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Product index 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Product index 2012

  1. 1. Product InformationHANSE. Founded in 1983 Introduction TradingDear Client,Welcome. Simply stated, the trade, financingand transport of energy defines HANSE‘ s Ser- Shipping Insurancevices. Our Group is your sole contract partnerfrom A-Z, and you will not deal with anonymousbroker chains. TradeHANSE Brokers and Traders are licensed by us. FinancingWe source for prices that compare favorablywith those available to stock exchange traders or Contertrade Hedginglrefineries. Our brokers know their commissions;our traders do not have to care on commissions.We call this service a „turn-key management“. Crude OilClick the slide to continue. Thank you. FIRMENLOGO
  2. 2. HANSE Product IndexBETA. Setup Process until 30.05.2012 Fuel Oil Quality Fuels Photo We are committed to provide high quality fuels • Business Class Trader License required with standard- and customized specification • HANSE Trade Symbol: according to our cunstomers‘ requirements. • Other Names: Our Diesel Fuels are blended to provide good • Allocation: ignition quality and are held to high standards • Availability: prompt for our customers. • Open Bidding Procedures The Gasoline we sell comes in 3 octane levels, • Other Grades available: developed on a molecular level to help clean up intake valves and help keep vital engine parts like fuel injectors clean. Our services sets us apart from other suppliers. FIRMENLOGO
  3. 3. Product GradesFuel OilCustom-made Specification offered Diesel fuel. All Grades ASTM 1-6 D Grades Gasoline. Leaded or Unleaded, 3 levels Marine Fuel. RMA 10 to RMK 700, low sulfur fuel and intermediate grades. Distillate grades from DMA to DMZ with varying sulfur levels Marine Biodiesel Aviation Fuel. All Main Grades FIRMENLOGO
  4. 4. HANSE Turn-Key TradingHow is the business structured? 1 2 Your Free Registration Your BASE Subscription The Business Class Founded 1983 Your License Application Contract Conclusion 3 4 FIRMENLOGO