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  1. 1. EFFECTIVELY MARKET YOUR PRODUCTS M a r k e t i n g / P r o m o t i o n a l C a m p a i g n 2015
  2. 2. INTR ODUCTION Effectively marketing your products, means partnering with your trusted distributors to reach the consumer with your brand message and driving them to purchase. In order to deliver that message in the most effective way, ADO is offering the ADO Partner Marketing Program for its 2nd year. To ensure your marketing program’s success, ADO offers 3 promotional tiers to help meet your company’s sales goals. The objective of this program is to increase market share, brand awareness, and most importantly, to ADO Products exemplifies professionalism, engagement, and aligning visions which has been the recipe for our mutual success and growth. Our partnership is the foundation which serves to bring unsurpassed value to our end-user customers. “ ”Josh Domo Fomo Products, Inc GET THE SALE!
  3. 3. Let ADO help you grow your business by taking advantage of our large defined customer base with a proven promotional program. We will work with you to create a successful promotion to increase revenue and market share. From email blasts to high-end direct mail pieces, ADO has the tools to execute. You can count on ADO’s Marketing team for ideal design and copy needed to communicate your promotion. Additionally, both our outside and inside sales team will be actively leading customers toward the promoted items during sales calls and daily order taking. Choose the Promotional Tier that Best fits your business needs Get the Job Done Right. How we Help Make YOU Successful See back panel for how it works.
  4. 4. 2905 Northwest Boulevard Suite 230 Plymouth, MN 55441 1.800.666.8191 Select a tier (Bronze, Silver or Gold) Select a promotional month (first come, first serve) ADO will prepare marketing literature based off the tier chosen ADO will email you copies of your personalized marketing literature for you to view prior to the start of the promotion ADO will provide overall sales unit results at the end of the promotion to support the applicable credit Simply Smart Solutions How it W orks