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Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn: Innovative Ways to Enhance Your Job Search or Business


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Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald spoke to undergraduate students at Providence College to explain the best practices for using LinkedIn. Topics include tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to search users, how to apply for jobs, and more tips and tricks.

About Suzanne McDonald

Former Boston Globe journalist and CEO of Angles & Insights marketing consultancy, Suzanne is an omnivore of all things new media & client success. She's pioneered award-winning courses at area universities and digital marketing campaigns, including "Best Viral Video Award" for #Ticknado and “Internet / New Media Company of the Year” at the International Business Awards.

Suzanne also founded and curates Newport Interactive Marketers networking-learning community, providing marketing insights to SEOs, social, PR & content pros and to brands and nonprofits big and small.

Suzanne holds a master’s in Mass Communications and Journalism from University of South Carolina and engineered a BA into a journalism program at Framingham State University, magna cum laude.

She has 15 years’ experience at daily newspapers, 6 at The Boston Globe, until she took a voluntary buyout to launch Designated Editor in 2008. In 2015, Suzanne launched Angles & Insights to better reflect her expanded abilities to meet clients’ needs beyond SEO, social & content.

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Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn: Innovative Ways to Enhance Your Job Search or Business

  1. 1. Unlocking the Power of Suzanne McDonald CEO of Angles & Insights Innovative ways to enhance your job search or business @NewMediaStrategist
  2. 2. Adjunct Professor: Framingham State, URI Former Boston Globe journalist Angles & Insights = Designated Editor 2.0 Awards Internet / New Media Company of the Year — International Business Awards Innovator of the Year Microbusiness of the Year @NewMediaStrategist
  3. 3. @NewMediaStrategist
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn? • LinkedIn vs. other channels (Facebook) Completing Your Profile • Messaging Your Skills & Expertise • Which should you choose? Growing Your Network • Contacts • Companies • Groups Establish your Expertise • Keeping up with News & Contacts • Connect-style greetings Introduction @NewMediaStrategist
  5. 5. What is LinkedIn? @NewMediaStrategist  Professional Platform  Centered Around Careers  Connect & Share Content With Other Professionals  Marketing Tool • 70% of LinkedIn users are from outside of US • 57% of male users and 44% female users • 13% of Millennials (15-34 years old) use LinkedIn • 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 in a year • 39 million students and recent grads on LinkedIn. Source: Omnicore Fun Facts
  6. 6. LinkedIn vs. Facebook @NewMediaStrategist
  7. 7. Keep profile updates secret and change settings to “select who can see your activity feed” to “only you.” @NewMediaStrategist Before We Begin… Don’t Annoy your Contacts!
  8. 8. Optimizing Your Profile 1) Customize your public profile URL @NewMediaStrategist
  9. 9. Optimizing Your Profile 2) Add a LinkedIn background photo  Quality image  Good lighting  Showcase your work @NewMediaStrategist Tip: If you do not know how to resize graphics, use Canva for a free re-sizing tool.
  10. 10. Optimizing Your Profile @NewMediaStrategist Don’t let this be you!
  11. 11. Optimizing Your Profile 5) Show work samples @NewMediaStrategist
  12. 12. 6) Add, remove, and rearrange entire sections of your profile @NewMediaStrategist Optimizing Your Profile
  13. 13. @NewMediaStrategist Optimizing Your Profile
  14. 14.  Know the character limit for each section: Use every character.  Your profile is not a resume or CV.  Write as if you are having a conversation with someone. Inject your personality.  Include all known misspellings previous names, nicknames and aliases in your summary. @NewMediaStrategist Optimizing Your Profile
  15. 15. 7) Get endorsed for your skills  Use top 5 strengths in your profile  Ask to be endorsed for your top skills @NewMediaStrategist Optimizing Your Profile
  16. 16. Your Skills & Expertise @NewMediaStrategist Which should you choose?
  17. 17. “Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, 'Look at me!' without saying 'Look at me!” - Bobby Darnell @NewMediaStrategist
  18. 18. Growing Your LinkedIn Network 1) Use Open Profile to send messages to people you're not connected to
  19. 19. 2) Who's viewed your LinkedIn profile 3) Export connections @NewMediaStrategist Growing Your LinkedIn Network
  20. 20. Finding Folks @NewMediaStrategist
  21. 21. @NewMediaStrategist Searching keywords
  22. 22. @NewMediaStrategist Searching people
  23. 23. @NewMediaStrategist
  24. 24. @NewMediaStrategist
  25. 25. Growing Your LinkedIn Network @NewMediaStrategist 1. Introduce Yourself 2. Participate in Discussions 3. Search for Connections 4. Find Common Interests 5. Use Tasteful Flattery 6. Search with Advanced Filters 7. Ask Questions & Stay Active 8. Connect via Twitter 9. Publish Articles
  26. 26. Groups to Grow Your Network 4) Create your own industry LinkedIn Group 5) Join other relevant groups @NewMediaStrategist
  27. 27. Groups to Grow Your Network 5) Join other relevant groups @NewMediaStrategist
  28. 28. @NewMediaStrategist
  29. 29. 29 Follow a Company for Updates @NewMediaStrategist
  30. 30. 30 Follow a Company for Updates @NewMediaStrategist
  31. 31. Growing Your LinkedIn Network 7) Share your status updates on Twitter 8) Search under “Posts” to find current trends @NewMediaStrategist
  32. 32. Use Your Feed to Boost Experience Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. (Demand Metric) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Likes, reshares & comments per view is what triggers a featured article in the feed  Share your post as soon as you publish  Publish during business hours  Use relevant and interesting images  Descriptive, interesting titles with keywords  Link generously & intelligently  Keep it between 500-1000 words  Tag your posts @NewMediaStrategist
  33. 33. Keeping up: News & Contacts @NewMediaStrategist  Reach out to your network often  Ask about current projects or publications  Share achievements or questions  Send news articles related to their field of work
  34. 34. Who’s looking? @NewMediaStrategist
  35. 35. Scroll for suggestions to enhance your effectiveness @NewMediaStrategist
  36. 36. Now scroll for tips on what you can do to keep connecting @NewMediaStrategist
  37. 37. Suggested jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  38. 38. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  39. 39. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  40. 40. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  41. 41. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  42. 42. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  43. 43. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  44. 44. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  45. 45. Jobs @NewMediaStrategist
  46. 46. Profinder @NewMediaStrategist
  47. 47. Profinder @NewMediaStrategist
  48. 48. Profinder @NewMediaStrategist
  49. 49. Crystal Analysis @NewMediaStrategist
  50. 50. Crystal Analysis @NewMediaStrategist
  51. 51. Crystal Analysis @NewMediaStrategist
  52. 52. Crystal Analysis @NewMediaStrategist
  53. 53. Crystal Analysis @NewMediaStrategist
  54. 54. @NewMediaStrategist
  55. 55. Suzanne McDonald, CEO of Angles & Insights Happy to help @NewMediaStrategist