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Introduction to Shakespeare


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Introduction to Shakespeare

  1. 1. Introduction to Shakespeare
  2. 2. William Shakespeare Born 1564, died 1616 Wrote 37 plays Wrote over 150 sonnets Actor, poet, playwright
  3. 3. Types of Plays Shakespeare wrote:  Comedies - light and amusing, usually with a happy ending  Tragedies –serious dramas with disastrous endings  Histories – involve events or persons from history
  4. 4. The Theatre• The Globe Theatre: • Open ceiling • Three stories high • No artificial lighting • Plays were shown during daylight hours only
  5. 5. Spectators Wealthy people got to sit on benches The poor (called “groundlings”) had to stand and watch from the courtyard There was much more audience participation than today
  6. 6. Actors Only men and boys Young boys whose voices had not changed played the women’s roles It would have been indecent for a woman to appear on stage
  7. 7. English Language In Shakespeare’s time English was a more flexible language than it is today. Grammar and spelling were not yet completely formalized, although scholars were beginning to urge rules to regulate them. English had begun to emerge as a significant literary language, having recently replaced Latin as the language of serious intellectual and artistic activity in England.
  8. 8. English Language Freed of many of the conventions and rules of modern English, Shakespeare could shape vocabulary and syntax to the demands of style. For example, he could interchange the various parts of speech, using nouns as adjectives or verbs, adjectives as adverbs, and pronouns as nouns.
  9. 9. Julius CaesarSynopsis:He is the greatest hero the Roman worldhas known, but for Julius Caesar the worldis not enough. And with political ambitioncome new enemies, enemies who wieldwords like knives in the shadows. Soonfriend will become foe and foe his avenger,and only death shall be the victor.
  10. 10.  History: Julius Caesar aka "The Tragedy of "Julius Caesar"" Written in 1599 First performance was probably on June 12th 1599, at the opening of the Globe Theatre First published in 1623