Suzie Rose
IT 5340 Digital Storytelling in the Curriculum
July 18, 2010
Implementation Plans
To implement my digital story...
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Implementation Plans - Digital Story


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Implementation Plans - Digital Story

  1. 1. Suzie Rose IT 5340 Digital Storytelling in the Curriculum July 18, 2010 Implementation Plans To implement my digital story, I will need to incorporate it into a larger unit. My audience is retention representatives in call centers who answer calls from customers requesting to disconnect their services. This audience handles situations where they must diffuse escalations while maintaining exceptional customer service. Frustration levels are high in this type of position; so rather than hide that fact, my digital story, and the unit it is part of, will recognize those struggles and attempt to address them. This unit will strive to provide participants with tools to overcome their frustration and increase their pride and commitment to their work. Therefore, my digital story will be played at the beginning of the unit to provide a sense of context and realism to participants’ new positions. This unit, including the digital story, will be presented to participants in New Hire training or in New Skills training. • New Hire training is training delivered to newly hired employees and covers the knowledge and skills necessary for participants to perform well in their new job. • New Skills training is training delivered to recently promoted employees and covers knowledge and skills necessary for participants to perform well in their new position. My work environment already has the technology and tools necessary to implement and play my digital story in existing training environments. We have the option to embed it into a presentation or eLearn. However, before implementation can be realized, I must present the story to my direct supervisor and request its integration within the unit of study. Although it is possible that the request may be denied, it is not likely. My department is currently striving to become more cutting-edge and technologically advanced. My digital story should fit nicely into their existing plans. This digital story and its unit will create a consensus of values for facilitators to revisit throughout all other customer service units. For the success of this program, it’s vital that facilitators revisit the principle of quality customer service frequently and with purpose. The digital story will serve as a consistent reminder to the significance of quality customer service so participants do not lose sight of the value of their actions. Comprehending the value of their actions will empower participants to remain engaged and emotionally attached to the quality and results of their performance Because the lessons explored in this unit are intangible and somewhat universal, it is not likely that there will be a large diversity of student levels. Employees are selected for the job or for a promotion based upon the skills they have exhibited or that the hiring agency believes they are capable of exhibiting. Therefore, there is little chance that the content within the digital story or unit exceeds the abilities of the audience. Once implemented, I will be able to assess the success of the digital story by requesting feedback from its users. In the past, I have solicited feedback from my supervisor, training managers, and trainers. Since this is a new form of delivery, I plan to solicit information for this initiative. I can do so through online surveys, focus groups, email, or individual conversations. I believe focus groups or individual conversations would be the best mode of communication for the purposes of this request.