Opportunity for students to immerse themselves in different cultures, customs, etc., without traveling Faculty  Ability to monitor student progress in real-time, provide immediate feedback, and incorporate learnings in curriculum Universities in Kenya and Canada have an educational partnership. Students on Lync Students on Lync Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Students freely communicate with each other via Lync during their combined history class. They use class time to discuss projects, share ideas, and complete tasks assigned by their professors. Professors monitor their students’ communications in the group chat to ensure conversations are on-topic and appropriate. Faculty Student-to-student collaboration
  15. 15. Philip is an art student at his university in Arizona. Benefits STUDENTS  Opportunity to learn from experts outside the school  Broaden worldview with non- traditional learning experiences Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Using Lync and Skype, his modern art class hosts a museum curator from France, who gives a short lecture on the medium. Students on Lync External Individual on Skype Virtual visits
  16. 16. Mica and Renee are high school students in Cleveland, OH. They are currently learning about plants in biology class. Benefits STUDENTS  Experience places from around the world without leaving the classroom  Gain first-hand knowledge of course material by seeing it live Ideal for K-12 Using Lync and Skype, Mica and Renee’s biology class “travels” to a green house in West Virginia, where the resident botanist gives the students a tour. Students on Lync External Place on Skype Virtual field trips
  17. 17. Faculty on Lync Michael is a Spanish translator for a primary school in southern Texas. During parent-teacher conferences, Michael connects via video conference using Lync to serve as an interpreter for non-English speaking parents. Parents on Skype Translator on Lync/Skype FACULTY  Communicate with parents in any language PARENTS  Connect with any educator, regardless of language barrier Translation services Benefits Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION
  18. 18. Improve operational efficiencies
  19. 19. Dr. Baudin is a psychology professor in France working on a ground-breaking behavioral study. Benefits FACULTY  Greater productivity with instant access to the right resources at the right time  Collaborate with the most-qualified researchers to garner better results Faculty on Lync Faculty on Lync Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION She discusses research and analysis via Lync with her research partners, who are professors in Australia and Ireland. They use Lync’s persistent chat feature to review past messages to corroborate new research with previous findings. Teacher-to- teacher collaboration
  20. 20. A university in Denmark recently opened a satellite campus in India. Administrators in Denmark connect with their overseas counterparts via Lync. Benefits STAFF  Reduce travel time  Improve productivity and efficiency  Save costs associated with in-person meetings (set-up, extra staff, etc.) Staff on Lync Staff on Lync Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Administrators at the India campus share progress with their Danish colleagues, and strategize about new projects to increase admissions. Virtual administrative meetings
  21. 21. Gustavo is university student in Brazil applying for financial analyst positions in the US. Benefits STUDENTS  Spend more time focused on school and less time traveling to on-site interviews  Improve job search efficiency RECRUITERS  Reduce travel and other administrative costs  Interview more, better-qualified candidates from worldwide pool Recruiters on Skype Students on Lync Ideal for HIGHER EDUCATION With the Lync-Skype screen-share feature, the recruiters can show Gustavo information during the case study portion of the interview. Instead of meeting in-person, Gustavo and recruiters meet using Lync and Skype for his interviews. Virtual campus recruiting
  22. 22. Benefits STUDENTS  Immediate access to school administrators to resolve pressing issues  Use time saved from traveling to administrative office, standing in line, etc., to focus on school STAFF  Deliver better, more efficient services to more students Staff on Lync Students on Lync Administrative assistance Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Bridget is a university student. Bridget and the administrator chat via IM, and use Lync’s screen-share feature to display financial transactions. She connects with a bursar’s office administrator via Lync to discuss a discrepancy on her recent billing statement.
  23. 23. Benefits PARENTS  Anytime access to educators, regardless of location FACULTY  Improve at-home education for students with anytime access to parents  Flexible scheduling for parent-teacher conferences (e.g., late at night, during the weekend, etc.) Faculty on Lync Parents on Skype Ideal for K-12 Parent-teacher conferences Sandy and Dima are parents of two elementary school children. They happen to be traveling when parent- teacher conferences are scheduled. While away, Sandy and Dima connect to their children’s teachers via Skype. The teachers give Sandy and Dima progress reports on their children, and share ideas for what they can do at home to help their kids succeed.
  24. 24. Benefits STAFF  Reduce travel, realize cost savings and improve operational efficiencies  Increase access to better candidates, regardless of location  Evaluate candidate’s presentation skills with video conferencing Staff on Lync Interviewees on Lync Web App Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Remote interviews Da-Yung, who lives in Manchester, England, is interviewing for the headmaster position at a secondary school in London. Instead of traveling to London for the interview, Da-Yung meets with the school’s recruiter via Lync Web App.
  25. 25. Benefits STAFF  Reduce staff costs by hiring fewer people who can “be” in several places at once (e.g., nurses, athletic trainers, etc.)  Reduce office space costs by supporting flexible workplace policies  Improve employee retention with flexibility to work from anywhere Staff on Lync Staff on Lync Ideal for K-12 and HIGHER EDUCATION Work from anywhere Rick is the head athletic trainer for the schools in his district. When there are multiple games on the same night, Rick uses Lync to diagnose injuries at the games he’s not attending. Rick also uses Lync to connect with colleagues while he’s away on vacation or at home sick.
  26. 26. Customer success stories
  27. 27. Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, chose Lync to realize its vision of a cost-effective, comprehensive communications solution for the entire university. Benefits  Simplified IT administration for small staff  Reduced telephony and conferencing costs  Enabled distance learning with Lync Web App, plus persistent chat for class discussions “The transition to Lync from our PBX systems will save us more than $200,000 per year when it’s complete.” — Dan Smith, Senior Director of IT Services Marquette University Engage students, empower educators Improve operational efficiency
  28. 28. Pace University, a private university with multiple campuses in New York, chose Lync to better serve its students across campuses, and increase productivity among faculty and staff. Benefits  Better student services (more organized, faster response time, etc.)  Enabled work-from-home, virtual office hours and enriched faculty collaboration “The kind of regular communication and sharing we do now did not take place before Lync… Email and phone correspondence just didn’t work well enough.” — Matthew Bonilla, Assistant VP in the Office of Student Assistance Pace University Engage students, empower educators Improve operational efficiency
  29. 29. St. Catherine’s School in Waverly, New South Wales, chose Lync to help its campus-wide teachers instantly connect with one another. Benefits  Instant teacher-to-teacher communication, regardless of campus location  Enriched teacher-to-teacher collaboration with presence, screen-share and video chat “We have just started using Lync with our staff, which means that teachers can seize intermittent opportunities to contact each other throughout the school day.” — Paul Carnemolla, Head of Information St. Catherine’s School Improve operational efficiency
  30. 30. Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida chose Lync to conduct its district employee meetings. The district also uses Lync to conduct virtual classes. Benefits  Reduced district meeting costs (e.g., 225 people attend 10-20 large meetings every month)  Improved capabilities for virtual classes, which the State of Florida mandates for high school students “Enhancing the quality of our students’ online courses with the highly effective chat, polling and other interactive Lync features makes their experience that much more rewarding.” — Deborah Karcher, CIO Miami-Dade County Public Schools Engage students, empower educators Improve operational efficiency
  31. 31. Two teachers from Farm Cove Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand, and Covington Elementary School in Los Altos, California, use Skype to take their students on virtual field trips. Benefits  Immersive and global learning experience for students  Enhanced educational capabilities for faculty without increasing operational costs “We can Skype with California today. We can Skype with Brazil tomorrow. Skype in the classroom allows us to do that — all you have to do is press a button.” — Joseph D’Ambrosio, Teacher Farm Cove Intermediate School Engage students, empower educators
  32. 32. Support
  33. 33. Estimated Economic Value of Lync, Skype all values estimated on per user, per year basis Engage Students – 40% more engaged Empower Educators Support Connected Learning Access to Millions of Students, Parents through Skype Cut telephony costs: $98-$164 Reduce conferencing costs: $50-$84 Lower real estate and facility costs: $590-$984 Reduce travel costs: $428-$714 “We believe that the savings by deploying Microsoft Lync instead of buying a new PBX will be around £2 million over five years.” Adrian Wells, Assistant Director of IT, The Open University Marquette University eliminated third-party conferencing services with Lync, reducing costs. At Miami-Dade County Public Schools, 392 principles avoid travel eight times a year, for an estimated savings of $336,000. “There won’t be any fixed offices anymore, but rather flexible workplaces, so that we will need a smaller surface area, which will in turn mean considerable savings.” Tom Scheefhals, Chairman of ICT Dept., Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Next Step: Ask how a Business Value Assessment with Microsoft or a partner to help understand the impact to your organization Education A Wharton School of Business study indicates that students can absorb information up to 40% more quickly with a presentation than an audio-only session, making the case for video, web conferencing
  34. 34. Extending Unified Communications Reach Connecting with Others from Anywhere Sheryl in her home office at Contoso (Denver, CO, USA) John at his office at Contoso, (London, UK) Fabian, partner (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Lync-Lync Federation #1 Microsoft leads the UC market 90 of Fortune 100 companies have Lync Anne, small supplier (Singapore) Casey, customer (Tucson, AZ, USA) 300M Connected users Lync-Skype connectivity
  35. 35. Security with Lync and Skype Users own accounts and settings User-controlled privacy settings Communication modes are controlled by the user AE256 for signaling, Chat and media Personal archiving only Consumer application Enterprise design, interoperability and controls Accounts and licenses belong to business Allow Federation per user, group Control communication modes and domains by user, group Supports industry- standard encryption: TLS Signaling, sRTP Media (AES128) Data-retention policies set per user, group Authentication Access Control Authorization Encryption Compliance Lync-Skype Connectivity Extending your Business-to-Consumer scenarios more securely
  36. 36. Anytime, anywhere learning for all Anytime, anywhere learning for all