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Business facilitator presentation 14

An insight to Business Facilitator, identifying the services offered to business. I am very much a hands on consultant, I work with people and not talk at them, there is a difference in approach.

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Business facilitator presentation 14

  1. 1. Business Facilitator A FORWARD THINKING APPROACH TO BUSINESS Strategy Mentor Coach Plan Hands On Vision
  2. 2. Introduction Business Facilitator has been created to Mentor, Coach, Train and Support businesses who need a “hands On” approach to sustain growth.
  3. 3. Services Offered  Mentoring in business development.  Coaching in the sales process and techniques.  Developing business and sales strategies.  Working on the business rather than in the business, developing 12 month business plans.  Identifying external services needed IT, Marketing and Social Media, Time Management Training and Linked In Training and Profiling.  Research new target markets through feasibility studies and SWOT Analysis.  Develop first impressions through networking.
  4. 4. Other Businesses Support I Provide At BisMark, we provide Business Development, Sales and Marketing Implementation Support. Growth Accelerator is where ambitious businesses go for new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential.’
  5. 5. To Conclude I am not a procrastinator style consultant, I am here to listen, understand and identify a correct solution for your needs to support your business growth. Thus, I work with you and show you how to do, not talk at you telling you what to do and then walk away. Business develops from being proactive as well as being reactive.
  6. 6. Contact Details Suzanne Smith – Business Facilitator Mob: 07506794158 Email: Linked In BizMark Mob: 07506794158