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Christmas at Ysgol Rhewl


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Christmas at Ysgol Rhewl

  1. 1. Ysgol Rhewl 
  2. 2. • Our school is fun and fantastic. • We like playing with our friends and making our friends happy. • Ysgol Rhewl is fun because we have fun teachers. • Ysgol Rhewl is located in Ruthin North Wales. • This school has been going for 95 years. • Every year we have a Christmas play, they are really fun to do and we all have a laugh • Ysgol Rhewl is a fantastic school. We all have a great time from when we arrive until we have to go home. 
  3. 3. Our School This is our wonderful head teacher Mrs. Hilton she is really kind to us. She is great because she got us netball posts and she is absolutely lovely. We wear a red jumper with our school Logo on it.
  4. 4. The Chapel • The chapel is were we go to do harvest festivals, remembrance day and Christmas. • The chapel is in Rhewl by our school we go to celebrate and sing Welsh songs there.
  5. 5. Our Topic • We are learning about Romans and Rainforests. We have learned about roman entertainment and rainforest animals. It’s really fun learning about Romans and Rainforests in our topic lessons.
  6. 6. Language and Location
  7. 7. Language • Our language is one of the oldest languages in the world! It is over 1000 years old. In Wales we speak Welsh and English.
  8. 8. Welsh words • • • • • • Nadolig Llawen / Merry Christmas Y Ddraig Goch / The Red Dragon Cenhinen / Daffodils. Croeso / Welcome Bwyd / Food Cymru / Wales
  9. 9. Location Our school is located in North Wales in Rhewl in Ruthin. Our closest largest town is Wrexham. Wrexham is the biggest town in North Wales.
  10. 10. Sports in Wales • People in Wales play lots of sports such as football, tennis, hockey, basketball, cricket and rugby and lots more. • The sport that Wales is the best at is RUGBY!.
  11. 11. Symbols of Wales • Some symbols of Wales are sad some are happy but all of them represent Wales. Some of the symbols have a history while others do not. But none of them can beat the welsh dragon / y ddraig goch. Some of the symbols are the daffodil , leek, dragon, love spoon and a harp • Turn to the next page to see some symbols
  12. 12. Presents, food & drinks NADOLIG LLAWEN
  13. 13. At Christmas we get gifts and presents for friends and family. We also send cards. Some times with presents we write Nadolig llawen which means Merry Christmas. We write letters to Santa (Sion Corn) in Welsh to say what presents we would like to have.
  14. 14. • On Christmas day we have family time to celebrate. We sit round a big table to have Christmas dinner in our dinner we have • Turkey (meat) (there's more too) • Stuffing • Vegetables • Gravy 
  15. 15. • In Wales we eat Christmas puddings it is traditional that a coin is hidden in the centre of the pudding. There are lots of different types of puddings there's :… • Ice cream • Christmas cake • And more
  16. 16. At Christmas we have different drinks such as eggnog, wine and mulled wine, champagne, ginger wine and punch. For kids they could have coke, lemonade, juice or milk.
  17. 17. Our Christmas Decoration’s
  18. 18. Making the decorations First we needed to design and plan our decorations and decide what materials we would use for the wooden decoration of the Welsh dragon. After, we decided to use paint for our welsh dragon and glitter glue. We had three design sheets to colour in Welsh dragons with different designs.
  19. 19. What we will do We are making Christmas decorations to send to other country’s. We have got a welsh dragon template to decorate how we want. We have covered the dragon neatly with red paint and glitter glue.
  20. 20. Decorations in Wales In Wales we have some specific decorations that have a Welsh theme like the welsh dragon or it might say “Nadolig Llawen!” on it. We sometimes have stockings and hang them over the fireplace.
  21. 21. • • • • • T hese are some decor ations Marching men Tinsel Baubles Chocolate Mar ching men ( little) Star or angel on the top of Candy canes the tree Bells • Bells • Candy canes Chocolate Tinsel Star on tree Baubles
  22. 22. Christmas in Our School
  23. 23. Christmas play Every year we do Christmas plays and we love doing them because its really fun and we invite all the parents, grandparents, nains and taids and children to come and watch us. Here are some of the plays… • Christmas Round the World, • Santa's on Strike, • Cinderella Rockefeller • Stable Manners
  24. 24. Lantern parade • Every year we do a lantern parade in Ruthin. We make and decorate lanterns and we light them up with a switch which is on the lanterns. We make our lanterns with cut out things and snow flakes.
  25. 25. Thank you for watching! Diolch am gwylio!