Assorted signs and flyers


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Assortment of signs and flyers.
Also, photography and food styling I did.

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Assorted signs and flyers

  1. 1. Classic European Strudels loaded with Apple, Rich and decadent, fully-finished cupcakes. Cherry or Blackberry filling. Pre-Sugared. Featuring Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Bean. Everyones favorite cake in a Muffin! Loaded with These Whole Grain Butter Croissants are perfect real carrots and cream cheese. for lunch-time and breakfast sandwiches. These whole grain muffins are sure to entice the Savory Croissant Stix made with butter and loaded health conscious customer. Oatmeal Raisin, with flavorful Sun-Dried Tomato Basil or choose Banana Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Blueberry. Spinach, Asiago & Parmesan Cheese stix. For More Information Please Contact: Mike Tabacsko 603-321-5291 1-800-866-3300 Minneapolis, MN
  2. 2. Chocolate Decadence Light and flaky Turnovers made with real Ghirardelli Chocolate. Feature for breakfast, a hand-held treat or dress up for a decadent dessert. Everyone loves a rich and chewy brownies, we’ve made these extra special with Ghirardelli Chocolate. Indulgent enough to serve plain or top for an extra special delight. For More Information Please Contact: Mike Tabacsko 603-321-5291 1-800-866-3300 Minneapolis, MN
  3. 3. Now Available FILLED CAKES Loads of Filling! Deliciously Moist Cake! Order Today for Your Special Occasion
  5. 5. BLACK & WHITE PEAKS Using Piping tip #5 and White Buttercreme pipe peaks randomly on the top of each cupcake leaving some spaces in between peaks. Then using Dark Fudge icing and Piping tip #5 pipe peaks randomly in between the White Buttercreme peaks. SWIRLS Using Piping tip #5 stripe White Buttercreme and alternate with dark double fudge icing across each cupcake (left to right). Then take a toothpick or skewer and drag it across the top of cupcake from top to bottom. Top with 2 white non-pariels chocolate disks. YIN & YANG Using a plain coupler tip, pipe on a large dark chocolate fudge icing comma. Starting from the tail of the dark chocolate fudge icing. Using a plain coupler tip, white Buttercreme icing, and pipe on the second large comma. Add a dark chocolate chip to the White Buttercreme comma and a white chocolate chip to the dark fudge icing comma.
  6. 6. BUBBLE TOPPED Using Tip #5 with white Buttercreme icing. Pipe bubble border lines across the cupcake. Add two striped chocolate sticks. Crumble one striped stick into pieces and sprinkle on top of cup- cake. CHOCOLATE CURLS Dip cupcake in slightly melted Double fudge icing. Let icing set up. Using Tip #8 and white Buttercreme pipe a circle in the center of the cupcake and sprinkle with dark chocolate shavings. SUGARED ALMOND TOPPED Pipe white Buttercreme icing on cupcake Using tip #10. Make a small mound of icing in center of cupcake. Melt double fudge icing and pipe on using a tip # 5. Let chocolate fudge icing drip down the small white Buttercreme mound. Using a white choco- late covered almond spread some white Buttercreme icing on al- mond then rolls in large crystal sugar.
  7. 7. CHOCOLATE FLOWER Pipe on white Buttercreme icing using tip #10. Add chocolate flower. Pipe on chocolate fudge dots with tip # 2 and white dots. Add edible pearls to white Buttercreme dots. FUDGE WHITE ALMOND TOPPED Dip cupcake in slightly melted double fudge icing. Let icing set up. Using Tip # 43 pipe white Buttercreme icing around edge of cup- cake. (Use a turn table to get the best edge piping). Place a white chocolate covered almond in center of cupcake. CHOCOLATE STICKS Using a plain coupler pipe around the edge of cupcake with white Buttercreme icing. Using tip# 8 pipe dark chocolate fudge icing in center. Add three chocolate stick to center of cupcake.
  8. 8. CHOCOLATE CURL Dip cupcake in slightly melted double fudge icing. Let icing set up. Using a plain coupler tip with white Buttercreme icing pipe a cen- ter circle. Add white chocolate shaving to center and one striped chocolate curl. “C” CURLS Dip cupcake in slightly melted double fudge icing. Roll edge of cupcake in silver pearlized sugar. Using tip # 2 pipe on white Buttercreme “C” curls and dots. Add edible pearls to dots. COCOA BEAN Using a plain coupler tip, pipe white Buttercreme icing on cup- cake. Sprinkle cupcake lightly with coco powder. Add one choco- late pebble to center of cupcake.
  9. 9. CHOCOLATE FAN Using a plain coupler tip, pipe double chocolate fudge icing around edge of cupcake. With plain coupler tip and white Butter- creme icing fill in center of cupcake. Add Chocolate fan. SPIKED CUPCAKE Pipe white Buttercreme icing on cupcake using a plain coupler tip. Take a small spatula. Place bottom of spatula on top of icing on cupcake, press slightly down and pull straight up. Do this a number of times all over the top of cupcake to get little spikes. Add chocolate sprinkles. CLASSIC SWIRL Using tip# 809 fill half of the pastry bag with white Buttercreme icing. Add double fudge icing to the other half of the pastry bag. (Always start with white Buttercreme first to get the best defined swirl). Start piping swirl around edge of cupcake and finish in the center.
  10. 10. Whole Grain Made with Natural Cereals COOKIES including: Rolled Oats, Crisp Rice, or Granola Made with Real Butter Zero grams Trans fat 13-20 grams of Whole Grain Craisin Granola Crisp Rice Brown Sugar 2 grams of White Chip Blueberry Cinnamon Oat Fiber per cookie