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Internship Project Proposal


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Internship Project Proposal

  1. 1. IT 6930 ILT Internship Wilson IT 6930: Internship Project Proposal Your Name: Suzie Rose Project Title: eLearning for Trainers Brief Description: I am currently designing, developing, and delivering multiple courses for trainers within my company to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to create media-rich eLearning courses. My department has recently increased its employee count with the hiring of six new trainers. In response, we are developing a week long training program in which each participant will learn the skills necessary to design and develop effective electronic content. Each participant is assigned a topic and required to develop a 10-minute vignette as they progress through the program. The learning activities within each course incorporate their assignment, so at the end of the program, they will have a finished project to release to actual participants. The topics included in this program are: • Conducting a Needs Analysis • Writing Learning Objectives • Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft Presenter • Adobe Captivate CS4 • Adobe Soundbooth CS4 • SumTotal Content Management System • Using Assessments for Evaluation With this project, we hope to increase the amount of eLearning the training department produces. With multiple locations around the country, eLearning provides the opportunity to deliver content without travel expenses. It also requires fewer human resources and produces less environmental waste with the elimination of paper guides. When comparing instructor led courses and eLearning courses, the level of retention is relatively the same. However, the time to complete an eLearning course is shorter. This means participants can complete training in shorter timelines and begin performing the duties of their jobs sooner and thus generate revenue sooner as well. I am working with a team whose roles and responsibilities are as follows: Role Responsibility Project Sponsor Advocates for the project as necessary to prove the business need Stakeholders Parties whose annual goals are affected by the results of the project Curriculum Manager Oversees the project management and development, delegates tasks as needed Project Lead Delegates responsibilities, sets schedules, coordinates resources Course Developers Manage, design, develop, and deliver each course that has been assigned Assistant Duties as assigned to ensure all deadlines are met For each course I am developing, I am managing the timeline, development resources, and technology availability. In addition to management, I am creating comprehensive design documents (as needed), a facilitator guide, and a participant guide for each course. I am also facilitating the delivery. The success of this project will be primarily assessed by utilizing Kirkpatrick’s Level Two evaluations in the form of a pre and post assessment process. Level Three evaluations will be used, however documentation and reporting of improved behavior is not currently standardized.
  2. 2. IT 6930 ILT Internship Wilson What product(s) will you create for this project? Please describe. In addition to the Internship Project Report, each course includes a facilitator guide and a participant guide. I am developing the following courses: • Adobe Captivate CS4 • Adobe Soundbooth CS4 • Using Assessments for Evaluation I am assisting with development of the following courses: • Conducting a Needs Analysis • Writing Learning Objectives Is the project intended to address a specific ILT competency or performance-based assessment (PBA)? This project will fulfill the following ILT Competencies: • For this learning initiative, I conducted a needs assessment by analyzing the current state of the situation and evaluating how to improve it. Through collaborative meetings, it was decided that increasing the amount of eLearning produced will increase efficiencies and revenue. In my needs assessment, I created learning goals and objectives, and analyzed the foundational knowledge of the participants. This fulfills ILT Competency Two. • I then created a comprehensive design document that included further analysis of the participants and an outline of the content based off the objectives created in the needs assessment. I also contributed to developing the agenda/schedule to ensure that prerequisite knowledge was attended to, and that each course was placed in context effectively. The design document also included activities to reinforce objectives for each course. The activities are based around participants’ assignments so they will have completed an eLearn vignette by the end of the program. This fulfills ILT Competency Three. • Some participants are located in different states, so I delivered two sessions of training through online meeting software (WebEx). One was held on September 7, 2010 and the other on September 9, 2010. I effectively utilized a variety of features within the tool to fulfill ILT Competency Four. • I am applying design principles to each aspect of developing these courses. This includes the ADDIE model, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Donald Kirkpatrick’s Training Model of Evaluation. In addition to using the principles, the content itself is about the principles; this will help support participants’ learning and performance. This fulfills ILT Competency Five. • I created a pre and post assessment for each course and will perform in-depth analysis of the data upon completion of the project. This fulfills ILT Competency Seven. • I am managing the timeline, development resources, technology availability for each course, and assisting with scheduling. I manage all aspects of the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of the courses previously listed. This fulfills ILT Competency Nine. • This initiative enables trainers to develop eLearning courses and empowers them to adopt new technologies and practices. The role of facilitator is one of leadership and allows me the opportunity to help participants successfully use new technologies to create quality eLearning courses. This fulfills ILT Competency Ten.
  3. 3. IT 6930 ILT Internship Wilson Have you started this project already? Yes. This project started August 1, 2010. I have spent 18 hours completing my responsibilities as related to the following courses: • Conducting a Needs Analysis • Writing Learning Objectives • Using Assessments for Evaluation I have spent 60 hours on, and am currently developing the following courses: • Adobe Captivate CS4 • Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Estimate when this project will finish. September 24, 2010 Estimate the number of work hours this project will entail. 10 hours – meetings 80 hours (2 weeks) – development 14 hours – facilitation 104 hours – total Who will be your on-site supervisor? Amy Hundemer Training Manager Charter Communications 303-323-1454 Has the person you identified above as your on-site supervisor agreed to take on this role? Yes Is there anything else you'd like to communicate about your Internship Project that wasn’t mentioned above? Not at this time